Toy Review: The Lelo Isla

The Lelo Soraya was a sex toy that could give me climaxes through my trousers (no mean feat when you’re a power queen) but it’s clitoral prong didn’t necessarily appeal to how I personally like to use my toys.

I’ve always been much more likely to use independent internal and external toys rather than relying on a single toy to effectively perform both jobs. This is mainly due to my adoration of strong external vibrations and gentler internal vibrations (not a combo often seen in dual-stims) and the incompatibility of my body-type with the placement of many clitoral prongs in relation to the internal shaft. And, to be frank, I don’t think I’m the only person who finds dual-stims to be limiting in their execution.

This is why my heart soars at the existence of the Lelo Isla: An internal vibrator that is as effective as its dual-stim sibling but without the clitoral add-on. But is the clitoral arm the only difference sported by the Isla, or is it just ill-equipped when compared to its swoon-worthy sibling? Read on to find out!

The Lelo Isla

The Lelo Isla is a G-Spot vibrator from the iconic luxury adult product brand, Lelo. No matter how you feel about Lelo’s advertising as of recent years, there’s no doubting that, when it comes to their sex toys (especially the classics), Lelo tend to provide exceptional products that can produce outstanding results.

The Soraya is a great toy but the Isla is *my* great toy.

They’re also one of the earliest ‘mainstream’ companies to readily use body-safe materials, and this is the case with the Lelo Isla – which is made from ABS plastic and silicone. These materials are non-porous, completely phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and body-safe.

The silicone used by Lelo sets the bar in terms of smooth, matte softness that is almost addictive in terms of tactile allure. I often found myself stroking the surface of the Isla as I pondered my feelings about it, using it almost therapeutically. There’s no reason as to why it can’t be stroked across the skin during the initial moments of play during a sexual encounter to add a relaxing (yet exciting) element.

ABS plastic makes the shaft of the Lelo Isla firm, and allows for its rather standard (nicely so) shaft to have the angling and pressure-power that you might want to really hit the G-Spot hard and nudge against it without feeling like the toy is trying to shy away or otherwise not performing at its best.

The Lelo Isla is 8.7 inches in total length but a lot of this is occupied by its handle which is, pardon my pun, very handy for angling the toy during use. Its total insertable length comes in at about 5 inches, and its maximum circumference is 4.1 inches, which is manageable for many individuals.

The handle and controls on this toy are great.

It has exceptional packaging, comes with a storage bag, a warranty, lubricant, and a charge cable. The Lelo Isla takes 2 hrs to charge and provides up to 4hrs of play or a 90-day standby time. It has a handy-dandy travel lock and its three-button control system allows you to easily control its intensity and work through its 6 different patterns.

The positioning of the controls on the handle is well-placed and this is probably one of the easiest vibrators to control that I’ve used as of late.

The Isla is also submersible, making it easy to clean and allowing for underwater use if desired. Much like patterns, I have very little interest in underwater sex toy use, but I know that this will add a nice amount of diversity (and a couples’ shower-shenanigans element) that some people will absolutely adore.

The Isla really does look elegant, allowing it to easily earn its luxury status. But in to justify its hefty price tag the Isla also has to be able to deliver in terms of sensation.

Does it? Why yes – yes it does.

From the moment, the Isla is turned on it ripples with a gentle quiver that is, despite its timid purr, undeniably deep and quivering. Not to be skipped, this gentler setting is very good for discerning the nuances of your body, both internally and externally and, as the power is ramped up, it just gets better.

This shaft is very effective.

Bringing a rich rumbly underpinned by a refined quiver of sensation, even on the highest setting the Lelo Isla avoids becoming buzzy, even though it’s vibrations become continually more rapid and smooth.

The strong, deep sensations of the Lelo Isla stroke gloriously against the internal chambers of the body, creating effective orgasms but the Isla is also so powerful and nicely rumbly that I enjoy using it as a clitoral vibrator a heck of a lot. So, I guess I got two exceptional uses for the price of one.

Externally (my go-to use for the Isla) orgasms with this toy are very powerful, gaspingly effective, and works wonderfully with my body. Internally it provides an orgasm that I can easily ride, by taking advantage of the firmness of its shaft.

In terms of downsides, I was happy to discover that the Isla had very little objective ones to speak of.

My biggest complaint was that the area where the ABS plastic meets the silicone can gather vaginal gunk, requiring extra cleaning, but the waterproof qualities of this toy make this an easy issue to manage.

In terms of more subjective downsides, those who prefer soft, squishy sex toys will find the Isla to be lacking.

Although rumbly, the Isla’s vibrations are also smoothed out to an art, and this isn’t quite the juddering rumble that many people like, which is an important element to keep in mind.

And, even though this is a very good sex toy, I do feel like, nowadays, Lelo’s prices are a bit inflated, especially now that luxury sex toys are getting cheaper while increasing in quality. But, you do get what you pay for and, in this instance, you are paying for a damned good time.

Final Thoughts

I was personally very happy with the performance of the Lelo Isla, which satisfied my needs and met my expectations for it in every way possible.

All of the additions provided with the Lelo Isla do help justify its price, but I would consider this to be a luxury gift, or a treat, rather than a casual sex toy purchase.

Is it worth saving for though? Yes. At least if you like what you’ve read here.

If not then do feel free to browse about my site, the perfect G-Spotting toy is out there and, who knows, maybe it will still be a Lelo, just of a different sort.

Recommend to:

People who like firm vibrators.

People who don’t want a hugely bulging shaft.

People who like G-Spotting toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer juddery rumbles.

People who dislike Lelo’s PR.

The Lelo Isla was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. Want to support me? Use the affiliate links included in this post.