Toy Review: Fun Factory’s Darling Devil

I wonder if the Fun Factory team were playing Bendy and the Ink Machine when they came out with this device.

Not only is it cheekily decorated with two little horns, which double as G-Spot ticklers, but its name, the Darling Devil, also feels like something straight out of this retro gaming hit.

Either way, I can’t help but smile when I see the design of the Darling Devil…and be a bit perplexed. Placing incredibly soft and flexible probing horns on the internal section of a rabbit-style vibrator can’t really do much, can it?

Read on to find out.

Fun Factory’s Darling Devil

The Fun Factory Darling Devil is a ‘dual action’ vibrator with an awesome twist to it that makes the eco-friendly part of my sensibilities sing with delight.

This toy is part of Fun Factory’s new Battery+ range, which allows you to either charge your toy or use it with AAA batteries (of which Fun Factory provides a rechargeable set in its own Hybrid Kit, otherwise batteries are not included).

Why would anyone want this? Well, think about it: Rechargeable toys are great but sometimes when travelling or in the spur of the moment it’s hard to get access to a charging port to get the juice in your toy flowing.

I learnt this the hard way in recent months where I found myself travelling a lot and having to juggle charging multiple electronic devices alongside my sex toys. It just wasn’t practical at all.

But the Charge+ design of these toys means that when you can use a USB cable you have the option but when this just isn’t viable you can switch to batteries (rechargeable or otherwise) and still enjoy the benefits of your toy.

It’s an amazing win-win and gets my wholehearted seal of approval. I really cannot commend Fun Factory enough for this.

But, anyway, on to the toy itself.

The Darling Devil focuses on texture and experimental sensations. I mean, c’mon, when a toy literally has horns you know it’s just screaming out to be quirky and, as long as it has me screaming along with it, that’s just fine.

The little horns for the Darling Devil are on the insertible part of the toy but they aren’t confined to internal use. They can also be used to tickly the clit, a bit like conventional bunny ears, which I do approve of in theory but never really found that enticing in practice.

This little devil has a very interesting design.

As for the rest of the texture? The Darling Devil goes for rippling waves on the bottom section of the toy which feel nice when inserted. I wouldn’t say they were necessarily too intense for those that aren’t 100% certain of their texture limits or preferences, but they do provide enough variation to make insertion and gentle wiggles fun.

I mention those tactics during use because I really wouldn’t recommend thrusting much with the darling devil. Not only will it disrupt contact with the clitoral section of the toy but it also just doesn’t feel quite right given the surface of the Darling Devil.

Fun Factory may be striding forward in some ways but their silicone is classically known as being a draggy matte that is almost grating at times, and this doesn’t change with the Darling Devil. This toy’s surface is not smooth, although lubricant does help, and is an absolute dust magnet.

On the plus side, its silicone and ABS surface makes it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe, but that doesn’t mean its sensations will be right for everyone. Thankfully the Darling Devil is also 100% waterproof, making cleaning it a breeze and mitigating some of the dust grievances I have with it.

In regard to other specifications, the Darling Devil is 8 inches in total with a maximum diameter of 1.57 inches, which is pretty standard.

Clitoral fun can be achieved through these horns too.

If packing the Darling Devil for travel you won’t feel like it’s taking up too much space in your case and even has a travel lock to make sure it won’t go off unexpectedly. A charge with the Darling Devil will get you about 1 hour of play on its most intense setting, which should suffice for most users, and, hey, you always have the battery option if you run out of juice.

The Darling Devil has 4 different speeds and 6 different patterns and, d’you know what? They’re really not bad at all. To my immense surprise, I’ve mostly used the Darling Devil on one of its pattern settings and, my gosh, does it work for me.

Then again, the vibrations from this toy generally work for me too.

It’s hard to describe Fun Factory vibrations because they’re so unique. Are they rumbly? Yes. Are they strong? Impressively so. But there’s something more – almost like a judder or a sputtering that brings with it good tidings instead of an expensive automobile bill. This quirky vibration type doesn’t add to the noise levels of the Darling Devil (which are neither massively loud nor whisper quiet) but they do get me to strong and satisfying orgasms almost every time.

Buuuut only as long as I’m riding near the base of the Darling Devil’s shaft, using the entire thing externally.

That’s right. As much as I love what the Darling Devil has to offer in terms of charge convenience and vibrations, I really can’t get behind using it as it’s intended. The vibrations don’t travel well enough up the shaft for my preference, the devil’s horns scrape my insides uncomfortably when inserted, and the clitoral arm is too low down the shaft for my liking and too pointy in any case.

It all just comes together to make a toy that isn’t really compatible with my body.

Now, if you like rabbit-style toys with precise clitoral tips and texture then I have no doubt that the Darling Devil will be able to provide you with an experience, I just can’t validate it with full confidence because it’s so mismatched to my body.

Final Thoughts

The Darling Devil is a huge leap forward for sex toys and will please many people. It retails at about £69.99 and I think this is a fair price for what it provides. I mean, I haven’t even mentioned the insta-off button on this toy (which is so useful), nor the convenient placement of its controls and magnetic charge section but, even without going in to more depth, I can happily recommend this product.

But, for me, I just wish I could have experienced a clitoral Battery+ toy for my first experience, or perhaps even the Abby G. Judging by the texture and curved head of this toy I’m sure it would be just the thing to make me feel entirely satisfied by the already gasping orgasms that the Darling Devil has provided me with.

Recommend to:

People who like dual purpose toys.

People who like draggy silicone.

People who like interesting vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer glossy silicone.

People who dislike dual purpose toys.

People who dislike it when vibrations don’t fully travel up the shaft.

The Fun Factory Darling Devil was provided to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest review.