FemmeFunn Funn Vibrating 20-Function Rechargeable Butt Plug

When you’ve seen enough butt plugs it’s sometimes tempting to say that you’ve seen them all. Sure, there are variations, but just how much can one break the mold of a method of stimulation that has already been quite well refined over the years.

Butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes, but many are now more than capable of making the P-Spot sing, or of providing otherwise enjoyable sensations that allow the body to quiver with sheer delight at a form of enjoyment that some may see as taboo.

But wisdom tells me that no two toys are ever truly the same, nor will they always hit the exact same spot in a duplicate manner. There are always differences and sometimes those differences catch the eye.

This was the case for me with the FemmeFunn Funn Vibrating 20-Function Rechargeable Butt Plug.

The FemmeFunn Funn Vibrating 20-Function Rechargeable Butt Plug

The FemmeFunn Funn Vibrating 20-Function Rechargeable Butt Plug is a butt plug similar, in ways, to many on the market. Yet it has its own style so visually appealing that simply looking at it is enough to whet one’s appetite.

This plug is good fun to look at and to use.

It’s particular selection of blue is bright and striking, drawing in the eye and living up to its promises of fun (at least at a glance). Punk pink adds to this aesthetic, providing a product that is, essentially, just really nice to look at.

But the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug doesn’t stop giving after its visual temptations. Stroking its surface exposes a brilliantly soft silicone surface, matte in finish and smooth to the point where this is unmistakeably a luxury product.

The $79.00 price tag also gives this fact away, and so does the many perks of the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug. The FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug is waterproof, rechargeable and comes in a sturdy box suitable for gift-giving occasions.

It’s charging cable is perhaps a bit awkward if you’re more used to magnetic chargers (at least, that was Mr Peaches’ experience) but it serves its task well and keeps the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug being efficient in terms of use and expense. Treat this toy well and it will not let you down, at least not in its longevity.

The FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug is controlled with a single button, located at the base of the plug. A good flared base is important when it comes to anal products, and the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug has a comfortable base that is easy to grip and sits well between the cheeks. I’m not sure I would want to wear it for a prolonged time but during sex and solo play it is no trouble whatsoever.

The button itself is easy to press and must be pressed and held to turn the toy on and off. This is where there were some chuckles in our house.

For the longest time Mr Peaches complained that he could not turn this toy on—that it must be broken because he had tried everything and it was just not working for him. In every instance, I would pick up the toy, press and hold the button, linger in that hold for longer than you might expect, and then the toy would start rumbling obligingly.

“It wouldn’t do that for me!” Mr Peaches would exclaim, and this cycle repeated a fair few times.

Is this button a puzzle? Perhaps for some.

The trick to this toy really is to hold its button longer than you might think. It will turn on but it does like to be tempted out more than other toys, which can give the impression it is broken to some, so be persistent and this toy will reward you; that reward being 20 vibration functions (the last selected of which it will remember when turned back on).

20 vibration patterns is quite an impressive repertoire for an anal toy, which usually have considerably few, but the usefulness of this really does depend on how much you like patterns. Mr Peaches and I are not massive pattern fans (anally or otherwise). They’re sometimes fun for a tease, but usually only with remote-controlled toys, and continual vibrations are preferred when it comes down to any serious play.

Still, the vibrations from the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug are more that respectable in their execution, and do work well to complement its chosen patterns.

Rumbly, decently strong, and infused with a slight quiver, the vibrations from the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug are worthy of their price tag and would even suit well for a clitoral vibrator (if you don’t consider yourself to be a dedicated power queen in every instance). More than once I’ve applied to FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug to my vulva curiously and mirrored the mimetic expression of ‘not bad’ Obama, though I’ve never tried to climax with it.

Mr Peaches, on the other hand, has become anally acquainted with this toy and highly recommends it. At 4.25 in insertable length and with a maximum width of 1.4 inches, the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug is a toy that Mr Peaches advises you warm-up to approach, but after suitable prep it is easy and pleasurable to insert.

This plug is not necessarily a first time attempt.

One of the things that makes the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug stand out for me is the rim it places at the tapering point of each bulb, and I believe these were enjoyed in practice too. Mr Peaches wasn’t overly vocal about his experiences with this toy, but he did return to it on a fair few occasions, which is testament to its effectiveness.

I think, for him, the biggest hindrance he had to making this toy a regular in his collection was the difficulty he had turning it on and in charging it. Both seemed, to him, to be frustrating and not an easy endeavour, and this is an important factor to note. After all, no one wants to use a toy that frequently frustrates them or eludes them with its features, Mr Peaches experienced both with this toy.

However, in this instance I really do think it’s a case of ‘practice makes perfect’. I think with further time spent with the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug, Mr Peaches (and anyone else who struggles with it) may find familiarity allows them to gain more enjoyment from it, as ease of use becomes second nature. But it’s whether these features sound too finicky to bother with.

From my point of view, the biggest downside of the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug is that it has a single button for a 20-pattern cycle. This is irksome at the best of times, but with an anal toy where the button is on the base this could be frustratingly fiddly.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately when it comes to the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug it’s a case of weighing up your options.

If you like colourful toys, crave a bit of luxury, and like your anal vibrations reasonably strong and nicely rumbly then the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug may very well meet your needs. But if you get frustrated with single-button toys, like to quickly press your toy on and off, or simply prefer a curved or smaller/larger toy, then the FemmeFunn Funn Butt Plug may be worth giving more consideration.

As it stands this is a toy I can recommend and I’m happy to know that its vibrancy is as good in practice as it is in appearance.

Recommend to:

People who like rumbly toys.

People who like bulging anal toys.

People who like patterns.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like toys that are easy to control & charge.

People who prefer gentler toys.

People who prefer curved toys.

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