Article: Broadway as Foreplay

By the time you read this article I will have attended a lovely matinee performance of the Sister Act musical alongside some relatives of mine in the seaside city of Plymouth.

This all sounds wonderfully humble, and incredibly mundane, but as I think about my upcoming family sojourn I can’t help but cast my mind back to a much racier trip to the same theater, in which corsets and stockings rules supreme.

Oh yes, I’m talking about the Rocky Horror Show.

The Rocky Horror Sensation

While I’m not too sure of its success elsewhere, the Rocky Horror Show is a musical superstar in the UK. Created by Richard O’Brien as a dedication to the science fiction and B movies of the late 1940s, the musical was later adapted in to the 1975 film that we all know and love.

Brits may generally be considered a reserved bunch but, when it comes to the Rocky Horror Show, we put our reservations and doilies to one side and trade them out for the raunchiest combinations we can muster.

Men happily rock drag, women feel sexy as they flaunt their favourite lingerie in public, and we all sit down together knowing that banter is not only expected, but practically demanded.

I was especially lucky when I attended the Rocky Horror Show—as it turned out my favourite Broadway performer, David Bedella, was playing Frank N. Furter and, my gosh, did he give a stunning performance in stilettos. As it turns out he also does a lot of voice work for Thomas the Tank Engine shorts, so that’s a fun and slightly bizarre aside (as I first knew him from Jerry Springer: The Opera).

Come the end of the night there had been crotch grabbing, roaring laughter from the audience, and more than one satirical ‘Oooooooh’ vocalized in unison from the crowd.

The Rocky Horror show is a musical that makes kink, drag, polyamory, and the uninhibited exploration of one’s sexual desires something that is communally celebrated, and I love that us Brits accept it so readily.

I have never known anyone say that their viewing of the Rocky Horror Show was dull, although a few people have maintained the ‘What happens in the show, stays in the show’ attitude as they denied disclosing more with a wry smile.

A Bit of British Fun

Outside of the enjoyment of the event it also has to be said—the Rocky Horror Show is a great way to get in the mood to fuck.

I’m sorry, but the moment you put one of my favourite performers in a corset so perfectly on point that their silhouette could pass as an artistic statement I’m going to be left at least a little aroused….okay, a lot.

That’s not to mention the stunning outfits of the other cast (and attendees), the overall erotic nature of the musical, and the awe-inspiring vocals of everyone involved. I honestly can’t be the only one who feels their vaginal muscles clench in approval whenever they hear someone hold a note for an inhumanly impressive duration (I’m looking at all the Idina Menzel fans out there).

Musical Inclinations

I don’t believe there are any studies about the correlation between musicals and arousal (because, why would there be?), but I maintain that there is a solid correlation to be found there. And not just with deliberately sexual musicals.

Musicals, on a fundamental level, seek to elicit and emotional reaction out of their audience. The powerful lyrics of the creator and effervescent efforts of the musicians and performers that bring them to life all work together to try to make people laugh, cry, and leave with memories that they will cherish.

Attending a musical that flirts with themes of romance and regret are equally likely to leave some people wishing to be close to their partner, as something that is more explicitly erotic, such as the Moulin Rouge.

Mamma Mia was a particularly emotional performance for me, and after hearing the notes that one of the cast belted out I could have certainly gone for testing my own vocals with moaning ambition.

Then there are the musicals that are so sorrowful or tender that they leave you feeling like you’ve shared something significant with the person attending. Those touching occasions may prompt sex out of comfort or sheer appreciation, and there’s no doubting that, on such occasions, the emotional intensity of the musical attended had a part to play.

Cats would probably be one such musical in my instance. The extreme sorrow felt by Grizabella is achingly beautiful and makes me want to reconnect with what is beautiful and loved in myself.

Plus, let’s face it, those cat suits are deliciously tight, and could make many a furry or anthro-enthusiast very happy indeed.

Then, of course, you have to consider absurdity and its part to play in arousal. Anyone who takes sex too seriously is probably placing undue expectations on themselves. We all have comical moments in the bedroom and it pays to have a sense of humor and to be driven to bonding through a light-hearted approach to life.

Attending a particularly absurd, cheesy, or just downright terribly executed musical (*cough* Local Pantomime *cough*) can leave you and your sexual interest/s grinning with such delight and high spirits that you’re more than happy to fuck while on an emotional high.

After all, most of the enjoyment of the Rocky Horror Show comes from the freedom to tease the cast and laugh amongst each other.

If sex is a bit of a joke, then it pays to enjoy the punchline.

Recreating the Broadway Magic

It’s for all these reasons that I do highly recommend planning at least one date to your local theatre to see a musical that catches your fancy.

If it’s overtly sexual then brilliant, you’ve got a great time ahead of you. If not, then there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had, but the arousal of the occasion may depend much more on how you feel and act with each other rather than the musical itself.

But, let’s face it, theatre tickets aren’t cheap, and so this idea might seem inaccessible for some. This is where the internet comes in handy.

A lot of musicals have some form of recreation in place—either a recording of a live show, or a full-feature adaptation with an all-star cast. If you can’t afford the full Broadway experience there’s nothing stopping you from nabbing a copy of one of these renditions online, grabbing some popcorn (pre-sex snacks should be light) and then enjoying each other’s company as the music begins. Who knows where the night will take you after the curtains have closed?