Toy Review: The Verge by We-Vibe

I don’t want to be saddened by We-Vibe’s recent releases, but with each new product to test I really can’t help it.

The Wish was disappointing and the Pivot took its namesake too literally, and now there’s the Verge which is just…meh.

Have I used the word ‘meh’ before in a review? If so then I apologize to whatever toy garnered that description, because the Verge redefines ‘meh’ with its mediocrity.

This toy isn’t bad, but neither is it particularly good, nor effective. And, at the end of the day, could there really be much more disappointing an outcome from a $119 toy from a company with a previously impressive track record?

The Verge by We-Vibe

Whereas the Pivot is intended to provide clitoral stimulation while acting as a cock ring, the Verge is much better suited for use as a cock and ball ring with a vibrating section designed to provide external stimulation for the perineum.

I must say, I was super pumped when I saw that We-Vibe had decided to make this move.

The Verge is on the verge of doing something great but isn’t quite there.

Honestly, the perineum doesn’t get enough love in the adult product world. It’s so easily overlooked and yet can provide so much pleasure and excitement. It’s nice to see We-Vibe acknowledge this and try to make a toy that caters specifically towards bringing pleasure to this underappreciated gem of an erogenous zone.

The Verge comes with many other perks too, which makes it an enticing looking toy. It’s USB rechargeable via a magnetic connection, which makes it waterproof too. It comes with a sachet of lubricant, has a very sturdy box which is well-suited for gift-giving, and is made from a suave slate coloration that really complements its matte silicone surface.

Silicone itself has many benefits too—being non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. Unlike many of the flexible materials that are often used for cock rings, silicone doesn’t grab and trap pubic hairs with the same ferocity, making it a nicer material for cock and ball rings in some regards.

The magnetic charge section is clear to see and to use. 2hrs of charging gives you 90 minutes of play.

Silicone’s firmness can also be varied up to a degree and We-Vibe have taken advantage of this—making the ring itself slightly flexible whereas the section intended for the perineum is a lot firmer. This allows the Verge to give the pressure needed to really sit at the perineum and transfer its vibrations with the greatest effect.

A single button controls the vibrations as a standard, but the Verge can also link up to the WeConnect app to provide more control.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again—the WeConnect app is probably the best sex toy app I’ve ever used. It’s clean, easy to control, and responds well with any toy it connects with. But I maintain that an app shouldn’t be a necessary part of a toy and both Mr Peaches and I felt that without the app the use of the Verge would have been more finicky.

Conversely Mr Peaches did propose that if you buy a sex toy that has app controls then you expect that as part of the experience, but I don’t know where I stand on that stance. Still, it’s nice to have an alternate view to present to you (and I would love to know your thoughts).

The Verge has 10 different modes and they’re all relatively engaging, but the use you’ll get out of them will depend on how much you like patterns. We’re not huge appreciators but we do appreciate the options—better to have too many settings rather than too few.

The Verge is firm in the wrong way.

As for the vibrations, they’re rumbly, they’re deep, but they seem to lack the oomph that some We-Vibe products have, and this was coming from Mr Peaches, which surprised me. Usually I’m the power queen in our relationship, but for once he was the one saying that a toy could use a little bit more juice.

Having an app to control the vibrations did ease his mind a little bit, but it can only do so much to compensate for the lack of strength that he was craving.

But, more to the point, the Verge is in this peculiar limbo where the ring section is too firm to easily stretch over the cock and balls but not firm enough to provide the full perineum pressure that it’s going for, or the tightness that you might want from a cock ring to maintain a firm and confident erection. Quite the opposite: When Mr Peaches and I tried it first time around his erection softened and it hasn’t had much of an impact one way or another ever since.

This was disappointing for Mr Peaches—who is a cock and cock and ball ring regular, yet felt like the Verge was uncomfortably firm for safe removal if he ever swelled but also too firmly loose to ever really apply the intimacy that he sought from it.

It’s a bit of a paradox but, all-in-all, added up to a lacking from the Verge that was hard to overlook.

Mr Peaches was not able to orgasm while wearing the Verge, but he does attribute part of this to his antidepressant-related difficulties. From his personal appraisal, he felt it worked better as a solo toy or one to use during the build-up towards sex rather than something to be used during sex. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a sex toy, but it isn’t what you’d want from a $119 sex toy specifically intended for couples use (it’s listed in the couples section of the We-Vibe page).

In terms of other downsides, a single-button controller does mean that, without the app, you’re left filtering through the settings to get to the one you like—but the Verge does remember its last setting, which helps if you like to keep it on the same setting between uses (a beloved pattern, for example).

It should also be said that We-Vibe are aware of the slightly decreased power of the Verge and it is an intended aspect of the toy. When looking at the comparison We-Vibe provide between the Verge and the Pivot the Verge is rated as ** for power compared to ***

This is most likely because the clitoris generally likes that extra bit of kick available to it, but I still don’t think the perineum should have been deprived of this horsepower. Why remove the option if some people may still appreciate it? But I digress.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr Peaches and I just can’t, in good conscience, recommend the Verge by We-Vibe, at least not at full retail price.

If it’s ever on a good sale and you’re curious about perineum toys (but don’t necessarily care about the effectiveness of the cock ring) then perhaps, but outside of these rather specific criteria it’s hard to justify purchasing the Verge.

If you do find yourself curious then I encourage you to look around for more reviews and see what others have said. While it may not be the perfect cock ring, very few perineum-centric toys have managed to come close to what the Verge can offer and that is still something worth commending.

Besides, I trust your judgement x

Recommend to:

People who want a high-quality perineum vibrator.

People who like mid-level rumbly vibrations.

People who aren’t looking for a cock ring primarily.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a cock ring first and foremost.

People who like a lot of power.

People who want effective controls on the toy.

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