Product Review: The Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms (10 Pack)

When you’re an ethical vegan (such as myself), or even just an eco-conscious individual, your morals come in to consideration for all aspects of your life—including safer sex practices.

Wait, Vegan Condoms?

Believe it or not, many condoms use an animal by-product, specifically casein. Casein is one of the most prominent proteins in dairy, and is produced as part of the dairy industry. When it comes to condoms, casein is used during the manufacturing process. What’s more, some companies will also add milk powder to their condoms, to which I say ‘WHY!?!’

Then, of course, there’s the issue of testing. Condoms need to be tested for safety, and some companies (including Trojan) test on animals, making them far from cruelty-free. Information about what this testing involves is limited but, quite frankly, I doubt we’d all want to know the full details (at least if animal testing on sanitary products is anything to go by).

There are various reasons why cruelty-based, milk-coated, condoms aren’t right for many people (skin irritation being yet another concern), so, vegan or not, it’s pretty important to make sure you get condoms that are as body, material, and environmentally conscious as possible, and vegan condom brands often seem like a good bet.

But, are Fair Squared a vegan condom brand to place your faith in, or is there still room for more vegan condoms in my life?

Well, there’s always room for more condoms, but read on to find out how the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms performed.

The Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms (10 Pack)

The Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms (10 Pack) is one of a few condom brands attempting to champion ethical vegan production methods and their approach is impressive.

As it stands, the entire Fair Squared condom line avoids the use of casein and any other animal-based product, and doesn’t test its products on animals, earning its vegan certification.

But, more than this, Fair Squared make sure that all of their natural rubber latex is produced in a Forest Stewardship Council certified plantation in South India. And, as if that weren’t enough, Fair Squared are the first international condom brand to only use Fair Trade latex. This mean that Fair Squared pay an extra fee (read: a fairer wage) to the rubber tappers to help boost their wages and improve their living and working conditions.

Kudos goes to Fair Squared for being a company that has earned the name they selected, but a great company ethos doesn’t always translate in to  a great product, so what of the condom itself?

The Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms is your typical cylindrically-shaped condom with a reservoir and a transparent appearance. While its vegan certification does make it a safer bet for those with irritation issues, it does still have lubricant on it, so those who struggle with lubricated condoms may want to try their dry alternative. Those who suffer from latex allergies will also still find the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms to be unsuitable, but this should be apparent.

The Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms come in at a nominal width of 52mm and have a wall thickness of 0.04mm which Lovehoney describes as ‘barely there protection’, which makes me cringe just a little bit.

Despite this somewhat scary description, the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms and CE certified and just as protective as any other condom. In fact, compared to our household’s recent encounter with a different super thin brand, the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms fared better in testing. At least for myself.

The Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms are easy to remove from their packaging and easy to unroll. A lot of thin condoms are a bit of a struggle to unfurl on to the shaft, but the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms were pretty easy to apply, even in the heat of the moment.

They do feel noticeably thin when doing so, and work well for both oral sex and blowjobs. They don’t have much of a noticeable odour and their rubbery surface is no more noticeable than any other thin condom and distinctly different from extra safe or standard condoms.

You can discern a lot more definitions with the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms, and this makes them especially great for people who like oral sex but dislike doing so without some form of protective barrier.

When used during penetrative sex I personally really enjoyed the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms. I found them to be relatively non-existent in terms of hindering my experience, and I was able to easily feel Mr Peaches’ coronal ridge gliding over my G-Spot as he thrusted with great effect.

But, come the end of our testing experiences, Mr Peaches was not impressed.

For him, the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms actually felt too tight and it was almost as if they were cutting off his circulation. Mr Peaches is slightly above average in terms of size, but we’ve never had to by XL condoms before to accommodate him, so this makes me wonder if the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms just don’t have as much flexibility as condoms of a similar (standard) size.

This, sadly, makes sense. Casein is used during the manufacturing process to actually soften the condom a bit, which would, I presume, effect its ability to accommodate slight variations in girth. Lacking this, the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms just don’t quite cut it for Mr Peaches and he actually felt that his experience was noticeably diminished and numbed.

I’ve tried other vegan condoms that haven’t had this issue at all so, in this instance, I can only put the fault firmly at Fair Squared’s feet in terms of making sure their condoms have a reasonable amount of stretch to them.

It’s a shame, too, because, outside of this, I don’t really see any other downsides with the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms. But the one downside that it does possess is pretty much a discrediting factor for us.

Final Thoughts

However, I do want to emphasize the phrase ‘for us’. If you or your partner/s have a standard sized penis, or slightly smaller then, chances are, the Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms will be more than suited for the task at hand.

It’s certainly got a good review over at Lovehoney, and I can’t see it having many more objective downsides outside of being slightly less size-accommodating than other condom brands.

So, although we didn’t personally get along with these particular vegan condoms, I can still recommend giving them a try, especially at £7.99 for 10, which isn’t a bad price at all to stand by one’s morals and/or avoid milk powdered condoms (because, again, why?!).

Recommend to:


Those who like thin condoms.

Those with a standard/slightly slim penis.

Do Not Recommend to:

Girthy individuals.

Those with latex allergies.

Those who prefer thicker condoms.