Product Review: The Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel for Her 30ml

In the spirit of full disclosure I feel like you should know that I’ve only really known Fifty Shades of Grey through the masterful readings of George Takei & Gilbert Gottfried, various movie reviews (for the official films and the even more absurd Fifty Shades of Black), and, of course, the multiple criticisms.

Regardless, it’s hard to escape the hype of the Fifty Shades craze. It’s been a bumpy ride but, overall, it really does feel like a positive one. I can’t say I like the Fifty Shades books but I heavily approve of the 30% boost in buying habits that came with the launch of the Fifty Shades product range: the eager confidence with which people are happy to discover or declare their sexual desires.

Yes. I approve of that greatly.

Which is why I sometimes like to venture in to the domain of Mr Grey and try his products firsthand. And what better product to consider than the affordable, promising Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel?

Let’s see what it has to offer.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel for Her 30ml

The Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel is a product intended for clitoral use but which is perfectly suitable for application to all genitals.

This gel (much like others I have recently reviewed) is designed to increase sensation for the clitoris through using menthol for that familiar minty tingle that you get from a strong chewing gum or from slathering a menthol cream on your chest during a baneful cold.

The main difference between these products and the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel being that the gel is custom designed to work well with the genitals. This includes making it condom-friendly, body-safe, and fast acting.

It also allows for extra additions, such as argine, which increases blood flow to the clitoris, enhancing sensation further still.

In the case of the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel the ingredients list is as follows:

Aqua, Monopropylene Glycol, Arginine, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Lactic Acid, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Menthol, Phenoxyethanol, Piroctone Olamine.

Which might have some people scratching their heads. Oil, after all, is not compatible with latex condoms – no oil is. If you take only one thing from this review then take that bit of information to heart and never use oils or items such as vaseline with your condoms. Doing so is just asking for trouble and trauma, but I digress.

In this instance the makers have ensured that the ingredient is so minimal that it doesn’t matter: the primary component being good ol’ H2O, water-based.

You may think this would make the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel very runny but this is not the case. Instead, this gel has a nice, smooth consistency which isn’t goopy but still manages to hold its integrity well.

It comes out of its container generously, spreads nicely, and never feels sticky nor unwelcome.

Scent-wise there’s not much to be said against the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel. It has no added aroma and only a gentle minty after fragrance, not even noticeable unless you sniff up close.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel has a semi-chemical tang, accompanied by a mint taste that isn’t a huge deterrent but is hardly appetising either. It won’t take oral off the table but adding some flavored lube after it kicks in wouldn’t go amiss.

You won’t have to wait long either, as this gel kicks in near-instantaneously.

What does this gel feel like? If you’ve tried a sensation gel before then standard. If this is all new for you then allow me to walk you through this undiscovered territory.

Menthol-based sensation gels create that tingling I mentioned above and, in turn, almost all of the mind’s focus concentrates in on the area affected.

The sensation spreads outwards from the point on contact, too, like a unfurling flower blossoming into a graceful display – capturing the attention and imagination.

There is no denying the gripping sensation of a pleasure gel.

A bad pleasure gel goes too far with this. It burns or stings or makes things too intense. But get the balance right and every additional sensation introduced to the area of impact is instantly enhanced.

Touch, tongue, vibration: all become more potent. It’s the sexual equivalent of a microphone and the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel gets the balance right.

There is no stinging with the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel – no discomfort of any kind – and it was when using this gel that the unfurling petals of a lily first came to my mind.

My climaxes with it were good and the effects stayed for as long as they were needed and faded when I wiped it off in the aftermath. There really is very little I could fault this gel for.

30ml is a pretty decent amount for £11.99 too. You’ll only need a pea-sized amount for use and so you’ll get a lot of uses from it.

This means that most of the downsides concern ingredients and preference. If you look at the ingredients and see something that you know disagrees with you then steer clear.

If you’re unsure then make sure your first use of the product is in the toilet, by yourself, with loo roll close to hand. It’s not exactly graceful but it will be a whole lot better than a potential crazed dash to the bog right in the middle of your bedroom shenanigans.

Personal preference-wise if you dislike menthol then you know this isn’t the right product for you. In which case, thank you for reading this far anyway. How lovely of you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I can recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel.

It does what it intends to, without stinging or questionable ingredients, and doesn’t linger too long after use.

My orgasms were enhanced by it and I know many will get enjoyment from it. All-in-all I’m happy.

So kudos to Mr Grey and the makers of the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel for providing a great example of a pleasure gel. All there is to do know is buy some yourself to see how it works for you.

Recommend to:

People who like sensation gels.

Menthol enthusiasts.

Economical users.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike menthol.

People with sensitivities.

Fifty Shades Of Grey boycotters.