Toy Review: The Tantus Comet

This review makes me feel like a bit of a dick because, officially, the Tantus Comet has had its day.

The Comet is discontinued – its candied rainbow form cast in to the figurative museum of sex toys that were too sweet for this world. I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t want a toy as aesthetically dynamic as the Tantus Comet?

Its siblings, the Meteorite and the Asteroid still stand on the Tantus product pages as a tribute to their fallen friend, but what is our galactic landscape if not for comets? I mean, without them there would be a lot more dinosaurs around, and I don’t think the Flintstones were accurate in hypothesizing how that would pan out. But I’m rambling.

The point is that I’m sad that the Comet has passed our Earth’s surface on this one solitary occasion because I really like this dildo and I want more people to be able to shove it in their bodies.

The Tantus Comet

And the Comet is a toy that will have appeal to quite a few people. It’s 7 inches in total length but has an insertible length closer to 6. Its maximum diameter is 1.5 (standard in the industry) and it sports a gentle curve on its bulging head which easily appeals to G and P-Spot play.

Look at this glorious dildo!

The Comet has a curved base that is rather firm and decently circular. This can be uncomfortable for prolonged hard poundings, but in terms of making it harness compatible and anal friendly it works well. Plus the Comet is no more damning in this regard than the vast majority of harness compatible toys, so it’s almost an expected aspect of the dildo when seeing that it sports the typical circular base.

The Comet also has a nice little twist to it: A bulging middle which helps users find either an expanding point to stop at or to venture past. I personally like to linger on this section, allowing it to widen my vaginal opening while I let the curve of the Comet work its wonders.

The curve itself is enhanced by the firm, glossy silicone used for this toy. Its denser nature makes it easy to wiggle, press, and swoop the bulging top of the Comet over your erogenous zone of choice and persistently tip yourself over the edge.

This is a very good design choice by Tantus.

Mine, was the G-Spot and I never had an experience with the Comet where it disappointed me with its ability to locate and stimulate it.

Usually I’m not the hugest fan of glossy silicone. I tend to seek out silicone when I want a draggy to that will grab up against my vaginal wall and essentially get in on the action (typically enhancing any given texture on the toy too).

Glossy silicone really defeats the purpose of this. The moment it comes in to contact with lubrication its surface becomes sleek and smoothly accommodating. It glides in to the body and merrily allows your internal walls to enjoy its natural sheen.

This can be great for anal play (or those who struggle with drag) but it doesn’t usually float my boat.

But the firmness and shape of the Comet won me over regardless. I personally chalk this up to the angle of the curve provided and, as said before, the firmness which, when combined, makes the Comet feel more like a lighter and slightly draggier metal toy than a fully-fledged silicone creation.

The base isn’t without flaws but is still very good.

I exhale with contentment whenever I insert the Comet, knowing that contact and a little bit of effective jiggling is all i’ll need from it to get the desired results (with a clit vibe added to the experience, of course).

The resulting orgasms are the strong, deep orgasms that you would expect when engaging the G-Spot – not necessarily prolonged nor as overwhelming as some of the orgasms my body is capable of, but reassuringly reliable in their powerful nuances.

Being made of silicone, the Comet is also non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe and incredibly easy to clean. Soap & water, boiling, or the dishwasher all work and, although normally I’d make a quip about checking with any roommates before casually dishwashing a dildo I think most would understand your need to show this toy off immediately once they see it.

The aesthetics of the Comet bring up notions of sherbet, summer fun, and queer pride. I can’t get enough of their slightly pastel, candy appeal. Even more significant is the shape of the Comet, which is distinctly non-representational. This makes the Comet a lovely, colourful, and effective dildo choice for anyone who struggles with anatomically accurate dildos (or, to put it another way, dildos that look like dicks).

If I were to fault the Comet for anything it would be that, for me, I didn’t find it to be very effective for long sweeping thrusts.

Its size, although standard, will also deter some individuals as either being too big or too small, so you may want to use some Goldilocks’ judgement when deciding if this toy is for you. Don’t go walking in to a stranger’s home, though. That is not advised.

Final Thoughts

So, in the end, the Tantus Comet follows in the footsteps of many Tantus toys in my collection. I like it. A lot. I recommend it highly and I think it has a larger user appeal rather than trying to cater to a niche.

If only it weren’t discontinued I’d be overjoyed right now. But, alas, instead I’m the dildo version of a hipster dick being all like ‘Oh have you heard of the Comet? Yeah, it’s pretty good but it’s not in production anymore so you might, y’know, struggle to encounter its greatness’ *insert an adjustment of my wide-rimmed glasses here*

But, here is where I get to be hopeful too because Tantus are one of the very few companies I know that revive certain designs from time-to-time in a limited production run. The Comet may not be available right now, but that doesn’t mean it will always be unavailable and you can bet I’ll be pointing it out if ever the Comet makes a resurgence.

Time to invest in a telescope.

Recommend to:

People who like firm toys.

People who like gentle curves.

People who like colourful dildos.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer matte toys.

People who dislike erratic bulges.

People who dislike firm toys.

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