Update: Lelo Gets In On Amazon Prime Day

It’s Amazon Prime Day! And you know what that means, right? We all try to avoid buying that discounted juicer that we don’t really need but it’s just so cheap and AH! What’s a person to do!?

I’m personally dreadful for impulse buys and if the Fitbit Blaze goes on sale I’m not too sure I’ll be able to contain myself (have strength, my dear Peach).

However, something I think we can all agree on when it comes to essential buys is safer sex items. Heck, any sex items on sale are good to invest in when they’re body safe and discounted. Amazon is known as a bit of a minefield for adult products (you really have to play it safe) but, luckily for fans of the brand, Lelo actually do have a certified Amazon account and this year they’ve decided to get in on the Amazon Prime Day bandwagon.

Because what better way to say ‘enjoy yourself’ than with sex toys?

Of course, there are some caveats to this situation. Although Lelo do already have some very reasonably priced items on Amazon, the main focus of their Prime Day celebrations is their flagship condom brand, the Lelo Hex.

People familiar with the Hex, its launch, and its controversies, may know why this isn’t necessarily the Lelo discount that everyone would want. But, personally, I had a good time with the Lelo Hex and really enjoyed how it felt.

Allow me to provide a snippet from my original review:

It’s the most delicate of textures in so many ways and yet it provides that extra bit of oomph to enhance every thrust during use. Warmth effortlessly transferred during use and there was no sense of a rubbery sliding motion (which some condoms can provide). It all felt so intimate and raw, and yet because Mr. Peaches was wearing the Hex I knew that we were secure and protected.

Not everyone will share this feeling, and I completely get that, but it’s been a long-held downside of mine for the Hex that its prices can hinder people who want to try it from actually accessing the Hex. But now with it in the Amazon Prime Day sale, if you’ve ever been curious about the Hex (for one reason or another) it is now on offer at a discount for your purchasing pleasure.

In terms of sensation I still really enjoy the Hex so I do recommend it for those who use condoms as a secondary form of safer sex practice (like my partner an I), or for those who have read the concerns against the Hex but still feel like its CE certification is reassurance enough of its safety.

If you are going to take advantage of this Hex sale I’d love for you to comment on this Update and let me know why you like or are interested in the Hex. There have been many valid criticisms of this condom but I’ve rarely seen the other side of the coin, so I would be very curious to know why others (such as myself) might like these condoms.

As for Lelo being on Amazon generally, I am so happy that a trusted retailer of adult products can be easily accessed through Amazon (Prime perks and all), and these are some of the Lelo items that I would highly recommend nabbing up when you have a chance:

And that’s all from me for now.

If you’re not planning a Lelo purchase then what else might be on your agenda. I really am keeping my fingers crossed for some discounted exercise gear. Oh, and tea, y’all know I run off of tea.

All the best!


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