Toy Review: The Womanizer Pro40

It’s been a long time since I found myself reviewing a Womanizer product. I’m no stranger to suction-based sex toys nowadays but I’ve been a Satisfyer convert since the launch of the Pro 2 (only strengthened by the introduction of the Penguin).

The Womanizer may have been the first big suction-based sex toy on the market but its name, appearance, and price have constantly worked against it. And, although $129 isn’t horrendous for a ‘luxury’ suction-based toy, it’s still quite a steep price mark compared to many similar products on the market now.

But has performance shined through to reintroduce Womanizer as a viable contender in the suction-based market? Read on to find out.

The Womanizer Pro40

The Womanizer Pro40 is a new, improved, waterproof version of some of the older Womanizer models. Gone are the leopard prints, go-go pinks, and rhinestones (thank the lords) and instead Womanizer have elected to have a sleeker and more stylish design for the Womanizer Pro40. Well…stylish by Womanizer standards.

As Womanizer toys go this is practically gender neutral.

This means that the Womanizer Pro40 still looks like it’s better suited for checking your temperature than teasing your clit, but as long as a sex toy works and is comfortable to hold I’m hardly fussy about how it looks, so this isn’t a huge issue to my mind.

Womanizer have also put the effort in to offer two different colours for the Womanizer Pro40—Magenta or White. In both cases the primary colour is accentuated with a silver section, which surrounds the primary control panel.

In a useful approach to the controls, the Womanizer Pro40 has an on/off button and then two different buttons to control the speed. The on/off button needs to be pressed and held to get the Womanizer Pro40 going or stop it but simply pressing it will also take it back to the gentlest setting.

This is excellent if, for example, you find that you get hyper sensative after an orgasm and want to make sure that you can quickly adjust the intensity of your toy. It’s also perfect for those who need to be very stealthy and may find they have to go optimum silent mode at the turn of a handle.

The controls for this toy are smartly designed (if not ideally positioned).

The Womanizer Pro40 isn’t exactly whisper quiet, but neither is it through-the-doors loud, so most people should be okay to use it. What’s more, with its almost medical appearance, most people won’t be able to easily guess what the Womanizer Pro40 is for.

As said before, the Womanizer Pro40 is waterproof, which makes cleaning it an absolute breeze. The Womanizer Pro40 has a detachable soft silicone nozzle which attaches to its firm ABS body. This makes the Womanizer Pro40 phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. It also makes cleaning even easier, and I’ve never found issues with keeping my Womanizer Pro40 in top working order.

I can’t say I’m a massive fan of underwater play personally, but the Womanizer Pro40 certainly does function when submerged. This will be great news for those who like exploring different sensations in different situations (and those who like a warm and cosy sex session).

The Womanizer Pro40 is USB rechargeable, making it a great on-the-go vibrator and eliminating the fuss of having to switch out batteries over and over.

I must confess, for a while I was so used to rechargeable sex toys that I forgot how jarring and irritating it was to run out of juice mid-session and then have to go battery hunting to revive a much-loved sex toy. But, having recently revisited this experience I can confidently say that having a rechargeable sex toy is worth every extra penny.

Very few people will guess what this is.

For those who haven’t used a suction-based sex toy before, the idea behind them is easy: simply take that circular silicone section of the toy and position it so that it’s engulfing your clitoris. From there simply turn the toy on and enjoy the sensation. The Womanizer Pro40 works best when used with water-based lubricant and comes with two different cap sizes, (14x12mm and 20x19mm) to account for variety in people’s bodies.

Typically, such products have a juddery quiver to their rim while they simultaneously suck the clit with the pressure of the vacuum caused in a manner that does feel eerily similar to well-performed oral sex. It also pretty much induces insta-orgasms in about 70% of individuals who try one.

This can vary (or can feel unsettling for those who prefer a build-up) but many appreciate the profound, seemingly unending orgasms that suction-based toys provide far too much to complain.

But, when it comes to the Womanizer Pro40, complain I must.

Lamentably, this suction-based toy just didn’t do it for me at all. Unlike pretty much every other suction-based sex toy I’ve tried, the Womanizer Pro40 seemed to be lacking the near vibrational sensations in its silicone nozzle which tickled and teased my clit to a suckled climax of indescribable pleasure. Without it the Womanizer Pro40 just felt like it was desperately, almost painfully, trying to tug my clit upwards until it could wring an orgasm out of it. It wasn’t pleasant.

For me it felt similar to someone trying to give a hicky with all suck and no passion nor care. Yes, you’ll probably meet your goal, but that doesn’t mean it will be pleasant for the person you mark. That’s the Womanizer Pro40 in a nutshell.

And the Womanizer Pro40 actually felt so uncomfortable with its pure suction that I even feared it would be leaving sore marks on my vulva. One wrong angle, after all, and it felt like it was trying to hoover up by labia like a vacuum making contact with the drapes. Not pleasant at all.

I dislike being so wholly negative when it comes to a product, and there is a chance that if pure-suction without the quiver is what you’re seeking then the Womanizer Pro40 is for you, but it’s not for me. Not at all.

Another clear strike against the Womanizer Pro40 is that it automatically shuts itself off after 30 minutes. 30 minutes!? What is this supervisory sexual-regulation that the Womanizer Pro40 is trying to impose upon me.

Granted, this is probably for safety reasons, but it always feels condescending for me when a toy is automatically designed to cut you off. It’s as if the creators of the toy are saying that they don’t trust your body and don’t trust that you sensibly know your limits, which is infuriating.

Outside of this I also found that the controls of the Womanizer Pro40 were a tad awkward to alternate during use without repositioning the toy, but this wasn’t a consistent issue, so it’s small-fry compared to the self-imposed curfew and pure suckage of this sex toy. What a shame.

Final Thoughts

Despite my loyalty to the Satisfyer brand, I’ve always rooted for the Womanizer making its own breakthrough and innovations. But the Womanizer Pro40 feels like a misstep and makes me wonder if Womanizer ever truly knew what made them so effective to start with.

I’ll continue to root for Womanizer, but I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this toy, especially considering the alternatives on the market.

Recommend to:

People who like strong suction-based toys.

People who dislike the feeling of vibrations.

People who dislike the original Womanizer design.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like some quiver with their suction.

People who prefer a gentler suction-based toy.

People who resent being cut off.

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