Toy Review: The Sola Cue

For me, the Sola Sync was a brilliant wand but it just didn’t hit the right spot for me, and that might be because I had tried the Sola Cue.

As if on cue, the Sola Cue is the Sola product that I’ve been waiting for.

It’s the right shape, the right size, and has just the right vibration type.

It is, to be frank, my own lil’ Sola Goldilocks vibrator, and I feel like it could fill that hole for many others too (perhaps literally, if you so please).

The Sola Cue

The Sola Cue is Sola’s ‘G-Spotting’ vibrator but, honestly, it can serve other purposes too. Still, because it is a G-Spot vibe first and foremost it does have some design choices that make sure it excels in this endeavor.

This toy is right for me. Is it right for you too?

The dimensions for the Sola Cue, for example, comes in at 7.5 inches total, it an insertable section of about 5 inches. Its overall diameter is 1.5 inches and this tends to be the sweet spot for most people internally. This isn’t to say that all people will find the Cue to be a perfect fit (I like to warm up to it, even though I can insert it straight away) but it does mean that most people should be able to use the Cue without issues.

The Sola Cue is a luxury vibrator, retailing at a luxury price, and, as such, has quite a few benefits. It comes with a USB charger and each charge will provide about 1 hours’ worth of play. I wish this were a bit more but I’ve never felt like the Cue has cheated me out of time with it, and my only lamentation when it dies is that the fun can’t keep on going until it’s got some juice again.

The Cue is also 100% waterproof, comes with its own lint-free, antibacterial storage bag, and a very reliable (and reassuring) 5-year global warranty. The sturdy, light blue box that the Sola Cue comes in is gorgeous and is perfect for gift giving. Everything is securely packed too, so if you’re ordering it online you have no reason to worry about the vibe coming our crooked or jostled all over the place if it is a gift.

The Sola Cue has 5 different speeds and 5 different patterns – the patterns, of which, I have no interest in personally, but they seem to provide a good offering for those who do like to explore vibrational variation.

The settings are easy to control.

As with many luxury vibes, the Sola Cue is made from a pure matte silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone is lovely to stroke and feels really great against the body. It’s not a dust or lint magnet, and has a sheer quality to it which is very appealing.

Unlubricated this silicone is fine to use clitorally, but I personally think it does its best internal work when paired with some decent water-based lubricant. This is especially the case if you find yourself naturally fluid-light, or have a lot of pubic hair (because, remember: You don’t have to adjust your body for a sex toy, or anyone/thing else, especially when there are sexual wellness aids out there to supplement your preferred pleasure methods).

Whereas the vibration for the Sola Sync are what I would call a ‘refined’ rumble, the Sola Cue is happy to provide a bit of the Sync’s style while also traversing its own path on its lower levels. The first 2 vibration levels for the Sola Cue are deep and rumbly in a more conventional, juddery manner, and only start to become more rapid and refined as you increase the power.

This might upset those who like to go whole hog with a toy’s strength while still feeling their thighs shaking like jelly from the rumble, but don’t lament: the first few settings of the Sola Cue are nicely strong and, due to their depth, work very well, especially when used clitorally.

The higher settings are what I would consider to be better suited to internal use (which makes sense, giving the intended use of this toy). They’re smooth but potent and give the user’s G-Spot more than enough attention.

This bulge helps the toy achieve G-Spot greatness.

This paired with the natural bulging curve of the Cue, and its mostly firm shaft, makes the Cue great for bringing some real strength to an internal (or dual) play sessions and creating a persistent rocking motion with the Cue if desired.

Because I’m a fan of juddery rumbles, most of my orgasms with the Cue are external (and I actually prefer it for external use over the Sync). These orgasms have never disappointed in depth, strength, or duration and, to be honest, the only time I was sad with the Cue was when it died on me mid-use from how much I had been *ahem* testing it. Y’know, for science.

In terms of downside I would have to say that the flexibility that the Sola Cue claims to have on its box is nearly non-existent. This toy’s shaft is pretty firm and doesn’t really allow for much in the way of wiggle room. Many would consider this to be a good thing (as it allows for more control and pressure) but if you came to this toy specifically wanting flexibility then it’s not the right one for you.

I also find the magnetic charge cord for the Cue to be a little weak. This is a common issue with magnetic charging clips, though I wish this wasn’t the case.

Compared to the benefits, though, this toy offers quite a lot with minimal downsides. Who can complain about that?

Final Thoughts

The lower settings of the Sola Cue really work for me externally, and the higher ones rock my world internally. What more could a sex toy enthusiast want?

Okay, okay, maybe consistency – I understand if some people find the transition from rumbly to smooth vibrations to be a bit irritating, and I think this would honestly be the only major thing that could detract from the Sola Cue.

Outside of that I have nothing but praise for this sex toy and think it’s a worthy addition to the Sola collection. If you like what you’ve read here then don’t hesitate to get your own (or try one in a store if you can). I believe it would be money well invested.

Recommend to:

People who like deep vibrations.

People who like standard G-Spot designs.

People who like firm shafts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like consistent vibrations.

People who prefer larger/smaller toys.

People who want a flexible/soft shaft.

The Sola Cue was provided to me by Sola in exchange for an honest review, via Peepshowtoys. If you want to support my site please do make a purchase via the affiliate links included. Make me a happy peach (who can afford things like food and stuff).