Toy Review: The Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand

The more I test Sola products the more I get the feeling that Sola just ‘gets it’.

This started with the Egg but it has really progressed with every consequent item that I’ve seen from Sola and the Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand is no exception.

It’s hard to describe all the way in which the Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand gets things right and, as such, I can only imagine just how hard the entire Sola team worked on the design and production of the Sola Sync.

Consideration and consumer care seems to seep from every contour of the Sola Sync and I am so happy to know that yet another high quality wand has entered the market that offers its own unique take on the classic, much-loved design. The Sola Sync seems especially well-suited to those with mobility or positioning issues, which is especially important to my mind.

Buuut, before I get ahead of myself, let’s start this review in earnest.

The Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand

The Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand is the Sola’s second wand-like object (the first being the Egg) and the first that is more in keeping with conventional wands.

The Sola Sync is a wand among wands.

I say that but, to be honest, the Sola Sync doesn’t just seem to have this name for the synchronization that it has with its wireless controller (a great and functional addition), but also for how fully in sync it is with customer desires.

Due to the angle of its neck and its very long and semi-flat neck, the Sola Sync is incredibly easy to handle and can easily be held straight while also naturally angling towards the genitals. This not only makes solo use a lot easier but also makes it much better for couples’ use and for efficient and swift back massages (even when in the heavy grip of DOMS).

As for the head of the Sola Sync, Sola have opted to make it smaller than most wands of a similar size (the dimensions of the Sola Sync being 12.5 inches total length and  its head coming in at a maximum diameter of 1.75 inches) again, facilitating couples’ usage with more ease and generally providing a more concise and less bulky experience. This had also has a wonderfully-considered curve to it, which gently works to complement use against the genitals (or other areas of the body).

In fact, that’s the exact word I’d use for the Sola Sync: Considered.

This design though…

The whole toy is incredibly considered – from its UBS rechargeable system, to the design of its remote, to its waterproof body, LED indicators, and easy-to-use control panel. I have never had a single issue getting the Sola Sync to handle in exactly the way I wanted it to, and I credit this to its exceptional design.

On top of all this, the Sola Sync comes with its own antibacterial storage bag and is made from ABS plastic and beautifully smooth matte silicone. This makes it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. All of these elements add to the appeal of the Sola Sync but the real quality test of most vibrators comes from their namesake, the vibrations themselves, and, in this regard, the Sola Sync won’t leave many people disappointed.

The vibrations from the Sola Sync are powerful, deep, and rumbly. Not judderingly rumbly but more akin to a smooth and humming ride of refined rumble. It’s like the difference between a roaring Harley and a sleekly elegant hybrid: both can bring the power but the experience is totally different.

The Sola Sync also starts off gently enough not to be overwhelming for new wand users while still allowing for reasonable progression. I personally don’t need to use the Sola Sync on full power in order to achieve an orgasm, and I think most will find its 5 different intensities and 5 different patterns to be satisfactory.

Good grief and alas! It seems that my vulva is an odd duck and continues to surprise me with curve balls.

I say that – my personal experiences with the Sola Sync should not have surprised me at all, given my preference in toys, yet it took me a few times to puzzle out just what was happening.

This head just isn’t made for me.

What did I need to ponder? Well, even though I could tell that this toy is great (and don’t let my experiences say otherwise) I personally struggled to reach climax with this wand. Time and time again I would use the Sola Sync and find that it was just taking me ages to get to an orgasm point, or even to feel it resonate with me in an arousing way. But then I realized this was entirely to do with what I usually seek in wands.

A huge, broad head. Deep, shuddering rumbles that permeate in to my thighs and cause my booty to quiver from the residual strength. Dispersed brute-strength in essence, which I can grind up against and essentially ride to my destination.

The Sola Sync does not provide that experience. It is much more akin to a combination between a wand and what you might experience when using a pebble-shaped clitoral vibrator. It takes that more compact shape, its own vibrational refinement, and then merges the two to create a potent toy that pebble-shaped users will most likely find very agreeable, but which just didn’t provide me with what I typically crave from wands.

This will be a problem for some, and those who like the unrefined rumble of some wands may also share my sentiments, but I don’t consider it to be an objective downside of the Sola Sync. Quite the contrary – I see it as a strength that just doesn’t resonate with me.

In terms of objective downsides I can only think of two major ones. The first being that the remote for the Sola Sync can obviously be easily misplaced, which would be a bit irksome considering it’s a selling point for some. The other is that, for a toy focused on remove use, 5 patterns may not be the ideal amount for some users, who may be hoping for more. But, to be honest, intensity is a big pull for many and, combining intensity play with the 5 patterns offered, there is a fair bit of variety in the Sola Sync.

Final Thoughts

The Sola Sync is a wand that I enjoy and admire, but it’s not one that I personally find to be complimentary to my vibration preferences.

The way it fits against my body is wonderful, though, and is commendable without any of the other exceptional features of the Sola Sync. That the toy manages to perform well in all other regards just serves to make me extremely happy, even if I don’t personally reap the benefits that much.

In the end I am left recommending the Sola Sync but with extra consideration given to what toys you use regularly, what you want from a wand, and what your prior positive experiences with wands has been defined by.

Granted, there’s no need to be too analytical with your approach, but I hope my review has at least given you a good feel as to whether this is the wand for you.

Bravo yest again, Sola!

Recommend to:

Fans of pebble-shaped clit vibes.

People who like strong vibrators.

Seekers of a body contoured wand.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like huge wand heads.

People who like juddery rumble vibrations.

People who dislike angled toys.

The Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand was provided to me by Sola via Peepshowtoys in exchange for an honest review. Wanna support me? Use the affiliate links included.ed.