Update: Godemiche Issues An Apology

Sometimes companies make mistakes. Sometimes people say things out of turn or take a light-hearted approach to words or content that can have a serious impact on people.

In such situations, what was initially said matters, of course it does, but how that person addresses concerns and re-examines their stance is also crucial.

Companies fuck up all the time—it’s human nature—especially when the company is smaller-scale and thus more susceptible to human error. This time, it just so happened that a company I really like, Godemiche, was the ones that faced the repercussions of their actions.

Epiphora put the initial flags up about Godemiche’s faux pas, which concerned pubic hair.

The word ‘disgusting’ came in to play, as did the miming of oral sex followed by a fake chocking motion on hair. Not a great lapse in judgement, to say the least.

But, that’s what I believe this was—a lapse. Not a collapse.

Everyone makes mistakes. They’re not excusable but they do sometimes have a context and I believe that context does matter. This reflected in my own response to Godemiche (accompanies by a link to my very own article on pubic hair).

In the end Godemiche issued their own response less than 24 hours after the first incident, in the form of an apology.

The apology can be read in full here, but these are what I consider to be the important highlights:

As a company we have always strived to be the best we can, to make a quality product, to give excellent customer service and to promote and be part of an industry in a sex positive way. We believe that everyone and by that we mean EVERYONE has a right to a healthy, happy and positive sex life whatever that might mean for them.

We have let ourselves and the community down, worse we have angered and upset the very people we set out to please and help, for that we are truly sorry. We will strive to learn from our mistake while continuing to make the positive changes we are making in the industry.

I’ve seen companies overstep a lot. On such occasions, I’ve also seen them block people, insult their critics, and generally try to avoid taking responsibility for their actions in any way possible.

For Godemiche to engage with a thoughtful and well-considered apology says everything to me.

Companies that respond to criticism, see the error of their ways, and then revise their positions are, in my opinion, companies worth supporting.

The more we show support to companies that are willing to revise their position when it’s overwhelmingly seen as harmful, the more we foster a community of companies, and critics, who are able to exchange in healthy, productive dialogues.

This not only helps our community grow but it also helps consumers, by highlighting and supporting companies that have proven they will pay attention and make customer care a priority.

While this situation started on a negative I do believe there is a lot of positive and constructive growth to be taken away from it and I thank Godemiche for their response.

Until the next review!