Update: Shaving My Head For Macmillan

Hello my lovely readers!

Tomorrow will be business as normal but, for today I have a little announcement.


You may have already seen this on my donation page but I’ll be shaving my head for Macmillan Cancer Support.

To quote myself:

Cancer is, pardon my French, a real chienne.

It has been fought back by my aunts, is trying to make house with my friends (and is a very crappy roommate), and was the curtain call for my fearless nan. So, let’s do the best we can to make sure no one else has to have their life railroaded by this leech on our lives.

Macmillan does some amazing work and so I want to raise some sweet dough for them by getting rid of my clearly long and luscious locks.

…Okay, I may already been one blade change short of a buzzcut already but hush! It’s the thought that counts.

And, really, that’s what it’s all about. So many people don’t get this choice, I’m aware of that.

Bravery very often doesn’t seem like the headspace of someone forced to strip away some of their identity just to survive.

But this isn’t about bravery or hair. It’s about trying to bring some visibility to a terrible ailment and getting people to stop, think, and take action.

I hope you’ll take action with me by donating.

How will shaving my head help?

Macmillan provides grants for those who are currently suffering with cancer to help them and their family find some solace and assistance in an extremely difficult time of their lives. I know this first hand because they helped my family when my nan was going through her personal fight.

The money you provide will go towards such grants to help give those at a very hard juncture in their life just a little bit of a reprieve.

That can be priceless…or at least worth a £1 donation.

So please do give any amount you can. Share my donation page, keep an eye on how things are going, and give me some rad bald-fashion suggestions if you have them (I’m sure there are quite a few ways to rock a buzzcut).

On 1st September 2017 this Peach becomes a Nectarine.

Until the next review!