Ceramic Samplings: My New Tea Recepticle

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

My, my. It has been a while, hasn’t it?

And, although I admittedly review less Ceramic Pleasure products nowadays, my love for the company is no less intense.

Au contraire. With Ceramic Pleasure’s latest erotic offering I am even more smitten than ever.

There are various ways to seek pleasure in life. The firm and glossy embrace of a ceramic phallus is one of these methods but it is certainly not the only way.

For me, pleasure also often comes in the form of tea. For many it comes from sex geek accessories.

Ceramic Pleasures has combined these two, and the results are spectacular.

Behold, my vulva mug.

There are so many things I could highlight about this mug but the obvious starter is the craftsmanship.

This mug is handmade, by an independent creator, through means of their own inspiration. No two mugs will ever be the same. No two will share the same colours, speckles, and shape. Even the handle will vary (though there is an aspiration to stick to a uniform size).

And, like an actual vulva, no two vulvas will ever be the same either. The labia will never fold and fall in quite the same way. The clitoris will vary in size and visibility.

This is a poetic analogy to life and something so beautiful that it instantly earns my admiration.

The vulva itself is not what would be described as ‘perfect’ either. My vulva mug sports variety in the size between the labia and was one I selected in solidarity.

I may be a sex blogger (and well aware of the absurdity of a culture that makes people feel bad about standard labia variations) but it was still surprisingly affirming to feel like my odd wings had been given visible representation in such an open manner.

Knowing Ceramic Pleasure’s receptive nature to bespoke orders (and seeing the other vulva mugs in their store) I’m willing to imagine that any vulva-owner can find a mug that they feel at least partially connected to. That being said, these mugs are released in limited runs, so stay vigilant if you want to scoop one up.

Getting a bit personal again, I must also say that I adore the colours of the mug that was sent to me. Specifically the deep blue of its internal section, which cascades out in to waves of light blue and white at the bottom.

I sadly can’t capture this with my camera, but it’s fair to say that the colours and glaze of these mugs are exquisite. Even if this mug didn’t have a vulva on the front I think I would have been sold by its decorative features alone – as, much like an opal, I notice something new about it every time.

It feels almost trivial to discuss practicalities, but a mug isn’t much of a mug if it can’t perform its duties, and this is one awesome mug.

Granted, it’s slightly smaller than most mugs, but this just means more excuses to go for a tea break (never a bad thing). Size aside, this mug feels comfortable to hold, isn’t too hefty, and is made from body-safe, high-quality ceramics.

I was a tad worried that the vulva would be difficult to clean (especially after messy drinks, such as hot chocolate) but so far cleaning has been a breeze. One thing I will say is that I wouldn’t dare dishwasher or microwave this mug. It just feels too special. Too…mine.

If you even vaguely count yourself as a sex geek I cannot recommend this product enough. And, if you do get one, not only are you displaying your sex positivity with pride but you’re also invested in a unique, artisan, mug.

How many times can that be said nowadays?

The vibrant selection of pop culture mugs might be booming as of late, but nothing can trump affordable, sex positive, art.

Especially when it can house tea.