Product Review: The Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit (With Paracord Handle)

Every time I get a new Kink Craft kit I keep it close by telling myself I’ll do it and then chickening out at the last moment and saying “Tomorrow…tomorrow” as if the procrastinator’s mantra was ever a good one to adopt.

And every time, when I do eventually get around to doing my kit, I enjoy every moment of it.

There are so many elements of Kink Craft’s kits which make them incredibly appealing and wonderfully straightforward. The only thing I ever regret about getting a Kink Craft kit is not starting them up sooner!

The Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit (With Paracord Handle)

The Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit (With Paracord Handle) is no exception to this rule. The Kink Craft crew debuted their synthetic cane kit at Eroticon in crafting sessions. At first, they weren’t sure anyone would be interested in a cane, but the sessions were actually so popular that they turned out to be jam packed!

People flocked through the doors. Even if you were early there was liable to be a waiting queue and, although I did get to start one at Eroticon, I never managed to finish it for lack of time. Kudos to the Kink Craft crew, though, who were as helpful and accommodating as they could possibly be.

But, having had a taste of the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane (and seeing Mary Darling wield one like the spectacular sorceress she is) there really was no question in my mind that I wanted to make my own (and, of course, use it).

Thank the kinky gods that Kink Craft provided a kit for review (although I did end up buying my own tutorial again, through no fault of Kink Craft) because I was hypnotized when crafting this kit.

Despite looking a bit daunting (as all craft projects do at first, I believe) the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit is very easy to get a handle on—pun intended, as you’re primarily crafting the handle for your cane.

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The cane section of the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit is actually already provided by Kink Craft and perfectly smoothed and rounded on one end to make it the perfect impact rod. The cane itself is plastic and is 50cm in length and is of a decent thickness to provide a nice thwack without feeling too sharp or brutal. It’s entirely accessible for beginners but can still give the oomph necessary when you want it to. It will leave a mark but I’ve found this does take some skill on the part of the wielder, so all-in-all a nice cane for impact initiatives and those who don’t want it too painful.

But the handle is where it’s at for the crafting experience.

Trust me when I say there’s nothing quite like fashioning the grasping section of an item you’re going to use for sexual gratification—whether it’s taking it in to your own hands or lovingly gifting it to your partner. And the beautiful decorative pattern selected for the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit is expertly chosen for grip and aesthetic beauty. Plus, it’s actually really easy to get the hang of crafting.

Credit here goes entirely to Kink Craft for making very straightforward instructions, and to Pixie who demonstrated them skilfully. I’ve recently taken up knitting and have been browsing some of the tutorials on Youtube and, allow me to say, compared to many craft-based tutorials out their Kink Craft really know their stuff.

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Everything you’ll need to craft your cane is included in the kit, excluding a measuring tape, some scissors, and a fire source. But, hey, Kink Craft can’t supply everything, else the kit wouldn’t cost £16.00 (which is super cheap, in my opinion for what you get).

Paracord is the primary material used for the handle, which is a very durable, malleable, and easy to clean material. It’s what many military operations employ and it used to be used for parachutes, so you know your handle will be very long-lasting once properly constructed.

Call me biased, but I also think that paracord looks and feels utterly gorgeous. It’s noticeably tactile and slightly clawing on the surface, but it never feels irritating—managing to keep the body engaged (even as a handle) without punishing it too harshly.

This tactile element makes it perfect for the crafting process too—as you can always feel what you’re doing with it, can always maintain a good grip, but shouldn’t ever feel like your hands get sore or exasperated from working it (at least not for a project with a short duration time, such as this cane).

I took my time with the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit and I still think it took me an hour at most, so it really is just a case of setting aside an hour in the day to make all your erotic crafting dreams come true.

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Starting the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit I did have a bit of an edge—as I had done part of it with the crew themselves—but regardless I was still checking and double checking every sweeping motion, just to make sure I was getting it right. When I got about halfway through the process I found myself swelling with pride that I was actually doing it. I was making my handle and it was looking lovely. That pride lingered throughout the entire process, which I found to be therapeutic and calming.

The repetition of crafting is something I adore and I was able to put on a creepypasta while crafting my cane and listen to the soothing lull of a spooky tale while creating my own scream-inducing item.

Come the end of the crafting process I was able to smoothly finish things off (even when fire was involved) and was left in awe of the interwoven handle that had formed from my own rhythmic motions and the careful guidance of Pixie. I am so proud of my Kink Craft Synthetic Cane and there is no way that I’ll ever contest its worth (both as a crafting project and as a practical kink item).

Alas, I must consider downsides, and the most obvious one for me is that people with mobility issues may find the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit impossible. If this is the case then Kink Craft items can be purchased readymade, but you do lose some of the experience in buying readymade.

I also found some of the shrink wrap tube to be a bit finicky to put in to place, but this is a minor nitpick.

Final Thoughts

Customisation is the icing on the cake for the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit, as you can get you Kink Craft Synthetic Cane in a choice of Blue, Forest Green, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose, Purple, White. And this really does highlight the main ethos of Kink Craft—the personal touch.

I have never quite felt ownership over my kink items as much as with my Kink Craft collection because every element of them is mine. Selected by myself, made by myself, and brought in to my sex life with a background of time and emotions invested in the crafting process.

It’s an experience unlike any other and I highly recommend that you try a Kink Craft kit if you can. As options go, the Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit is a brilliant starter selection and gets my enthusiastic seal of approval.

Recommend to:

People who want to get in to crafting.

People who like a personal touch.

People who want a tame cane.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who cannot craft at all (for various reasons).

People who dislike paracord.

People who prefer a very biting cane.

The Kink Craft Synthetic Cane Kit was provided to me by Kink Craft in exchange for an honest review.