Product Review: The One Condoms Mixed Pleasures (12 Pack)

When I think of this pack I can’t help but reminisce about the days when McFly was popular and people were raving about the inescapable popularity of that weird girl with five colors in her hair. It wasn’t just the rhythm of that song which drew me in when I was younger—it was the conceptual vibrancy of the song’s female inspiration. The idea of a lady who was daring enough to bring color and variety to her life, in defiance of convention, left me in awe of this fictional femme.

I wasn’t the only one either; I remember local hairs salons being so swamped by rainbow hair demands that practically all of them had to bulk buy colors as if they were planning to start a counterfeit Skittles business on the side.

All of this may seem like a ramble (and it most likely is) but my point is that variety has an innate appeal and sense of spontaneity to it that is just so damned irresistible that it’s always worth indulging from time-to-time.

I do hear it’s the spice of life.

The One Condoms Mixed Pleasures

The One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack is built upon this very premise and I personally think it’s great. Okay, so a variety pack isn’t unusual for a condom brand, but the pre-existing pizazz of the One Condom brand makes this variety pack seem even more punchy in its execution.

These condoms look colorful and it appeals to me before I’ve even opened them up.

With One Condom’s various different art designs every One Condoms Mixed Pleasures set feels like a lucky dip of artistic excellence alongside everything else. I’ve become a bit of a One Condom addict in this regard, hoping that perhaps maybe, one day, I’ll be able to collect them all (or at least the dachshund one, because, c’mon, how could I not?)

In terms of selection, the One Condoms Mixed Pleasures pack has six different condoms types in it from the One brand, those being:

Vanish® Hyperthin® – Ultra-thin condom for increased sensitivity.

Pleasure Dome™ – Additional headroom for comfort and pleasure.

Tantric Pleasures™ – Ribbed with tattoo-inspired designs.

Super Studs™ – Extra large studs with a comfortable contour shape.

FlavorWaves® – Unique flavors including Bubblegum and Banana Split.

Glowing Pleasures™ – Expose to light for 30 seconds for up to 30 minutes of glow-in-the-dark fun.

In my previous review of the Vanish Hyperthin condoms I mentioned how saddened I was that the Hyperthin wrappers were comparatively dull when contrasted to the rest of the One Condom’s zany art wrappers (being, instead, just plan gold). But, when in this variety pack, I completely get this decision. It easily allows users to identify the Hyperthin condoms and decide whether to use them. This is very important, given how some people may not want to use Hyperthin condoms at times, so I now really appreciate One’s decision here and must commend their forethought.

When you see these wrappers you already know what to expect.

Equally, the art used for the rest of the condom wrappers is completely in keeping with their purpose. The Tantric Pleasures ones were a personal favorite of mine in terms of aesthetics, and it was easy to pull out the intended condom from the bunch when desired.

Now, I think it’s fair to say I haven’t had a chance to review all of the condoms in this set (otherwise I would have had a vigorous 12 days or so), but I have sampled enough to ascertain how I feel about these condoms in general.

In terms of personal experience, I’ve always found that I’m not a big fan of textured condoms and this carried through with One’s condoms too. There’s just something about textured condoms that has always felt grating to me. One’s condoms aren’t the worst for this but they don’t exactly break the mould either. If you do like textured latex then these condoms will probably feel rather nice, but I’m not that kind of girl.

There is a useful description on the back of each wrapper too.

The Hyperthin condoms, by my previous appraisal, are very nice and I would recommend them. Equally impressive were the Pleasure Dome condoms, which got an eager thumbs up from Mr Peaches.

Flavored condoms are always useful for those who want to engage with oral sex while also having a physical barrier for one reason or another, and the selection of flavors offered by One is good. What I will say is that your enjoyment of these condoms might be dependent on whether you get flavors you like, but that’s the luck of the draw,

Glow in the dark condoms are always awesome.


Speaking of ‘the luck of the draw’ that’s really the point of the One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack. I wasn’t expecting to like every single condom in this selection. But what I was expecting was to get to try out some new condoms that I hadn’t experienced before, affirm my likes and dislikes, and generally have a great time filtering through my options.

Anything that makes condoms fun gets a big stamp of approval from me and the pick ‘n mix style of the One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack is a treat that I wouldn’t buy regularly but that I enjoy every time I do buy it.

Granted, the novelty of having a condom selection tube gets old fast. Once you’ve tried the One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack once or twice you’ll probably have a clear idea of what condoms you like and will go for them rather that purchasing a product that offers a bit of everything, but sometimes it’s just fun to mix things up.

The One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack is also very handy if you’re travelling and want to present a little bit of everything to potential partners. Although, if you run out of your sex pal’s preference then you may find yourself frustrated by this decision.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the effectiveness and appeal of the One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack really does depend on exactly what you want from your condoms.

If you know your favourite type of condom and only want to invest in that type then the One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack will probably be an undesirable investment.

However, if you’re up for a bit of fun, like to have options, or simply find yourself craving some variety then the fun aesthetic and effective selection provided by One is definitely one to consider. (Pun definitely intended).

Recommend to:

People who want to try different condoms.

People who know they like options.

People who like the aesthetic of One.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like one type of condom.

People who dislike surprises.

People who don’t enjoy the One brand.

The One Condoms Mixed Pleasures Pack was provided by One in exchange for an honest review.