Product Review: The Lylou Kissable Massage Gel (Coco Vanilla)

When it came to the inaugural meeting of Lube and a Laptop I brought my laptop but the lube was supplied for me – masses of water-based, oil, and silicone lubricant present in tubes, sachets and full bottles.

I’ve sampled many of these now, with varying amounts of glee and bemusement, but my favourite among the bunch must be the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Coconut Vanilla 125 ml by Lylou.

The Lylou Kissable Massage Gel uses the coy term of ‘kissable’ in its naming but kisses were very rarely the limit of its uses for me. I have lapped up, sucked, and voraciously consumed rapid squirts of this gel from Mr Peaches’ cock and it’s fair to say that I’m addicted.

The Lylou Kissable Massage Gel (Coco Vanilla)

The Lylou Kissable Massage Gel is a warming massage ‘gel’ that is also flavoured for the user’s delight. It can be applied to almost any part of the body (though more on that later) and warms ever so slightly upon contact. Blowing on it helps amplify this sensation, making it a highly engaging massage product when compared to other products (and not technically a lubricant buuuut sue me for wanting to give a shout out to a blogging meet-up I love).

This product is tasty but a bit perplexing.

The Lylou Kissable Massage Gel comes in a variety of different flavours: Choco Chilli, Tangerine Lime, Strawberry, and Coco Vanilla. The one I managed to sample was Coco Vanilla and all I can say about that is that it makes me wish I could also try the Choco Chilli (one of my favourite flavour combinations).

This product may market itself as a ‘gel’ but it is much more akin to a thin oil, like a nail treatment oil or something similar. Thankfully it doesn’t taste oily when in the mouth, but it does move across the body like a thin oil, with just a bit more grab to it (likely due to its flavoured base).

The massage gel does maintain a scent and it is in keeping with its given flavour. It’s also incredibly sweet – like the moment you walk past, or in to, a sweet shop. This sickly sweetness is maintained in the flavour, which is saccharine to the extreme.

This is where an odd paradox exists for me: I hate sweet, sugary food. I find even carrot cake to be too sweet for me and have cringed at the melodiousness of sugar-free jams in the past (let’s not even get in to the full-flavoured stuff because lordly lord). Yet, somehow, I can totally tolerate (and adore) the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel. It’s as if it’s managed to strike that perfect flavour combination for me between incredible sweetness and that slight bitterness that is common in many artificially flavoured adult gels.

The squirty cap on this product works well with it (if you don’t mind a mess).

But, as I know I am highly sensitive to sweet stuff, I did wonder if this gel was quite dull for others, to which Mr Peaches has confirmed, no; it does taste nice and doesn’t have an unpleasant or unappealing after taste. It is, on the other hand, very strong, so if you dislike intense flavoured products then this one might not be for you.

Consistency-wise, the thinness of the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel makes it a very sloppy squirt when applying, and this really works in its favour. It means that the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel gets everywhere, meaning there’s more to lap up, but this may irritate those who prefer a more contained experience.

If trying to give a hand job, the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel will not be your ally. It’s just too thin and too keen to grasp against the skin to allow for a smooth, friction-reducing process.

For oral sex it is ideal, creating just the right mouth-watering sensation when met with your natural motions to work with your techniques rather than overpowering or hindering the experience. It is like a juicy and comforting ally in the act of oral and its warmth can be gently felt in the mouth during use too.

A little doesn’t go a long way but the bottle does seem to supply an ample amount.

The main caveat is that I found myself reapplying the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel quite a lot during use (and perhaps stealing some subtle in-the-mouth-squirts in between) but this didn’t both me much, as the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel seems to last an incredibly long time.

All of this amounts to a product that sounds like a dream come true but I must issue one big fat disclaimer – I can’t find the ingredients list for the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel anywhere and I highly suspect that it’s using ingredients that could cause infections or other forms of irritation for those with a vulva (especially those already prone to such occurences).

Because of this I would only ever trust the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel for blowjobs, or for use on me with oral dams to act as a buffer. There is no way that I’m applying a product with enigmatic ingredients on to my vulva, no matter how keen I am to lick it up til the last drop.

Make of that what you will, but that is my weird personal boundary.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel (which is listed as dermatologically friendly), but the lack of transparency over ingredients does both me and make me think twice about eagerly recommending it.

If you do get this product it isn’t something I would recommend for cunnilingus, handjobs, or use with condoms. Instead, it is best suited for fellatio and full body massage/sensation sessions.

In these regards it is a very good product but intent is everything for the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel.

Recommend to:

People who like sensation products.

People who like very sweet flavours.

People who like thin products.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thick products.

People who need to know ingredients.

People looking for a very diverse lubricant.

I procured the Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Coconut Vanilla 125 ml by Lylou at Lube and a Laptop (of which I am now a co-organizer). If interested in this event please do check out our site and if you want to support Emmeline Peaches Reviews then use the affiliate links included.