Book Review: Intimate Yoga for Couples

The first time I did couples yoga was not with Mr Peaches.

It was also a complete accident.

Attending a local YogaFest, I was trying out a bunch of different variations of the physically-focused mindfulness practice that had already helped me so much.

I was planning to attend a Vinyasa class in the slot, but by the time I got there it was full. Then, from the other side of the hallway stood the couples yoga teacher in the hallway, looking sorrowful at the near emptiness of her class. I took a deep breath and approached.

It wasn’t long before I was sitting back-to-back with an Ashtanga master who was too tall for me and too forceful, but the session was enlightening regardless.

Even with a stranger there was something profound about having your motions supported and complemented by someone else. In the end, I felt like I could almost breathe in synch with my partner and that we would both be able to know and respect each other’s limits (physical or otherwise).

You can see why this type of yoga might become an intimate couples activity.

Intimate Yoga for Couples

Intimate Yoga for Couples seeks to provide just that.

This book is well sized and feels nice when held.

This 160-page tome from 1to1publishers doesn’t just look at couples yoga but, more, partnered yoga. It seeks to help couples honor each other, to deepen their bond, and to learn how to nurture each other and understand when intimacy is needed and when self-care is the better option.

Intimate Yoga for Couples is authored by Mishabae and is beautifully illustrated with over 270 color photos. In addition to this Intimate Yoga for Couples comes with a free intimacy spa DVD for couples, which adds a little extra for its readers.

Call me a bit of a nerd, but I’ve always been more interesting the books than the supplementary DVDs that come with them so allow me to summarize briefly with the DVD before moving on. The DVD included is well-shot, informative, and not too grating. It’s easy to understand and easy to follow, though I have been spoiled by some Youtubers when it comes to yoga and the like, meaning I wasn’t quite as involved with it as I could have been.

Now, the book on the other hand, is stunning. With 12 chapters, ranging from setting the scene all the way through to aftercare postures, there is literally something for every aspect of intimacy and lovemaking to be found in this book.

Really, did you expect anything less?

The photos are wonderfully shot, perfectly printed, and the angle used for each posture is just right to convey what is necessary for the pose to work. The people shown in the images are sometimes naked, which has turned some people off, it seems, but this is kind of to be expected from a book on boosting adult intimacy.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Intimate Yoga for Couples is that it starts with a chapter on self-care. This chapter involves things such as self-massage, a hot bath, and tea (clearly right up my avenue).

Another favorite of mine is chapter that focuses on honoring you partner in your words, intent, and actions, before even getting to lovemaking. It does involve some naked caresses but things rarely go beyond what some would term as sensual play. Mainly it’s the intention that matters in this chapter, and I really appreciate that.

And, of course, there are some more conventionally intimate positions.

One thing I will say against this book is that the chapters are incredibly short, with the imagery taking most of the lead. If you’re not a visual learner then this may be rather confusing and you may still find yourself craving a teacher to get some of the aspects down. In fact, I would argue that anyone purchasing this book should have at least a rudimentary yoga practice in place otherwise it can seem very daunting and perhaps even downright inaccessible.

This was the case for Mr Peaches, who is still uncertain about actually engaging in the content demonstrated in this book.

A lot of the language used in the Intimate Yoga for Couples could also be seen as a bit too ‘New Age’ for some individuals – speaking of energetic cues, rituals, and chakras – but that is kind of to be expected with yoga. And expect it I did.

Because of this I found the advice in this book to be insightful, welcoming, and wonderfully thought provoking. It gives not only activities but also thought exercises that can be done together or alone and all of them help towards making you a more considerate and/or sensual lover.

Granted, sometimes there are typos and sometimes the text gets a bit too repetitive or self-involved but the end result is a book that gives more rewards than it does hindrances and I thank it for its knowledge.

Final Thoughts

A physical yoga practice isn’t for everyone but I would argue that many of the teachings of yoga are.

Looking through this book, you may see many poses and contortions that you see as completely inaccessible but the overall premise of yoga is to honor yourself and meet your limits, and this book allows you to do so with compassion, grace, and your partner. Could a yoga practice sound much more intimate?

I can easily recommend Intimate Yoga for Couples for avid yogis and yoginis, but I do recommend that complete yoga beginners get the basics down prior to this book, at least that way some of the initial apprehension will already be addressed and you can focus on a journey of intimate growth.

Recommend to:

Yoga practitioners.

Visual learners.

New Age appreciators.

Do Not Recommend to:

Complete yoga newbies.

People who learn by doing.

People who dislike the New Age approach.

Intimate Yoga for Couples was provided to me by Shop Naughty in exchange for an honest review.