Product Review: The One Duo Hybrid Personal Lubricant

This review comes exclusively from Horny Geek Girl’s humble abode, as I visit over the weekend for a sex blogger get together. Please do visit her site, her content is amazing (plus, y’know, she gave me the Wi-Fi needed to put this post up, so there’s a sacred blood debt now).

When a company has ‘We Love Lube’ as the main handle for their lubricant product page you know it’s a good sign. And that’s exactly how One have chosen to present their lubricants on their website.

In general, One can be considered as a ‘company to watch’ and they’ve been on my radar for quite some time now. I have no idea why I’ve never picked up a pack of their (wonderfully presented) condoms, but when they approached me asking if I would review a range of their products I had no hesitation.

Among the products I was presented with was the One Duo Hybrid Personal Lubricant. A combination water and silicone-based formula, intended to be long-lasting, non-staining, and body-safe.

One have worked very hard on this formula, buuut I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s dive in to the review!

The One Duo Hybrid Personal Lubricant

Water/silicone hybrids can be a bit tricky to get right and, in general, they’re not necessarily the most common type of lubricant among users. But when done right a good hybrid lubricant can provide all the longevity that so many people lust after with silicone lubricant while giving the nourishing, more intuitive feeling of water-based lubricants.

The One Duo Lubricant is good at what it does (but perhaps not in how it’s formulated).

I confess, my preference is typically towards water-based lubricants because of how they feel. Silicone is wonderfully smooth, like powdering one’s face, or caressing the skin with a fine body dust. That moment where you glide your hand across it and work it in is so akin to the sensation of silicone lubricant that it’s almost uncanny at times (and totally appreciated).

But water-based lubricant just feels more substantial, more hydrating (of course), and generally better suited for the slippery sensation that I prefer. Silicone provides a clinging drag, water-based lubricants offer a slide.

One have aimed for both.

And, in doing so, they’ve also taken the most conscious path they can for the wellbeing of their potential buyers. All of their ingredients are premium, medical-grade in quality, their lubricants lack gluten, DEA, PEG, hormones, oil (a big no-no for condoms), artificial dyes, or fragrances, and (of course) they’re condom compatible.

Duo, in particular, has aspired to be conditioning in its formula and effective in its longevity, while also making it water-soluble for ease of use. This is very important, because a lot of pure silicone lubricants cling to the skin and require quite a thorough clean-up after use (perhaps one of their biggest downsides). But One has tried to counteract this with their formulation and, I must say, for the most part they’ve done a very good job.

The ingredients for the One Duo Hybrid Personal Lubricant are as follows:

Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Isopropyl Myristate, Aloe Vera, Diazolidinyl Urea, Carbopol, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, Propylpareben, Tocopheryl Acetate, Haluronic Acid.

And immediately you may see one of the downsides that I’ll be bringing up soon. But, first, odor, taste, and consistency.

Odor-wise this lubricant is completely and utterly odor-free and this really took me off guard because the taste of this lubricant is not pleasant. Horny Geek Girl can attest to the scrunchy face that I pulled upon sampling this lubricant, and her reasonable refusal when I offered it over to her.

There is a sweetness to this lubricant that some people may appreciate, but it is met with the chemical tang that you would expect from parabens and the noticeable taste of aloe vera which I just cannot abide. Aloe vera is probably the main taste-based downfall of this lubricant, so if you’re fine with that flavor then you should be okay to use this lubricant for oral sex (if wanted) but, otherwise, you might want to steer clear.

The consistency of this lubricant kept me interested.

Consistency-wise I really do appreciate this lubricant. It’s got all of the powdery perks that you’d expect from silicone lubricant, and spreads thinly on the finger, but when applied it feels moist and its water-based slip ‘n slide sensation really comes in to effect. I’d say you more slather it on to the skin then rub or glide it on, and that says it all to me descriptively.

I have very sensitive skin and, despite the ingredients list of this lubricant, I had no negative reaction whatsoever. The reasonable amount I applied lasted for an impressive time—through toy use, a hand job, and penetration—and I felt wholly satisfied with how it felt during use. Lubricants don’t necessarily dictate orgasms but they can heavily accommodate them, and this lubricant did its job with impressive ease.

Washing it off was a non-issue. I often found myself simply wiping myself clean and having no issues, itching or irritation, and I was very happy to return to using this lubricant.

It should also be noted that the bottle for this lubricant is unique, wholly in keeping with the One branding, and very effective and distributing the lubricant without fuss or waste. Packaging doesn’t always matter but with lubricants it’s often an essential aspect of whether the product works or not, and this packaging definitely works.

What doesn’t work for me with the One Duo Hybrid Personal Lubricant is the inclusion of glycerine, propylene glycol, and (worst of all) parabens in the ingredients list.

I can appreciate that One have worked very hard to make sure the ingredients they use are of a medical-grade standard, but that still doesn’t mean they’re preferable for use. It’s pretty common knowledge by now that parabens are a no-go in the lubricant industry (due to their potential links to  cancer). I would have thought that a company as attentive as One would have been aware of the community’s concerns and would have avoided parabens, if only out of courtesy and respect for people’s wishes.

Using lubricants with parabens and other ingredients, such a propylene glycol, etc. is obviously a personal choice, but for some this will be a completely discrediting aspect of this lubricant and I can respect that decision.

It is something that makes me a tad uncomfortable, but I’m still deciding where I personally lie with ingredients as a whole (ethical product consumption makes you reconsider everything) so I thought I’d give this lubricant an appraisal regardless, especially considering—and this is a big point—it’s available at the local UK high street store, Superdrugs, so is easily accessible for most individuals.

So, outside of ingredients, are there any other discrediting features…no, not really. This lubricant provides everything it aims to and does so to great effect. Flavour is probably the only thing I could really fault it on, and it’s not one of the primary elements of this lubricant so, even then, it’s more a nitpick than anything else.

Final Thoughts

And so I’m left offering the ultimate decision up to you, my dear readers. One have offered a very good hybrid formula which meets expectations and provides a very good sex session without hassle in the clean-up process.

Ingredients aside (if that’s even an option for you), you most likely won’t be disappointed with what this lubricant has to offer. And, being so accessible, most people in the UK will be able to get their hands on this lube should they wish to try it.

But where do you stand in terms of ingredients? If a lubricant works are you interested in what’s in it? What does it say about us (or the companies producing products) if we chose to overlook potentially questionable ingredients (even if medical grade)?

I won’t answer any of these questions in this review but I am super eager to hear where you stand. Consumers are the beating heart of the industry. If we allow ourselves to be heard then well-meaning companies such as One will, no doubt, respond, especially when they’re already putting so much effort in to their products.

Recommend to:

People who want a hybrid formula.

People who like thicker silicone lubes (it provides that experience).

People who don’t mind ingredients.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who avoid parabens.

People who dislike silicone in their lube.

People who prefer runny lubricants.

The One Duo Lubricant was provided to me by One in exchange for an honest review.