Product Review: Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix

Thanks to Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix I learnt two things this week.

One: I really, really can’t handle nipple pain (and neither can Mr Peaches).

Two: Theia is a fucking champ.

One thing is for sure: Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix are not for the faint of heart. One reviewer on Meo described these Stix as good for those who want a ‘low pain setting’ to which I say ‘HA!’ and declare them a champ too.

All other reviews seem to agree that these Stix are not a beginner’s nipple product and with very good reason; even on the lightest of adjustments these Stix offer a fair bit of pain and I know that some people will utterly adore them.

Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stixs

Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix are a pair of metal bars intended to pinch the nipples between them to create a rather sharp sensation.

These Nip Stix are intense!

Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix are made from a metal, which looks to be stainless steel but Meo doesn’t specify on their product page. Each one of these Stix is 20cm long and comes with adjustable rubber rings which slide across the length of the bars to adjust the grip of the metal bars.

I’m sure you can imagine the amount of pain that comes from having your nipples clamped between two metal bars without any buffer to dull or nullify the pain, so it’s fair to say that if you know your limits typically involve having rubber tips or a similar sqiushy buffer on your nipple products then Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix will probably be beyond your limits.

Each Stix has two baubles as either end of them and these actually make Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix great for a little bit of sensory or impact play too. In anticipation to putting these Stix on a partner I do like to blindfold them and gently run the metal baubles across their skin, tapping safe impact zones with the length of the stick and even teasing the genitals with them.

Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix are very easy to clean, so there are no hygiene concerns that could hinder such actions. I also personally tried rubbing the bauble against my clit and found it to be a very nice teasing experience.

Because these Stix are made of metal you can heat and cool them to increase their effectiveness. You will want to make sure you’re very careful with this (as the sensations involved are very intense) but when done safely this can provide some very good results.

Applying the Stix is easy.

To apply Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix all you need to do is pry the bars open and then place them on the user’s nipples before gently releasing and sliding the rubber rings to where you wish. Obviously, the closer you bring the rings to the nipples the more confined they will be and, thus, the more intense the pain, but these Stix are also very intense without adjustment, to my wuss-like standards, at least.

These bars are great for just crushing the nipples but can also be twisted, flicked, or tugged for even more sensation. Taking a vibrator to the metal is also a possibility, and the material translates vibrations well.

When I put these Stix on I was immediately shocked by how much pain they could induce.

Have you ever watched an anime and seen that moment where a jolt is suddenly shown in the background? That visual is what Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix feel like to me, and that character’s expression is often accurate to my reaction too.

Similarly, I tried these Stix on Mr Peaches and, although I went tame at first, the moment I fully applied the Stix Mr Peaches let out a firm “NOPE NOPE NOPE” through his gag and ingled the keys I had given him as a non-verbal safe action with extreme haste. Needless to say, he didn’t want to repeat the application.

Pikachu approves at least.

Theia, on the other hand, is much more used to pain and didn’t find these Stix to be too much for her threshold. She was actually surprised that Mr Peaches and I experienced so much pain, and her tolerance levels stand apart from most of Meo’s reviews—which also report an (enjoyable) degree of pain.

For her she did like the sharp sensation that these Stix provided but couldn’t personally enjoy them due to an aesthetic preference. For her, she likes her pain to be matched with a certain amount of visual pleasure and, in her opinion, the appearance of her nipples in the Stix looked wrong; ‘not how nipples are supposed to look’ to quote her directly. It left her with a sense of mental jarring that was hard to get past.

Some others may likely experience this, especially if they had previously only used decorative clamps or similarly pretty torture devices, but I think the main barrier (and plus) for most people will be pain.

Pain is so subjective, though, that it’s hard to ascertain just how you’ll feel until you purchase a product.

If you’re an experienced user of nipple products my recommendation would be to try using pure metal nipple clamps with a loose adjustment ring before moving on to these bars. If you can take (and enjoy) that then you’ll probably like these Stix quite a bit, and I commend you for that.

In terms of downsides there really aren’t any of note outside of personal preference. The rubber rings slide nicely across the length of the Stix and they perform exactly as expected. I really can’t fault this product and their affordable price just adds to their appeal.

Final Thoughts

Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix currently retail at €16,90 which is incredibly affordable for such a well-executed nipple device.

I really do feel like these Stix have an audience and that they’ll perform well for them. If my triad’s reaction is anything to go by then there is a happy medium of pain preference to be struck with these Stix that will not only be workable but most likely damned enjoyable.

If you feel like you would like these Stix then I wholeheartedly endorse giving them a try. The benefits of their effects (while not my preference) were not missed on me.

Recommend to:

People who like metal nipple products.

People who like sharp pain.

People who have nipple play experience.

Do Not Recommend to:

Complete nipple novices.

People who dislike metal nipple toys.

People who dislike pain.

Meo’s DeLuxe Nip Stix were provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review.