Update: The End Of A Relationship

Hello my lovely readers,

I like to keep you guys regularly in the know about things and, although I like to think I do a relatively good job, there is one thing I’ve kept personal for about a week.

Last Friday I chose to end my relationship with Theia, our newest partner, and Mr Peaches followed suit soon after.

On the time we spent together: There were many wonderful moments. There is also a lot I will take forward in a positive way and many memories I will look back on fondly. My house is still full of Theia’s gifts and influences and I have no desire for that to change.

As an individual I wish her all the best, but I cannot have her in my life and nor can I reasonably discuss things beyond that.

I’m sure in time I will have the words I need but, for now, the above will have to suffice. Theia will always be a ray of sunshine in this world but I feel like Icarus. I flew to fast too soon and got burned for it, falling to the ground and crashing tremendously.

I’ll be picking myself back up, of course, and striding onward, but gosh do the wounds sting.

I have always adored and admired Herbert Draper’s The Lament For Icarus, but now the piece has a new meaning, no less beautiful for it but certainly now bittersweet.

For anyone who is worried about my site: Thank you for your concern my lovelies, but I can assure you I will be sticking to my daily postings. After all, what kind of Peach would I been if I didn’t keep y’all informed about the latest sex toy developments and my random musings?

As for not telling you all sooner, I can only apologize. I think it was because I feared that things would get worst before they got better, and this certainly has been the case. It still is, but Mr Peaches and I are now in a position where we feel it is time to be open about things in all aspects of our lives (not just with family & friends).

I will be back with you tomorrow, new review in tow.

For now I have a UTI to kick and a horror flick downstairs with my name on it.

Until next time!