Product Review: The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms

I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for One condoms for quite a while now. I can’t help it, dammit, it’s the design! That rounded tube, the circular condom wrappers. And so many of them have such a quirky aesthetic. I mean, just look at this!

If I don’t get that Dachshund condom at some point in my life I will be very sad.

And now One is easily available in the local UK high street, Superdrugs, making it a condom brand that simply must be reviewed.

Thankfully One were kind enough to provide me with some condom samples, and it seems they know me too well, too—providing me with their version of ultra-thin condoms. And, by One’s own account, these condoms are quite the treat—coming in as top during a blind performance test of leading ultra-thin condom brands.

But what did Mr Peaches and I make of them during our own appraisal? Read on to find out.

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms are One’s very own thin condom and, by their blind performance test’s estimation, the best thin condom on the market. In their tests 80% rated Vanish the thinnest condom, 68% rated it the smoothest, and 70% rated it the most comfortable. That’s some pretty impressive percentiles but, of course, studies by the company making the project are always a bit of an eye-brow raiser, so when it came to testing these condoms Mr Peaches and I went in impartially.

Golden wrappers seem dull by comparison, but these are the gold standard of thin condoms after all…right?

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms are made from latex. But, to be more specific, they’re made from One’s Sensatex soft latex, which is a triple tested soft latex which is specific to the One brand. This latex is designed to stretch and move with the body in a more intuitive way, allowing for a more comfortable fit and a more pleasurable experience.

Of course, this does mean that people with a latex allergy will need to steer clear of the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms, and oil-based lubricants are a big no-no (as they break down the material), but knowing this should be enough to keep you covered.

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms are roughly 35% thinner than an average condom, but with no compromise when it comes to safety. To assure this, the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms have been electronically tested for safety and quality, with every batch produced going through its own individual safety tests. I’m no scientist, so I’ll just have to trust One here, but the process does sound rather thorough, and One happily holds all the necessary certifications that you’d want from a condom.

Because these condoms are thinner, One has also included extra lubricant with them—which is, for the most part, a pro. This will allow some users to use these condoms straight from the wrapper, whereas others may not have to use as much of their go-to lube to enjoy the experience that One has to offer.

In terms of appearance, there’s nothing overly stand-out about the one condoms themselves, and even the wrappers for the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms have been kept a standard gold, but that’s kind of what you want. If the traditional condom design ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it, just work with what you have, and One has done exactly that.

The biggest issues Mr Peaches and I have encountered with thin condoms in the past is that their wrappers seem harder to open (more risk of damage to the condom) and they tend to be difficult to roll on to the shaft (again, increasing damage and overall risk).

These condoms are easy to slide on.

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms had neither of these issues, as their packaging was easy to open and the condom itself facilitated application with ease. We could credit this to the extra lubricant but, really, I think that it’s more of an overall design success. One has put a lot of thought in to how their condoms function and it really shows.

Oh, and you can feel it too.

One are quite clear in their marketing that the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms feel almost as if they’re not there and, although I wouldn’t go that far, I can attest to the fact that these are very good condoms.

I definitely wasn’t overly aware of (or distracted by) their presence during intercourse, and I could feel all of my partner with the kind of aching arousal that you want during sex. Penetration while Mr Peaches was wearing the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms was gaspingly great and at no point did either of us feel hindered by the presence of a condom (a fear for some, I know).

Externally the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms also performed well. If Mr Peaches were to rub against me, or if I were to give in a hand job, the condom was noticeable but did not divert our attention at all. The only area in which there was a slight decline in obscurity was during a blowjob, where the condom naturally began to slip off the shaft, but that is, to some degree, and expected part of oral sex with a condom.

If I had to fault the One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms on anything at all it really wouldn’t be its performance: This is a stellar condom and, although not necessarily my favourite condom brand, it’s certainly on equal footing to my bedroom winner in terms of sensation.

The only thing I can really fault is its advertising.

‘Don’t worry, it only feels like it disappeared.’


All of the no.

As someone who has been through the trauma of a condom slipping off, and as someone who has very recently had a partner go through the same scare, I can personally attest to how inappropriate and fear-inducing this advertising might be for some.

I understand what One was going for, and it may even work for some people, but is it worth the trade-off of having some potential customers immediately recoil from the brand and others potentially experience distress from the phrasing? I personally don’t think so.

Final Thoughts

But, taking a balanced approach, I think it’s important to separate the product from the marketing at times, and, from my experience, One has a damned good reason to be proud of just how undetectable their condoms are during use.

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms are soft, innocuous, and very reliable. They come in great packaging and have never let me down in terms of performance or pleasure. I highly recommend them.

Recommend to:

People who like thin condoms.

People who like colourful brands.

People who like well-lubed condoms.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thick condoms.

People with latex allergies.

People who dislike the advertising.

The One Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms were provided by One in exchange for an honest review.