Article: How To Be a Sexy Vegan Eco Warrior

Veganism is on the up-and-up nowadays.

Supermarkets are reporting huge booms in the demand for vegan products, restaurants are seeing the same effect, and, now that Amazon owns Whole Foods Market, the push towards plant-based is becoming more and more viable (Whole Foods is still heckuva expensive though, especially compared to most cans of beans and legumes that will help budget vegans get by).

Even factually problematic documentaries such as What The Health? Are gaining an audience (for better or worst) and wonderfully thought-provoking films such as Okja are capturing people’s hearts.

But what does veganism have to do with adult products? Eating someone out is a bit different to eating someone after all.

If only things were so straightforward.

What Is Veganism?

I say that as if it’s a hard thing, but, truth be told, the reason that veganism and adult purchases align is pretty straightforward.

Contrary to the problematic ‘clean eating’ movement’s philosophy, veganism is not simply about eating a plant-based diet (though, god knows, transitioning to dietary veganism is awesome).

No – veganism is an ethical choice, driven by morality and a belief is the prevention of suffering, cruelty, and death in every possible instance.

To be more specific, the Vegan Society describes veganism as:

a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Ethical vegans (those staying true to this philosophy) won’t just be thinking about what’s on their plate, but also how every choice they make has an impact on each other, our environment, and non-human animals, and that includes in the bedroom.

Sex Isn’t Vegan?

The tried-and-tested go-to when it comes to vegan adult humour is to ask if blowjobs are vegan.

The answer is typically ‘yes’. But the reality is a bit more complicated.

Yes: oral sex is naturally vegan but the moment you start bringing in adult products it may not be.

Some lubricants are tested on animals. Some have components that have been tested on animals. Some include ingredients that come from animals, and some are just bad for you one way or another (you’re an animal worth taking care of too, after all).

It’s hard to imagine animal parts and/or animal testing meeting with the adult industry – and is especially grim when it comes to sanitary products – but it’s a reality we have to face.

Condoms can sometimes involve casein (a milk derivative), some water-based and oil-based lubricants may include animal by-products (stop putting bees wax in my oil-based lube, dammit!), and some sex toys may be produced with toxic ingredients that don’t degrade well and cause a lot of environmental damage. That’s not even to mention the kink and BDSM circuit – typically so heavily driven by a love for leather, feathers, and suede.

What’s A Vegan To Do?

At one point it was probably incredibly difficult to be vegan and be an ethical sex consumer, but things have become a lot better nowadays and various different companies are offering wonderful alternatives for those wishing to live a compassionate lifestyle.

There are a lot of different ways to embark upon a vegan path. For example, I personally disagree with the premise that organic is vegan and think that palm oil should be avoided wherever possible, but not every vegan will share these sentiments.

As a general overview, here are some good tips to follow:

#1 When buying dildos opt for long-lasting, non-toxic options. Silicone is the safe bet for many individuals but, if you’d prefer, there are also glass, metal, and wooden options available. When selecting wood make sure that the trees use have been ethically sources and workers appropriately paid if possible. Every consideration helps.

#2 If you buy vibrators make sure that they’re rechargeable to minimize on battery usage. Alternatively, buy a set of rechargeable batteries for your sex toys and keep them on a system where you can cycle the same few batteries in and out of usage. Again, consider materials and chose vibrators made from reliable, long-lasting materials.

#3 Check the ingredients of any lubricants (especially water and oil-based lubricants. Check any ingredients you’re unsure of. Do the same for sensation gels and massage products too.

#4 Make sure that any safer sex options you use are vegan too where possible and practicable. Just remember: Even the Vegan Society doesn’t recommend that you avoid medicine where needed, so if your oral contraception does contain animal-based products (or involve animal testing) don’t beat yourself up too much.

#5 Remember that no-one is perfect and that sometimes you will slip up. There’s also no shame in using what animal-based products you do have in the house prior to going vegan too…if you’re comfortable with that, that is.

The Best Products For The Job

With all of this in mind, here are a few of my personal favourite vegan products.

Vegan or not, most of these products are just awesome generally and are likely to give you a good time.

Best Vegan Lubricant

I am personally a huge fan of Sliquid and use it for pretty much all my sexual encounters. Sliquid H2O is my go-to but Sliquid Sassy is great too, especially if wanting some anal fun.

Best Vegan Vibrators

Fun Factory have just released an interchangeable set of hybrid vibrators, that can be charged via USB or battery. It even involves a kit that comes with some rechargeable batteries. I’ve tried some of the line and was impressed with the vibrations. Well worth a try.

Best Vegan Insertibles

For those who want metal toys (vaginal or anal) nJoy will spoil you for choice. Their toys are pricey but will last a life time and are well worth the investment. Crowned Jewels are a great option too (and have one of my all-time favourite dildos in their line).

Crystal Delights has you covered for glass toys and NobEssence for wood.

Alternatively, if you’re going for silicone then why not support small businesses such as Funkit Toys, Godemiche, or Hole Punch Toys. I recommend them all.

Best Vegan Kink Attire

Bijoux Indiscrets have just released and entire vegan kink wear line and the results are stunning. I could easily buy each and every product in the line, and hope you give it some consideration too.

Best Vegan Massage Items

A fan of massage? Why not try the Shunga Soy Based Massage Candles?

Typical paraffin candles, although plant-based, have a huge environmental impact, and palm oil candles mean rainforest damage and sad orangutans and nobody wants to think about sad apes while settling in for a nice massage. Neither is a suitable burning temperature for wax play either.

Shunga know what they’re doing and their product looks, smells, and feels great. Plus, if you’ve never tried a massage candle before it will be a great new experience too!

Best Vegan Impact Tool

The sting from the Tantus Pelt is legendary. It’s effortless, sharp, and makes most people beg for more.

Its silicone surface is easy to control, easy to clean, and works even better when you bring water or massage oil in to the mix.

If you like stingy impact play then you need this in your life. It’s practically cruelty not to own one!

And That’s All For Now!

I could list great vegan options for sex until the cows come home (home being an animal sanctuary, not a farm) but I think that’s enough vegan treats for one day.

Remember: Compassion can be achieved in all aspects of life. What better place to put it in to practice than in your love life?

Oh, and if you want to support this site then please do use the affiliate links included. Looks like SheVibe are well on their way to being vegan warriors themselves!