Product Review: Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers

A lot of people in the nipple-play circuit will often quote the trusty ol’ snake bite sucker as a must-have for the collection.

Snake Bit Suckers were originally created for exactly what you’d expect—trying to suck the venom out of snake bites to try and negate some of the effects of the venom.

Fun Fact: Trying to suck the venom out of a snake bite is futile at best and detrimental at worst. Snake venom travels very swiftly through the body. Once you’ve been bitten trying to suck the venom out (in any capacity) will not change this and may even cause further tissue damage (which your body really doesn’t need at that point).

The more you know.

Even Funner Fact: Take the old snake bit suckers design and apply it to nipples and you may be set for a damned good time.

Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers

Now many of you will probably know that I am not a nipple person. My (in)tolerance levels for nipple play are so legendary that they have been immortalized in comic form on a popular UK adult product site (which I now dare you to go and find), so, fair to say, I’m a nipple wuss.

But I’m nothing if not persistent and I’m a fan of suction and of testing out the so-called adult product greats , so snake bite suckers were a must. Plus I now know someone who does like nipple play and isn’t afraid to share sex toys and offer their opinion, making things so much easier. But I digress.

These nipple suckers deliver in the sensation department.

The first thing I noticed (as a snake bite newbie) about the Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers was just how firm they were. It’s my understanding that not all suckers are quite as thick nor rigid as the Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers but with extra thickness and firmness comes extra pressure once applied, and that’s kind of the name of the game with this product—taking things to the extreme. That’s what Meo excels at, after all, as they offer many ‘hardcore’ products where other retailers might shy away.

These nipple suckers are made out of PVC, allowing them to be flexible enough to squeeze while still being firm enough to provide the vacuum needed for the suction sensation. There are some pros and cons to this.

The pros are apparent as soon as you lube (or saliva) up your nipples & areola and put these suckers on. They deliver a very firm vacuum when applied correctly and the sensation is piercing. I never thought it possible for my nipples to feel like they’re being stabbed without a single ounce of direct physical contact, but Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers have got that sensation in the bag.

Even for me this felt perplexingly pleasant (although still too extreme) and I can see why some people would happily pay a mere €16.90 just for the sting of the nipples rising under the vacuum they (or their partner/s) create. But, when it comes to nipple suckers, there’s more.

The Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers also swell the area of the nipple & areola to the point where they look pert and ready for further action; which they completely, 100% are.

Size-wise they’re not the smallest.

Measurement-wise the Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers come in at 1.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width, which doesn’t sound overly big but really does cover a nice segment of the intended area. I almost wonder if these suckers could temporarily help someone with inverted nipples get a bit more definition if they wish (not just for aesthetics, but also to help them clean the area).

The swollen area is then left in a tender and sensitive state—exposed for people to look at, tempting them to play with them, and yielded more intense results should anyone succumb. I honestly can’t think of a more enticing form of affordable, portable nipple play than snake bite suckers and the Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers have proven to be very effective at their task in our household.

But in terms of cons, the firmness of Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers means that lube or saliva is pretty much essential and, if it dries up, expect these suckers to fall off with some ease, especially if lightly applied.

Well…I say ‘lightly applied’ but there really is no gentle way to place these suckers on. You either have to firmly apply them (with a persistent pinching of the hard material) or they will fall off. Due to this they’re not a great in-use item in terms of wearing during motion-heavy sex play and excel better when motion is at a minimum and sensation rules supreme.

Granted, if you want to apply them before sex and then apply different nipple toys then, oh boy, are you in for a treat, but don’t expect to have your brains fucked out while wearing these suckers. It’s just not as glorious as you’d think.

I also personally found the material to be too hard to effectively pinch down for application with a single hand. This isn’t a dire issue for me, but it does mean application almost always looks inelegant. I imagine it would be much more frustrating for someone with mobility issues (especially those who can’t apply too much pressure with their hands). In such instances, Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers may just be a bit too firm for use, which is a shame, considering the pros do seem to outweigh the cons.

Final Thoughts

Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers are portable, affordable, very easy to clean, and, once applied, deliver the sharp twang of nipple pain I have only ever experienced at the end of a pair of forceps. That’s pretty damned impressive and is only highlighted further by the enhanced sensitivity that these suckers provide after prolonged use.

Can I recommend these suckers? Yes. Absolutely. Will they be used often in our household? Probably not. Granted, they’ve peaked my curiosity, but they’re just a bit too firm, sharp, and catered to low-motion use for our sexual preferences.

So, if you know you like what suckers provide, then do consider the investment. Otheriwise…well…I hope my review has given you an idea of just what snake bite suckers can do for you.

Recommend to:

People who like sharp sensations.

People who like firmer suckers.

People who like increased sensitivity.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike stabbing sensations.

People who prefer softer suckers.

People who prefer smaller suckers.

Meo’s Extra Strong Super Snake Bite Suckers were provided by Meo in exchange for an honest review.