Article: Why Lady Is My #PupGoals

When it comes to BDSM I’m a switch by nature, and mostly veer on the side of Dominant. Yet, when I do like to dabble in my submissive desires, puppy play is my area of choice.

And why the hell not? When you think about it being a pup isn’t even that incompatible with being a switch. A puppy can roll over and show its tum-tum in submission, but it can also pin its playmate, nip in affection, or growl and bark formidably as part of a playful act.

Yes, I am a pup, and my pup goals are Lady.

Why Lady?

Honestly why not!?

Is there honestly any other dog in this world as worthy of emulation in some way? Okay, Perdita gets a close second, but Lady is the pinnacle. Lady is iconic in my mind for some many reasons, not least because she was unafraid to voice her mind from pretty much day one—yelping at any perceived neglect and finding her footing in her home without hesitation.

But there is so much more to admire about Disney’s iconic leading lady.

In her sheer animation, Lady exudes eloquence and grace. The way she walks, moves, and generally holds herself is enchanting. He long ears drape over her shoulders like cascades of well-groomed hair, and her curls are tamed yet undeniably present. She is (not to be weird about it) one heckuva attractive dog.

Tell me that dog isn’t stunning!

Don’t judge me! Eddie Redmayne had a crush on Nala so I’m sure I’m fine in voicing my admiration for Lady’s finer features.

Yet these graceful aspects are not without their counterbalance. To put it simply…

Lady Took No Shits

Lady was, in her own way, dutiful, loving, and doting. She knew just what her handlers wanted and was happy to make sure their needs were met, but if she didn’t like the way things were going she wouldn’t hesitate to bark, growl, or firmly stand her ground.

And, in many instances, this got her heard.

Heck! It was Lady’s persistence that played a large part in the redemption of her misjudged lover, Tramp, in the eyes of her handler, and when Lady was being insulted, irritated, and harassed by feline invaders she sure as shit didn’t take it lying down.

This is the face of a dog who won’t take things lying down.

What’s more, it is in the defense of others that Lady is most vocal. Her patience with the cats in her home was irksome in and of itself, but it was only when they insinuated that they’d disturb her handler’s baby that Lady got her war paint ready.

Equally, it was only to defend Tramp that she spoke up against her owners in defiance and they, knowing their dog, respected her voice. Lady was kind, loving, and graceful and for that she got respect, both when she was a polite presence in the home and when she elected to be more vocal and firm. Something about that it just innately appealing, don’t you think?

Plus, let’s face it, Lady had some wonderfully thick and bushy brows, and she gave no fucks about that point. It wasn’t even a factor that got discussed; Lady could be (and was) a lady whether she was perfectly groomed and immaculate in appearance. As a bushy-browed individual this was a subtle act of visibility and representation in animation that I admired.

Also of note was how Lady interacted with those around her. Far from being a stereotypical sheltered airhead…

Lady Was Complex

Not just complex but refined, educated in her way of speaking, and always considerate of her friends—friends which one might not necessarily associate with a ‘lady’ but whom she was always happy to keep in good company.

Lady had her moments but she was ultimately a kind and loving individual (who was loved in return).

Lady was everything she needed to be but she wasn’t without flaws. She was demanding at times, lacking in some of life’s knowledge, and had a temper, but she never seemed worst for these aspects. Instead they were all part of what made her a wonderfully fleshed out female representation, leading a film alongside her male counterpart, and taking up most of its screen time. We see this story through Lady’s eyes and she is, without a doubt, a strong female character without falling in to the Mary Sue trap.

Oh, and can we all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that she called Tramp out on what she perceived to be his bullshit? When Lady was fierce she was fierce. No exceptions. And Tramp’s reaction shows just how formidable Lady could be when she demanded respect.

I mean DAYUM.

But Will I Ever Be Lady?

Probably not. Compared to my amazing pup icon I am far too inclined towards hobbies and flights of fancy that I’m sure Lady would wrinkle her nose at. Plus, I hate pasta (no judgies).

But, what I do really want, is to be treated like a lady sometimes. To be given that theatrical level of courtesy and (arguably sexist) regard. Not all the time, of course, but sometimes would be nice.

Equally, I am happy to be swept away by a Tramp and see things that I have never encountered before; think in new ways and gain new experiences. Who knows, maybe there is a pasta out there that I like.

But, more than anything, I want Lady’s collar. That beautiful velvet blue, and the perfect golden tag. From the moment I saw it I, like lady, fell in love. The importance that Lady and the Tramp gave collars resonated with me from a very young age and that has only grown with my initiative in to BDSM and Pup culture.


When Lady wears her collar with pride my neck tingles in kind. I want to be a person who can earn a collar like Lady’s and who, in time, can wear it with equal grace.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

I hope these insights were of interest to you. Most of the time I aim to educate but, at times, it pays to be an introspective pup and to give you a glimpse in to my own world and desires. Oh, and if you know someone who can make my collar ambitions a reality then hit me up!

Until the next review,