Update: Raunch & Recipes (A Vegan Giveaway)

Hello my lovely readers,

I am so, so, SO excited right now.

For a while now Peepshowtoys and I have been trading vegan food photos like the giddy foodie nerds we are. Because, let’s face it, life can’t all be adult product related…or can it?

Trust us to combine the two as Peepshowtoys approached me with the most awesome of proposals: A Vegan-centric giveaway for all of my lovely readers. You can bet I said heck yeah to the suggestion!

Today I get to present to you three different fabulous prizes for your culinary and sexual delight. Those prizes being as follows:

1st Prize: All three Thug Kitchen Books and an 8.5oz Sliquid Sassy

2nd Prize: Two Thug Kitchen Books and a 4.2oz Sliquid H2O

3rd Prize: One Thug Kitchen Book and a 4.2oz Sliquid H2O

Sliquid, as many of you may know, is a wonderful vegan lubricant brand and pretty much my go-to lubricant of choice. If I don’t have a bottle of Sliquid to hand then something is wrong with the world, and now I want to make sure you are equally equipped.

Cook an AMAZING vegan meal and then enjoy the after dinner events.

As for the Thug Kitchen books; alas, I have yet to read them! But I have gazed adoringly at them in many a local bookstore and drooled over the creations I’ve seen spring from their pages. Knowing that I can give you a chance to recreate your own vegan culinary delights is good enough for me.

These could be yours if you enter below.

All you need to do to enter this contest is to fill out as many of the Gleam app requirements below as you wish to. I know not everyone wants to go full share mode so I’ve put in a lot of options.

If you’re feeling particularly creative there’s also bonus entries to be earned if you take photos of your favorite self-made vegan treat and send it my way. I’d love to see what amazing foods y’all can produce.

If you’ve never tried lube then this is a great contest to win. Sliquid is hypoallergenic and good with all condoms and sex toys!

This competition will be available to the US, Canada, UK & Australia, though non-US winners will have to pay any customs charges, import duties, etc. Apologies but we don’t get to control those!

The rest of the contests terms and conditions will be down below buuut, for now, have fun!


P.S. If you’re impatient then just use the code PEACHES on Peepshowtoys and get 10% off any purchase on the site right now x

Emmeline’s Vegan Extravaganza

Terms & Conditions

  • This giveaway is running from the 14 July 2017 until the 28 July 2017 and ends at 12:00pm (GMT)
  • Entrants must be legally able to receive/own adult products. I’ve set an age limit of 18+on these giveaways but make sure you check with your local laws too.
  • As stated above, this giveaway is available to the US, Canada, UK & Australia.
  • Shipping is being fulfilled by Peepshowtoys. By entering this competition you agree to give the relevant details needed to ship your prizes to you.
  • Neither myself nor Peepshowtoys assume responsibility for any losses, customs or excess costs that might occur after shipping. Once the prizes are shipped you take responsibility for them.
  • After the winning entries are drawn you have 2 weeks to contact me and claim your prize. If you fail to do so then I’ll re-draw another winner/s. By entering this competition you also agree to provide me with your address, so that I may get the item shipped to you.
  • I’m not accepting accounts that have no original content (or little to none) for this giveaway. I will be checking to make sure that any entrants have an account that is made up of more than retweets and will disqualify any entrants who don’t make the cut. Please respect this.
  • By entering this competition you acknowledge that you have read the terms and agreements and consent to the terms laid out above.