Product Review: The Pivot by We-Vibe

Mr Peaches and I have tried a fair few cock rings in our time. And, although many of them have been hit-and-miss (or just outright dreadful) I don’t think we’ve ever tried a cock ring that’s disappointed us before. Until now.

I can’t help it, honestly, and I mean nothing against We-Vibe in this assertion. In reality, I adore We-Vibe and that’s what makes this sting—that’s the source of the disappointment. I know We-Vibe does objectively great sex toys. Their vibrations are good, their designs inventive, and their overall performance typically reliable.

But, in the case of the Pivot, it seems like We-Vibe themselves have pivoted to a position that I just couldn’t get on board with, no matter how hard I tried. At least not in the way We-Vibe intended.

The Pivot by We-Vibe

The Pivot by We-Vibe is one of We-Vibe’s first attempts at a cock ring, and so it’s perhaps expected that there would be some trial-and-error. Still, a lot of elements of the Pivot suggest that it would be a good product.

The Pivot is a cock ring intended for couples play, and is designed as such. It has a large bulky section which functions as the clitoral vibrator, and a semi-flexible ring, which attaches to the penis. This allows the user to wear the Pivot during penetrative sex for hands-free clitoral stimulation and an improvement in firmness and duration for the wearer.

The Pivot is mate from a lovely smooth matte silicone, which is a solid thumbs-up as far as I’m concerned. By now a lot of companies are making the (awesome) move towards silicone, but that doesn’t mean that credit isn’t due for companies like We-Vibe who have never hesitated to use silicone and who continue to do so.

The silicone used by We-Vibe for the Pivot is the exact luxury matte that you’d expect. If you’ve ever gone in to a sex shop and found yourself stroking an expensive vibrator which was silky to the touch and tempted you to go in for a second caress then you know what I’m talking about. If not then just know that you’re in for a treat.

The Pivot by We-Vibe is waterproof, making cleaning it a breeze, but I wouldn’t recommend using it in the bath. The shower? Yes. The bath? Probably lacking in reliable lubrication, especially if you couple your cock rings with condoms.

The Pivot is also USB rechargeable, has a low power alert, and comes with 10 different vibration modes as a standard.

I would also like to add that the box for the Pivot is stunning, but it also kind of adds to the disappointment. Even though I knew what the actual Pivot looked like, how cool would it be if it had the blue-to-yellow fade shown on the box? A reviewer can dream.

The Pivot is 7.1 cm by 3.1 cm, which sounds tiny, but the ring does have a nice amount of adjustment to it. Not enough to act as a cock-and-ball ring, but enough to accommodate most sizes. There’s no guarantee it will be a completely sure fit but, if in doubt check the inner measurements too.

The Pivot can also be connected to the We-Vibe mobile app (We-Connect) which will allow you to control its vibrations through your phone. I’m kind of lacklustre on the whole phone-app toy control trend (lube + and expensive phone = a slippery screen that doesn’t register all my commands and a whole load of nope) but I do know that many people appreciate these features, and We-Vibe have crafted a very effective app.

The We-Connect act looks inconspicuous until opened, is sleek in its design, and is very easy to understand for smooth control. Anyone who is familiar with smartphones will find that this app easy to use and it can be fun to put the Pivot on and then hand the controls over to your partner and feel what pleasure settings they select.

Speaking of the patterns, they’re good. Not something I would regularly employ but a good bit of fun, especially in beat with a person’s natural thrusting motions. I personally find that thrusting adds a bit more playfulness to patterns and makes them much more engaging for me. It’s not necessarily a type of arousal that will bring me to orgasm but it is the kind that brings me light-hearted joy, and sometimes that’s what I prefer from my cock rings.

The vibrations themselves are strong. Not quite as precise and potent as the Tango, but strong and rumbly enough to keep this power queen satisfied. In fact, my favourite way of using the Pivot is as a clitoral vibrator with my fingers looped through its hole. This brings me to orgasm semi-reliably. I do prefer a bit more oomph, and it’s obvious that this isn’t what the Pivot was designed for, but it satisfies me as a portable, in-hand device.

Users could also hold the Pivot like this during penetration, if they’re looking for a small clit vibe with a lot of power, and a good gripping slot.

But as a cock ring I found that there was one thing that made the Pivot completely ineffective: It’s too top heavy. This meant that the Pivot would literally pivot during use and uncomfortably thrust against my outer labia, becoming a nuisance rather than an enhancing factor of our sexual experience.

We both persisted with the Pivot, troopers that we are (and professional that I am) but, in the end, we would almost always chuck it aside with frustration and use something that we actually enjoyed.

This is a damned shame, too, because if the Pivot were to stay in place then its shape and vibrations would be effective, but its weight just caused it to slide out of place Every. Single. Time.

Such a shame.

In terms of other downsides there are very few, too. Its charge area is clearly designated, its controls are easy to use, and I would say that it’s well-contoured for the stimulation it’s aiming for, but in the end, it simply didn’t work for us. Thus, I am left disappointed and hoping that the Verge can provide a better fit for us.

Final Thoughts

Overall the weighty bulk of the Pivot and its effect on our experience means that I simply can’t recommend this product, especially not at $109.00. It’s just not reliably effective enough.

I would recommend an alternative, but I’ve typically found that a cock ring/vibrator combo is much more effective than most vibrating cock rings. But, if you’re really craving hands-free fun the I’d say invest a little more and go for a Lelo vibrating ring.

Recommend to:

People who want to play with the app.

People who want rumbly vibrations.

People who don’t mind adjusting.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike top-heavy toys.

People who aren’t fussed on patterns and apps.

People who want more stretch.

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