Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 037 (The Pulse)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

I tried to give blood the other day and got rejected. Thin veins apparently. On both arms. It was quite a disappointment.

Had I used this dildo beforehand I may have just been able to donate too, because the Pulse gets my blood flowing and causes multiple swelling sensations in my body.

As with many Ceramic Pleasure dildos, the Pulse isn’t necessarily the next iconic dildo on the market, but when the orgasms are consistently great regardless, then does it really need to shatter my world every time? I don’t think so. In fact sometimes I’d prefer the reliable growing sensation of my G-Spot and strong, clenching finish that the Pulse provides rather than trying to chase a greater high.

Call me old fashioned like that.

The Pulse has many of the aspects that drew me to Ceramic Pleasure dildos to start with. The design is well-considered and the texture simple but enough to peak one’s interest. It’s glaze is absolutely stunning, with a yellowy cream serving as the base colour and strong flecks of red speckling the entirety of the shaft, consuming its background as if it were trying its very best to passionately take it all in.

Oooor maybe it’s the other way around. Like a Zebra’s stripes it’s sometimes hard to tell, but still looks uniquely brilliant regardless of the order.

The base of the Pulse is slightly flared, meaning it could be used for anal in theory, but I do believe that it’s for more experienced users than complete beginners. Its rather noticeable bulging tip is a sure hindrance to complete beginners and would even give Mr Peaches pause for thought.

Ceramic is very good for a smooth entry, which works to its benefit in all instances of insertion. Add even the smallest amount of lubrication and the Pulse will willingly slide its way in to the body with very little effort. Ceramic can be used with water-based, silicone, or oil lubricant, though if you opt for oil then you’ll want to remember that oil-based lubricant cannot be used with condoms (if you’re planning penetration afterwards, for example).

The dipped design on the Pulse’s texture remains isolated to its head and has minimal impact during use. It’s just enough to grab the G-Spot’s attention but not so much that if you disliked all texture you’d have to discredit this toy. I think this makes the Pulse quite nicely accesible, even for those who typically avoid texture, but personal preference will ultimately rule out here.

Being a little bit of a child at heart, when I look at the texture on the Pulse’s bulge all I can think of is a cyclops trying to do a pouty face with its eye closed (while saying “Mmmmnh”), but I digress.


It is the increase in girth and the angle of the curve which really secure the Pulse’s success during use. These elements are practically tried and tested for success in the adult market, but making sure that both principles (bulge & angle) are properly implemented can be easier said than done.

The amazing individual behind Ceramic Pleasure may not have an extensive background in the adult industry but his many years crafting and working with ceramic has clearly given him the experience needed to achieve the optimal shape for the job at hand, and the Pulse is testament to this.

For some the Pulse may be too big, too angled, or not textured enough, but this is where Ceramic Pleasure’s bespoke services come in handy. They will work to your wishes to help craft the perfect product for you, and progress pictures are sent throughout.

Ceramic Pleasure toys are incredibly well priced for the potentially lifelong product that you get. I’ve reviewed my fair share of ceramic sex toys now, and none have even come close to the price range that Ceramic Pleasure provides their products at.

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t begrudge paying double the price for a toy such as the Pulse. It’s beautiful, effective, and sturdy (though, fair warning: don’t drop it. It will sadly fracture in most cases). The only real downsides I still have with the Pulse (and all Ceramic Pleasure dildos) is that they have exposed ceramic at the bottom of the toy and the flared based and weight of the toy aren’t really suitable for harnessed use. But no one toy will be fit for every purpose possible.

The Pulse is one of the Ceramic Pleasure toys that I have grabbed for eagerly with each testing experience, and it has never failed to give me the orgasm i’ve request from it with gentle wiggling motions. I can definitely recommend it, along with Ceramic Pleasure in general.

And, although it’s unrelated, I can’t really stay neutral in this instance. A lot of tragedies have been happening in the UK. When such things happen I was always told to look for the people who help, but I’ve always tried to be one of the people who help.

If you want to help too then please do search for applicable charities, share related posts and petitions online (as long as they’re proven accurate), or perhaps even consider giving blood yourself. Allow me to get jabbed vicariously through you.