Update: Raunch & Recipes Giveaway Results

Hello my lovely readers!

My, my, it seems my first vegan giveaway has come to an end and, I must say, I had great fun hosting it.

I loved seeing the meals you sent me and the enthusiasm that some of you had for winning these prizes (of course, wanting the books myself I completely understand).

Thanks to Peepshowtoys I didn’t have to pick a single winner this time, but there was  still a ranking of sorts. So, here are the results…

Drum roll please Mr Whiskers…



1st Place @lil_miss_lois 

Congratulations! You’ve won all three Thug Kitchen Books and an 8.5oz Sliquid Sassy.

2nd Place @thedemifemme

Two Thug Kitchen Books and a 4.2oz Sliquid H2O will be heading your way!

And, finally…

3rd Place @HornyGeekGirl 

Who has won one Thug Kitchen Book and a 4.2oz Sliquid H2O.

And who said vegan dreams can’t come true?

Wonderfully, our 1st place winner was also drawn due to their submission of a vegan meal, which was as follows:

Absolutely delicious!

I’ll be in touch with all of the winners soon.

In the meantime please do give a huge thank you to the sponsors of this giveaway, Peepshowtoys, who made all of this possible. Y’all rock!

Aaaan that’s all for now.

Rest assured, there will be more giveaways soon (and a little something for everyone) but, for now, thank you so much for entering this competition and I’ll see you tomorrow!