Product Review: The OrganiCup Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are pretty much the bees knees, but the way that some cups are tested on animals is not. It’s because of this that’s I’ve recently been on a menstrual cup reviewing frenzy, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by far. And, among the cups I’ve recently reviews, the OganiCup stood out.

Partly because it has ‘Organic’ basically plastered in its name.

Partly because on a Google search it dubs itself as ‘The Best Cup On The Market.’

A high claim indeed.

Now, let’s be real, most menstrual cups are pretty much friggin awesome, but not all cups are created equal. Animal cruelty or not, it really can take a while to find the right cup for you – one made in the right shape, from the right material, which sits well with your body and flow. So, what does OrganiCup have to offer?

Let’s find out together.

The OrganiCup Menstrual Cup


I’m just going to be honest about that from the start – for me the OrganiCup lead to an increase in cramps. Not the best thing, but this is a variable aspect of menstrual cups, so I’d like to focus on the specifications of the OrganiCup products before getting too far in to my personal experiences (which, more full disclosure, was mostly fantastic).

A great cup with some growing pains.

The OrganiCup is made of soft, allergy-free silicone, free from bleach, perfume, lotion or pretty much anything that doesn’t belong in the body (that same not being a claim that tampons and pads can generally make).

It has all of the typical benefits that you can expect from a menstrual cup – including being chemical-free, odor-free, minimizing the risk of TSS (It’s basically a non-issue with a cup), and generally being an amazing, non-porous, long-term way to manage your flow.

For those who don’t know how cups work, the OrganiCup I essentially a little silicone cup which allows your flow to collect inside it to be removed and emptied when needed. To put a menstrual cup in all you need to do is fold it in to a C-Shape, apply lube if needed, and then slide it in. A stem allows you to pull the cup lower down your vaginal canal come removal before you then pinch the cup (breaking the vacuum it maintains in your body to prevent leaks) and then remove and empty.

Because the OrganiCup is made from silicone it can be easily cleaned with soap and water, or boiled for a thorough clean.

The stem works well.

A lot of individuals (young women, especially) may fear that their typical menstrual products leave their vulva with an odor which they find unpleasant. They may even worry that others can smell this odor.

Firstly, if this is you, eff what others think about you and your bodily functions, but how you feel about yourself and your own esteem does matter. To this end you’ll be happy to know that menstrual cups are a brilliant odor-free alternative to something such as pads during wear or tampons after.

This means you don’t only save on buying pads and tampons but also on buying odor neutralizing storage bags or worrying about the odor of your flow after disposal. Once you remove your OrganiCup you simply tip your flow into the loo and flush. Simple.

In terms of duration for use, the OrganiCup can contain three times more fluids than pads and tampons, and I have had even the small OrganiCup in for up to 8-10 hours without a single leak.

This is great.

I’ve had a few cup experiences recently with either some or constant leaking, so to find a cup that will give me the complete and utter leak-free security that I’m craving is brilliant.

But, to put this in further perspective: I ran a marathon for Cancer Research UK yesterday. 26.6 miles, most of which was jogged, not to mention getting to the marathon, the stretching exercise, and the 4 hour drive home afterwards. During which I wore the OrganiCup Small.

Not a single leak.


That is brilliant.

I really can’t think of a better endorsement for the longevity, endurance, and leak-free validity of a menstrual cup.

The OrganiCup promises up to 12 hours of leak-free protection and I trust it completely to deliver this, and in terms of longevity, the OrganiCup is reuseable and will last for literally years (most likely 10+ if cared for well). This is a menstrual solution for the long haul, and it comes with its own storage bag for convenient and discreet portability.

This cup had my back.

Size A (the smaller cup) is for those who haven’t given birth whereas size B is for those who have but, really, I’d say go with what works for your body. If you feel like you’d benefit from a larger cup then don’t let birth recommendations hinder you. Go with your personal flow (quite literally).

The design of the OrganiCup is very standard, but so what? If a design works then there’s no reason to mess with it too much. It’s material softness and quality that matters, and the OrganiCup have managed a level of performance I’m pleased with. Insertion for me was a breeze too, even without lubricant, which is rare for me (I usually do need lube).

As I said – the only downside I had with the OrganiCup was that, on first insertion, I do get rather painfully cramps with it and these cramps can come and go during the day (especially after exercise) but this really didn’t hinder me and can easily be chalked up to the normal rhythm of a period. I kind of even appreciated feeling my body a bit more, but I digress.

Outside of that I really can’t think of a downside to the OrganiCup, though I do acknowledge that some people just cannot use a cup, for various reasons, to which I say: I accept this and hope you find your own sustainable way to manage your period (I’m trying my best to find a great one for you).

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am over the moon with my OrganiCups and I’m very happy to have made it my cup of choice during my marathon.

This is a cup for the long hauls – tried and tested for success, longevity, affordability, and environmental responsibility – and it ticks all the boxes you might hope for.

How your body reacts to the OrganiCup may differ to my own experiences but I know one thing for sure: When I want to go hard at the gym (or in life) I’m taking this cup along with me.

Recommend to:

People who want a durable cup.

People who want a conventional cup.

People who want a reliable cup.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike cramping.

People who cannot use cups.

People who prefer non-conventional designs.

The OrganiCups were provided to me by OrganiCup in exchange for an honest review.