Article: Sex and Gloves

When I was younger I shared in people’s enthusiasm for Jessica Rabbit.

This is kind of to be expected, if I’m being frank. In the original novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Jessica wasn’t just a sexy vixen, she wasn’t opposed to occasional nude pin-up, and her naked allure shines through in the movie even if her nudity (and unpleasant personality) do not.

But, whereas some might quite Jessica’s red dress, rolling hips, or *ahem* assets as their main reason for being captivated by this femme fatale, for me it was Jessica’s gloves that always caught her eye.

A Love of Gloves

Coming up her arms further than any form of hand-wear I had ever seen before, and making the gliding motions of her every gesture perfectly clear, Jessica’s gloves were a beautiful contrast to the rest of her outfit and the objects of my young desire.

As soon as I could justify spending the pocket money on them, I got myself a similar pair. Purchased at a local costume store, in aid of Halloween, when placing them on I suddenly felt like I was 6ft tall and empowered with the confidence to take on the world.

This look was naturally accompanied with a feather boa and a faux cigarette in its slender black holder, but my mind stayed firmly rooted on my gloves and how I was holding myself in relation to them at all time.

If you’ve ever felt the same way before (or even got a rush just from my personal recollections) then congrats! You might just have a glove fetish.

What Is a Glove Fetish?

A glove fetish, surprisingly enough, is an erotic fixation or fascination with gloves. This fixation manifests in the form of physical and mental arousal and may even have some physical signs or promote a sense of enthusiasm for particularly admired glove-wearers.

For me, Jessica Rabbit and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman are the pinnacle when it comes to glove admiration. Who are yours?

Glove fetishism is actually pretty commonplace, meaning you shouldn’t feel alone or isolated if you prefer to experience a person’s hands when covered rather than laid bare.

There are many different aspects of glove fetishism and different fetishists will find that they are charmed or apathetic to various different nuances of the fetish.

For some, for example, the simple act of seeing gloves skillfully applied and/or removed may be enough to create a sexual response. Others may be completely disinterested in this but find that their heart melts and their genitals swell whenever they’re confronted with latex gloves.

More people, still, may find both of these scenarios unappetizing, but may really enjoy the abrasiveness of someone wearing wooly gloves spanking them firmly then stroking up against their skin.

It really is an individual experience.

Common Trends

That being said, you will find that most people appreciate similar apsects of gloves when it comes to glove fetishism.

A lot of people are simply drawn to the sensation of gloves – the way they deprive direct contact and restrict touch while also still conveying an awful lot, as your senses rebel against their confines with little teasing moments of touch.

Having gloved hands stroke, spank, or similarly motion over the skin can also be a real rush, especially for those who like to be on the receiving end of gloves.

It’s easy to establish a dom/sub dynamic through the use of gloves and usually one will be experiencing their sexual partner/s wearing gloves whereas the other/s will be wearing them.

That being said it’s equally viable for mutual glove-wearing to occur, in which the arousal comes from the exchange of touch while wearing gloves.

Sensation, as you can see, plays a major role. Gloves may restrict direct touch but they are never a complete eliminator of sensation, instead providing an alternate state of reality that can be fascinating for the fetish community.

Then, of course, there’s the safety aspect.

Gloves and Safety

When engaging in actions such as oral, fisting, or hand-based stimulation with a non-fluid bonded partner, gloves can be an absolute lifesaver, facilitating sex that may otherwise not be possible.

As a personal example, I have very sensitive skin and find myself prone to UTIs (like, it’s not even funny, I have one right now). Mr Peaches, due to his hobby, has rather coarse hands which sweat easily and are, to be kind, huge. This means that hand activities without sex for us are basically a no-go.

But, add some gloves in to the mix and suddenly his hands aren’t just safe, they’re also slicker, happier to receive lube, and much more able to enter and stimulate my body without an impending infection or sore spot for a few days afterwards.

Gloves, for us, have a profound impact on our sex lives.

For anyone who has multiple partners, frequents sex parties, or just really, really loves the smooth glide that wearing gloves permits, gloves are equally invaluable and at least worth exploring once.

Granted, the look isn’t for everyone but I really like it. There’s an element of medical fetishism tied in, not to mention the aesthetic allure of watching your partner visibly prep to fuck you, followed by the audio cue of gloves slapping firmly in to place with the release of their rim.

Fuck yes.

Final Thoughts

Gloves come in so many different shapes, sizes, and sensations and have so many different purposes that it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a glove out there for everyone.

This is, of course, hyperbolic, but you get what I’m saying.

Gloves are absolutely rad and I am so hyped that the BDSM scene generally shares my admiration of long, sexy gloves.

Bring on the Jessica Rabbit cosplay.