Article: Touching Base (The Basics Of A Sensual Foot Massage)

Tantra and reflexology aside, a good foot massage is always, always worth it’s weight in gold. Trust me: I’ve done enough yoga and jogging/walking in my time to know this.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve finished a workout with throbbing feet and a deeper throbbing desire to have the dull ache alleviate with someone’s pampering caress.

Given this, I thought it was about time that I looked in to how a good foot massage can be achieved, the best methods to go about it, and how to administer it to a willing partner. Allow me to share the knowledge I have acquired (which my feet are joyfully thanking me for and which I hope I can soon share with willing masseurs in my life).

Different Walks of Life

As it turns out (and as is apparent from just how similar, but also different, reflexology and tantra can be) there are lots of different ways to deliver a decent foot massage – the method selected usually depending on what outcome you want.

A deep, sports massage will vary from a light, priming tease, for example, and foot worship will vary from sensual foreplay.

Because of this it’s very important to consider just what you want from giving a foot massage before doing so and, importantly, what the person you’re massaging wants too.

Massage is as much about intent and performance as it is technique, and even the massage of a novice can put someone at ease if the interactions involved are just what was mutually desired.

Communication is key here and confidence. Know that you have an objective and follow it surely and you’re already on your way to success.

Much of the rest is (frustratingly) practice makes perfect (and professional training, should you wish).


All good massages start with the right tools.

For a foot massage you’ll need to have a towel to hand. This might be used to prop the feet up but can also be placed aside for general use.

Why a towel? Because most truly great massages involve oil.

Oil allows for hands to glide over skin with more ease and allows you both to go on without fear or friction cutting things short. But it also feels damned good.

Oil can be heated for added effect and can have different vitamins in it to nourish the skin.

If your partner enjoys scents then aroma can be used to enhance the experience too – either infused in the oil or provided through a candle or incense.

A bowl of warm water and a flannel is a nice touch too – the primer that allows you to get your partner’s feet clean and ready while also allowing for some initial pampering.

Outside of these items the rest of the options are yours – music? Dimmed lights? Candles? The choice is truly yours to mutually agree upon and to enjoy.

The Methods

But, with that in mind, let’s stride forward to look at some common approaches and how to try them yourself.

A General Massage

A general massage is one that works well in all occasions. It can go as far or as fleetingly as you both desire and can be as extensive or tender as you wish.


-Wash the feet if desired and dry them with patting motions. Allow them to make sure all areas are dry if they wish and then get the oil ready.

-Start with a little oil, worked in to your hands evenly, and gently start stroking a single foot between your hands. Keep your fingers on the top section and use your hands to inspect the sole gently, noticing what your partner enjoys.

-Then move in to some more intuitive motions. Take long stroking and caressing motions and part and explore the toes with your fingers if you wish. If your partner is ticklish start practicing a firmer touch. If they like it light then linger in the motions that work for you both.

-When ready resume applying your thumb on the sole and your fingers on the top of the foot and press down firmly with your thumbs, swirling and kneading in to particularly pleasing areas while your fingers stroke more naturally.

-Explore using your knuckles on the soles of the feet, should you wish, and continue kneading areas of enjoyment, seeking feedback and adjusting accordingly. Toes are equally fair game in the same way.

-Practice long, v-like sweeps as you ease away from the process and begin to allow things to naturally dwindle.

-When done gently pat off any excess oil and move on to whatever actions you had planned in the aftermath.

An Expanding Massage

Practicing the above is a good basis for all foot massages, but from there you can do more.

An expanding massage take a foot massage and moves outwards from there, involving more of the body but always with the capacity to return to the feet.


-Move up from the feet to the sensitive area of the ankles. Work gently in circles to stimulate this area on both sides adjusting pressure as is desired.

-Give attention to the Achilles tendon in a very careful manner.

-Sweep your hands up to the calves and use your thumbs to work in to the area in long motions before working more deliberately up and down the area with both thumbs in circular motions.

A Foot Worship Massage

This is very heavily tied to foot fetishism and may have a level of domination involved. No matter the terms, these techniques are often employed.


-In advance make sure you use an oil you can tolerate orally. Avoid added fragrances, for example.

-Kiss the tops of your partner’s feet tenderly as you work their sole and rub the edges of their feet, breaking only to verbalize your admiration (and submission).

-Lick the feet in sweeping motions, flicking motions, and circular ones with various degrees of pressure in different locations. Work playfully between the toes and include food or oral lube if you wish.

-Suck your partner’s toes in between lick and kisses, never forgetting to let them know just how much you fucking love them.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of a foot massage a towel down may be all that is needed or another wash may be required. If the latter is the case make sure you’ve changed the water in the bowl or opt for a joint shower or bath if you wish.

Soap can be just as nice for a mini massage, and for keeping the fun going.

Oh, and don’t forget the after lotion too, if it pleases. Because who says the fun has to end when the oil goes away?