Product Review: The Migliori Premium Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant

I’ve been gradually phasing myself off my anti-depressants recently (for positive reasons) and one of the things that I’ve found is that I can be ridiculously easy to please nowadays. At least, I like to think I am.

However, there seems to be one area in which I’m still a bit finickity and that, as it happens, is silicone lubricant.

I’ve always been a bit of a silicone lubricant snob and I will hold my hands up openly to that fact. It’s what happens when the first brand you try is Uberlube, followed by a string of exceptional (and exceptionally pure) contenders.

My preference for silicone lubricant was set by Uberlube too: I like my silicone lubricant thin, powdery, and luxurious. If it’s not pampering my skin with every stroking motion then I must admit to being palpably unimpressed. Forgive my snobbery.

It is perhaps due to this snobbery that I just didn’t find myself loving the Migliori Premium Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant. Premium as it may be The Migliori Lubricant just isn’t right on my skin (nor on my toys) and for that I can’t really forgive it.

The Migliori Premium Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant

The Migliori Lubricant is a lubricant with a sense of pride. Even the word ‘Migliori’ means ‘pride’ in Italian (apparently) and the slogan for the lubricant is ‘Only the “finest” will do’.

This is a pretty (if not tiny) lubricant.

This is something that is intricately branded on to the actual bottle of Migliori Lubricant which is, I confess, a beautiful sight. Like a teardrop with a silver tip, the Migliori Lubricant almost looks as if it could be a toy; insertible and ready to vibrate or keen to hug against the clit. This is the case for the smallest bottle, at least, which was what I received.

Sadly once removing the silver-coloured plastic lid from the bottle the actual dispenser is a typical press-top (or, to use my official term ‘squirty tip’), but this isn’t massively damning as is, admittedly, practical. The Migliori Lubricant distributes a reasonable amount of lubricant – no more, no less – and gives the easy option to add more when needed without ever seeming to provide too much.

The ingredients for the Migliori Lubricant are relatively straightforward and, yes, pure:

Dimethiconol, Cyclimethicone, Dimethicone, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B

The silicone components are easy to identify and a slew of vitamins have been added to nourish the skin when applied.

However, whereas I may happily apply some silicone lubricants to my skin as part of a massage routine, the Migliori Lubricant will sadly not be joining this category.

This lubricant dispenses its fluids well.

The Migliori Lubricant isn’t a thin silicone lubricant. Instead it’s thick. Beautifully thick and almost gel-like for those who want an anal lubricant for their glass or metal toys, but obnoxiously so for any swift or in-the-moment interactions.

Once applied, the Migliori Lubricant is very much there – thick, globulous, and clingly against the skin. This is not akin to the usually powdery pampering of a thin silicone lubricant and may surprise anyone who is used to such a sensation from their silicone lubricant. Because this sensation is so ever-present I actually found it to be distracting throughout use and was almost tempted to wipe it away some times.

In its defence, the Migliori Lubricant has no odor nor clear taste. This lubricant won’t ruin your fun if you suddenly want to switch to some oral adventures, but I have found that it doesn’t play nice with toys.

This lubricant doesn’t always play nice.

Its clinging properties are so persistent that, even when presented with hot water and soap, it’s hard to get a full purge of the Migliori Lubricant from the surface of even the most reliably wipe-clean materials. My metals are looking a little more tarnished for encountering the Migliori Lubricant; my wood more prone to gathering dust. I’m sure, in time, this will fade, but it is a bit of a slight against the Migliori Lubricant.

A con, too, is the personal clean-up, which is not a quick job. Where some silicone lubricants may double as a quick and easy method to avoid ‘chub rub’ in the summer, this lubricant makes your skin actively cling and stick to itself, as if you were one of those goopy alien toys from the 90s.

This isn’t necessarily appealing during sex, either, and the clamping gunkiness of the Migliori Lubricant may not appeal to those who prefer slick and light interactions.

However, for all the slights against the Migliori Lubricant, when it comes down to sensation during penetration the Migliori Lubricant really does perform. It’s not the best of silicone lubricants, not at all, but it does manage to create the right amount of grasping to make every thrust, internal hand motion, or sweeping toy gesture significant.

For me this isn’t enough to redeem the Migliori Lubricant, but I can tell that it would be very good for use with anal toys, or toys that are difficult to insert and it is, for everything else, incredibly long-lasting.

Final Thoughts

I shan’t be missing the Migliori Lubricant, although I am grateful that Peepshowtoys provided it for review.

If you are a fan of thick silicone lubricants lacking in dubious ingredients then the Migliori Lubricant gets a firm seal of approval for performance and will suit your needs. In my opinion $17.95 for 30ml is unreasonable, but a little does go a long way with the Migliori Lubricant.

For me, though, I am not a fan of such silicone lubricants and have not been able to make peace with the Migliori Lubricant. Yes, I reached many a lovely orgasm with it, but I can’t help but feel that this came about in spite of the Migliori Lubricant rather than because of it.

Recommend to:

People who need an anal silicone lubricant.

People who like thick silicone lubes.

People who like long-lasting lubricants.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thin silicone lubricant.

People who dislike clingy/sticky silicone lubricants.

People who use silicone toys (Don’t. Just don’t).

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