Toy Review: Lelo Alia

Lelo have some great clitoral vibrators in their line-up.

There’s the discreet-yet-powerful Mia 2, the incredibly elegant Nea 2, and (one of my personal favorite) the super-strong Siri 2.

I have tried and enjoyed each of these vibrators for different reasons, but up until now there has been one clitoral Lelo toy that I’ve neglected, and that would be the Lelo Alia.

There’s no real reason for this – as with the Lelo Isla, it was simply a toy that didn’t necessarily grab me straight away. On consideration, I’d chalk this up to the silicone, ABS combo, but more on that later.

The Lelo Alia presents itself as an elegant vibrator – capable of providing pleasure to match its beauty – but does it deliver on this? Allow me to offer my perspective.

The Lelo Alia

The Lelo Alia is a quintessentially Lelo vibrator, in that it represents a lot of what the company strives towards. Pairing pleasure, luxury, and a distinct aesthetic appeal, the Lelo Alia pitches itself as one ‘for admirers of aesthetic beauty’.

This is one pretty vibrator.

This is a clitoral vibrator that is perfect to gift someone special. It is especially good for beginners to vibrators, due to the design that Lelo have gone with.

The Alia is an ovular shape with an inner loop that can double as a handle. This allows users to easily and intuitively hold the Alia in place and place it against the vulva and clitoris intuitively.

The Alia’s 3-button control system is located in an area that makes flicking between intensities and settings very easy while also using the loop of this design, and the Alia offers 6 different patterns in addition to its varying power intensities. Continual is obviously my favourite but it’s always nice to have additional options, especially with a novice-friendly product such as the Alia.

The ABS plastic and silicone combo means that the Alia is completely non-porous, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. It also gives the Alia a firm frame which allows its vibrations to transfer with a good amount of clarity.

The Alia is easy to hold.

The silicone that coats the useable section is so silky smooth that I think it could even double as a stress relief object. It’s ideal for running lovingly across the body to offering a pampering appeal.

The Lelo Alia comes in a gorgeous box, adding to its presentation, and also includes a storage pouch, a warranty card, a free sachet of lubricant, and its UBS charging cable. The Alia is naturally USB rechargeable, saving on batteries and making sure that you can always plug in your vibrator and get ready for play.

A single charge can get you up to 4 hours of play or a 90-day standby time. The Lelo Alia also comes with a travel lock, making it a perfect travel companion. This is complemented by the relatively quiet running of the Lelo Alia, which doesn’t even reach electric toothbrush levels of volume when on the highest setting (and can easily be concealed with bedsheets and/or music (or a good podcast).

The controls are so easy!

As for the vibrations in the Lelo Alia…this is where things don’t go quite to my personal liking.

Objectively, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the vibrations of the Lelo Alia. It starts of with a perfectly gentle purring sensation, which couldn’t even shock the most delicate of souls and will help you if you’re a bit scared of the idea of vibrations.

As the vibrations increase (which feels smooth in its incremental transition, not juddering or jumping shockingly from one setting to another) there’s a rapid hum to the Alia’s vibrations which is like what buzzy vibrators wish they could be but will never truly achieve.

This is quite noteworthy and is worth repeating: The Lelo Alia’s vibrators are very reminiscent of those from a buzzy vibrator but if buzz were done right and without high pitched irritation. This is true even on the highest settings and, thus, will probably disappoint some people.

But, in terms of sensation, it actually helps to create a wonderfully gentle and decadent sensation even on the strongest settings. The vibrations are still deep and gratifying but they won’t rumble, judder, or rock your world in the same way as something such as the Lelo Siri 2 might (for rumble) or the Lelo Mia 2 (for judder).

This was a bit of a disappointment for me, especially coming off of the incredibly rumbly sensations of the Lelo Isla. In fact, when I used the Lelo Isla and Alia together I had to continually cast the Lelo Alia to one side, because the Isla would just completely and utterly steal the show, such was the difference in their vibration types.

In terms of other downsides, you might wonder why I said that I dislike the ABS / plastic combo that gives the Alia is characteristic look.

Sure, it’s pretty, but by creating a seam where plastic and silicone meet the Alia is more likely to hold on to some gunk which then slips through the cracks during the cleaning process. The ABS is also slippery when combined with lubricant, which isn’t great, and (to my mind) can just look a little tacky and unnecessary.

I’d much rather know that my toy was safely encased in silicone then have parts of it be contrasted against gold-esque ABS which comes with a diminished sense of cleanliness reassurance and frustrates me with its slipperiness.

Outside of these two points the price may be a bit steep for some people, even as a luxury vibrator. My response to this: It’s Lelo. You get what you pay for when going for a luxury branded product and Lelo isn’t likely to disappoint you in terms of presentation, it’s performance that you’ll consistently need to appraise prior to purchase.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why I recommended so many different Lelo clitoral vibrators at the beginning of the review and it’s because, at the end of the day, I would much rather use any of them over the Lelo Alia.

I am convinced that the Lelo Alia has its audience, and that audience is those who have never tried a vibrator before, luxury or otherwise, find the whole idea a bit nerve wracking, and need to be eased in to the process with a reassuring product.

In such instances, the Lelo Alia is probably one of the most caring vibrators that you could gift someone (or yourself) to allow for safe and non-intimidating exploration.

Outside of that I would probably recommend the Lelo Mia 2 or Lelo Siri 2 instead – two great toys with equally luxurious presentation and a bit more oomph.

Recommend to:

People who like gentle vibrations.

Vibration novices.

People wanting to give a nice, non-intimidating gift.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer rumbly vibrations.

People who dislike the ABS / Plastic combo.

People who resent the price.

The Lelo Alia was provided by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. Support my site by using the affiliate links included.