Article: Options for Escorts (Sex Toys For The Profession)

Allow me to start this article by saying that I am not (nor have I ever been) and escort. The extent of my knowledge on the profession is being friends with many sex workers and having Secret Diaries of a London Call Girl as one of my guilty pleasure watches (don’t judge).

But what I am is a huge sex toy dork. Ridiculously so.

Testing over 300 toys will give you a certain idea as to what works well in any capacity, or at least a good guess in terms of general recommendations.

So let’s talk sex toys.

Specifically, sex toys for escorts.

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General Safety

I’m preaching to the choir here, so I’ll keep this section brief, but there are definitely some safety precautions that everyone should put in place, escorts included.

All sex toys should be made from a non-porous material or, in the case of strokers made from TPR/E be a one-use item that you dispose of after.

Buying and bringing your own sex toys is a must. As much as a client may want to use his plug on you, or something similar, you can guarantee the cleanliness of your own products, you can’t with your client’s. Even if they have the best of intentions mistakes can still happen.

And, finally, never pull out sex toys unless there has been some form of consent. This is especially important when money is passing hands. You wouldn’t want to lose a client due to a surprise strap-on encounter.

Anyways, on to the recommendations!

A Good Anal Collection

As a general rule of thumb, I’d recommend at least three different butt plugs and a set of anal beads.

Sex with anal toys inserted isn’t just rad, but it also offers a very fun visual display for the client (many of whom may have an interest in anal).

This is also why I recommend at least three different butt plugs. One should be right at the limits of what you can take, to allow for an impressive display of your anal achievements. The other should be one you really enjoy and/or should be able to double up as a warm up anal toy. The last one should be very small and comfortable for those who have never tried anal before. Not only will this give you an easy anal toy to use when you’re feeling tender but it also allows clients that are new to anal to give it a try should they wish.

Anal beads are also great for those sessions where you want to have some slow and fluid anal motions included. It never hurts to vary things up, after all, and the insertion and removal process of anal beads makes for some great fun.

A Cock Ring

Something to make the gents feel firm, enhance their pleasure, and give an aesthetic confidence boost, cock rings are great for making sure that you both have a good time.

This may be a hard sell for some individuals, but those who like cock rings will really appreciate the option, and you make even convert some gents who had never considered rings before.

A cock ring is always good to have to hand for individuals who suffer with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. It may even be a solution they’d never tried before, meaning your little silicone cock ring could have a huge impact on someone’s life.

A Dildo of Your Liking

Preferably one with a flared base, a nice curve, but the capacity to be used for thrusting, anal, and strap-on too.

A good realistic dildo will often tick all of these boxes, but it may be a bit of a deterrent for clients, so abstract shapes are also worth considering.

Dildos are great for use in conjunction with anal beads and other anal toys to really put on a show. Bonus points if your toy comes with a suction cup and you can ride if hands-free. This allows for a lot of exciting, visually impressive, and very pleasing moved which should have both you and your client grinning at the results.

Dildos are also great for use with…

A Wand Vibrator

The iconic sex toy among many a sex worker, wand vibrators are strong enough to bring in those much-coveted orgasms for yourself and your client.

They are diverse enough for use with most anatomies and provide enough oomph that they will usually cause at least some form of response (be it screaming in pleasure of squirming from the intensity).

The extreme power of a wand also makes it great for forced orgasms, orgasm control sessions, or those moments where your partner wants to pleasure you with a toy.

Plus, in the afterglow you can always use the wand as it was actually intended—as a full body massager to help bring in some relaxing aftercare. It’s all part of the service, after all (or it can be when a wand is involved).

A Decent Bullet

And, finally, for those more intimate moments a decent bullet is always a good thing to have in your collection.

Bullets are compact, can provide pinpoint sensation, and are good for helping clearly guiding others in pleasuring you. They’re also very easy to slide in between yourself and a client during intercourse, if so desired (and mutually consented to).

You will need to make sure you get the right bullet, though. Something rechargeable, with rumbly vibrations, and the ability to slot in to other sex toys is always the dream.

And That’s All For Now!

I’ve kept things very general here and with good reason. As escorts you are the masters of your body and its many sexual preferences.

When looking for the ideal sex toy arsenal don’t be afraid to shop around, read various reviews, and see what you like.

No doubt you’ll be more acquainted with the logistics and particulars then I, but I hope this article works as a good guide for those interested in the topic of escorts and sex toys.

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