Product Review: The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker

What could be more elegant than the single intervening line of a slim, stripped collar highlighting the wear’s delectable neckline?

I’ve never considered myself of a vampiric inclination, but when I see the perfect collar decorating someone’s anatomy I can’t help but want to sink my teeth in to the collared area – adorning the wearer’s neck with kisses of sheer veneration. Much of which comes from a sense of solidarity at the feel of a collar, rather than just its look.

I am an avid collar wearer and I confess to being taken in by the comforting sensation of a piece of material coiled around my neck as I got about my day. It comforts me – restrains and grounds me in my body when my mind otherwise wishes to race all over the place – and, of course, I know just how it looks too and the effect it can have on others.

Collars convey confidence because they bestow it, through their selection (either solo or through a dominant), their presentation, and their sensation.

But, for those who are eco-conscious, good collars of the faux leather have, until recently, been lamentably hard to come by.

That is, until Bijoux Indiscrets launched their Maze line and, with it, the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker (in either black or a light brown).

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker is one of an extensive list of items that Bijoux Indiscrets now has me firmly lusting after, all from their Maze collection.

The entire Maze line is a kinky vegan of eco-warrior’s dream come true. It is made from nothing but metals and polyurethane straps, comprised from recycled materials made to look and feel like soft leather and, let me tell you, it’s impressively similar.

One of the typical go-to tests my father always taught me for detecting a fake leather item when I was at a loss otherwise was to smell it to try and detect the distinct aroma of leather and, let me tell you, that test was employed multiple times in the reviewing of this beautiful choker.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker looks and feels just like beautiful, buttery leather: softened with extreme consideration over time to make a flexible, comfortable item for daily wear out of the treated cow skin that it starts with.

But no such process has been needed to provide this choker with its supple and highly tactile sensation. No doubt, Bijoux Indiscrets employed other methods to achieve what I believe to be a perfectly lithe collar for daily wear.

I’ve worn the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker while out at concerts, while going about my day, while doing chores, and even while marathon training and, in all instances, the collar did not feel uncomfortable. It didn’t get sweaty, clammy, or otherwise chafe, it simply existed: allowing me to happily go about my day while occasionally making itself known with a little gripping sensation.

Perhaps even better, the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker is slim and elegant enough in its aesthetics that you can wear it as either a BDSM collar or a chic fashion statement and it wouldn’t look out of place in either instance.

Unlike some more dedicated collars, the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker sports a peg-like system to secure itself. This makes the choker easy to apply, even solo, and is surprisingly sturdy, despite not being a buckle or having a lock. This was the only aspect of the choker that I had my doubts about and they were easily dispelled after wearing my collar all day during a house move of sorts.

Because of the extreme comfort and proven security of this choker, I regularly use it as a day collar, sporting it with extreme pride and confidence. The O-Ring at the front of this collar ties its appearance wonderfully together and makes for a choker that is, all around, a solid cruelty-free purchase.

The one downside of this O-Ring is that, because it’s secured by a loop system, it’s not good at all for tugging on, and wouldn’t work well with a collar. But, then again, Bijoux Indiscrets has you covered with that, with a different product.

In fact, another fantastic aspect of the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker is that it can be easily mixed and matched with the rest of the Maze line – the shared aesthetic working incredibly well to complement each selection made. This gives the choker a sense of diversity, though, to be honest, it stands perfectly well on its own merit.

Final Thoughts

True leather lovers will have no idea identifying the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker as a faux leather item, and this is probably its biggest failing is absolute authenticity is crucial to you.

But for those who are looking for a comfortable, mostly-convincing, and hot-as-all-hell choker, then the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker is a brilliant option for kinky consideration.

I adore mine and have even received a few compliments about it from people who just assume it is a quirky fashion choice (chokers are, apparently, ‘in’ again among highstreet fashion stores).

At £25–30 depending on the retailer, the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker is also relatively well-priced and is not a purchase I would regret making.

I had high expectations for this choker and I am so glad to say that it has met them all. I highly recommend it and know that I will be wearing it at upcoming kink events.

Recommend to:

Vegan/eco kink consumers.

People wanting a soft collar.

People wanting a safe-release collar.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who must have leather.

People who prefer rigid collars.

People wanting a collar with a buckle/lock.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Single Choker was provided to me by Bijoux Indiscrets in exchange for an honest review.