Article: Erotic Writing (The 101)

Even if you’ve never read a single piece of lewd literature in your life (how) chances are that you’ve heard the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey or, before such publications, Mills & Boon. One of these is more overtly erotic than the other but both are examples of erotic writing – a medium of adult entertainment that is worth exploring.

What Is Erotic Writing?

In its purest form, erotic writing is writing done with the intent of being arousing, alluring, or in some other way sexually provocative.

If you’ve engaged in a sexting session then you’ve already done a bit of erotic writing yourself. If that is the case, you probably know how difficult erotic writing can be.

Finding the right words to hit a chord with readers depends on a lot of factors: including target audience, content, length, characters, descriptive abilities, and so much more. Some people like it when you’re frank and direct with terms for genitals whereas others prefer euphemisms (or even just good old-fashioned words such as ‘twat’ or ‘cunt’). The possibilities for preferences are as varied as any other form of writing, and can be just as significant and engaging for the reader.

Types of Erotic Writing

Because erotic writing is essentially just like any other form of writing, there are naturally many ways that it can be approached.

Short stories are popular. These can be presented on personal blogs, public forums (such as Tumblr), or in digital or print-based publication. Capability isn’t always what dictates the method of publication. Some people just prefer to share their content in a certain manner and, in the case of something such as a fan fiction, copyright issues might prevent commercial publication.

Fan fiction (also known as slasher fiction or ‘shipping’) may even be considered as its own sub-genre of erotic writing. Such writing usually works either partially or entirely with pre-existing fictional characters and can include anything from anime, to children’s shows, to popular TV and movie content. If you like a piece of media chance are there is some erotic writing out there for you and, if not, you can always make your own.

Length may be a determining factor for some, and many authors decide to pursue a larger publication (or even series of novels) in their pursuit of the perfect erotic writing. This has the benefit of being able to establish the characters involved in a manner that may not be possible in shorter pieces of smut.

An erotic novel can also pursue intricate plots and exist in various sub-genres of literature in ways that may engage or intrigue readers who prefer a meatier text.

While some may like to go longer, going shorter is also a perfectly viable option, and erotic poetry or zines flourish among an audience that want a teasing little treat on the go. In such stories, there is an artistry in being succinct while still maintaining a sexual allure. I must confess, I admire writers of extremely short erotic talks.

But Why Read Erotica?

Fair point. In this diverse age of fast media recreational reading has become a rather unpopular form of media consumption and the click & scroll style of the internet seems to be ruling supreme.

But reading will always have a place for some people. Not only does it allow you to sit down, relax, and retreat from the bustle of daily life for a little while, but it also engages the imagination and prompts you to imagine your own ideal version of the scenario presented.

You cannot necessarily get the same experience from video pornography or imagery – which, although incredibly skillful, presents the reader with visual cues rather than commanding a personal manifestation of such material.

This imaginative element sparks a person’s own erotic creativity, while the process of reading allows their body and mind time to realize how it’s processing the experience with much more clarity than other scenarios.

The result of this has been prolific for so many people.

Don’t believe me? Just think of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Like it or hate it, the impact of Fifty Shades on adult product purchases, the popularity of certain products (*cough* ben wa balls *cough*), and the reported increase in many people’s sexual satisfaction has been well-documented and is just a Google search away.

The very fact that erotic writing can have such a profound and sexually significant impact on people’s lives is enough to give it the credit that it’s due.

So Where Do I Find The Best Erotic Writing?

That really depends on what you want and, unfortunately, is rarely a simple process.

Because everyone has their own sexual preference, the criteria for what you want from your erotic reading material will vary greatly from other people’s. Because of this it may be best to first decide how you like to consume your written material (blog, pdf, physical copy) and work from there.

Thankfully, although you may not immediately find your favorite form of erotic writing, there are a number of erotic anthologies out there, which compile the works of multiple writers in little snippet stories.

Buying some of these anthologies (the ones which have a thematic appeal to you) may help you then identify stories, and thus authors, that you like and voila – you’re on your way towards finding a style you like.

The Takeaway

There are so many amazing erotic writers out there and they work tirelessly to provide the perfect content to help you conjure up an immersive sexual scenario.

Though not all of them will appeal to you, I urge you to at least give erotic writing a chance and see if you can’t redefine the term ‘bedroom reading’.