Event Review: Knicker Rocker Glory’s Afternoon Tease

Late last year I decide to treat myself to one of Knicker Rocker Glory’s Afternoon Tease events, and it was probably one of the best and most sex positive things I could have done for myself.

For those not in the know, Knicker Rocker Glory is a small adult retailer run by Ruby l’Ace: Lover of kink, Mistress of the Boudoir, and my pin-up 50’s sex icon.

Ruby has a background in the field of sexology, and her fascination with psychology, biology, and sociology shines through in the attentiveness she pays to her beautifully curated boudoir of adult items. But where Ruby’s online store is a treasure trove of adult delights, her Afternoon Tease events are the crowning glory.

Knicker Rocker Glory’s Afternoon Tease

The Premise of the Afternoon Tease event is so homely that if it weren’t inherently kinky you’d swear you were paying for high-tea with all the anticipated finishing touches.

At each Afternoon Tease you will have a chance to craft your own Kink Craft Mini Flogger in a colour scheme of your choice (selected by you in advance) alongside a bunch of like-minded individuals.

Ruby walks you through every step of the process so you never feel overwhelmed.

I think my favourite thing about Ruby’s form of instruction is that it’s so wonderfully informal while also managing to be perfectly concise and helpful. At no point was Ruby dry, methodical, or impatient with her teaching. Instead she approached the crafting of a Mini Flogger as it should be approached—with fun, laughter, and lots of beautiful herbals teas.

Ruby has made many floggers herself now, but she’s not beyond the odd awkward cringe herself when making a flogger alongside her guests, and this just adds to the charm of the event. It gives a real ‘We’re all in this together’ vibe to the entire situation and makes me think of Tupperware parties or similar events of comical camaraderie which have gone shamefully out of fashion recently. I’m so glad that Ruby has chosen to revive such events (but with her own kinky twist).

@kink_craft, tea and sex toy shenanigans over at @knicker_rocker_glory’s place 💕

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Conversation remains informal and friendly throughout and, although a lot of it is sex-based, it doesn’t have to be a strictly-sex event. Ruby and I ended up discussing everything from dildos, to dogs, to literature, to anti-depressants, to the charms and downfalls of London, and even the best ways to decorate one’s home with repurposed and reclaimed furniture.

Every moment felt effortless, warm, and incredibly inviting. There wasn’t a single dull moment and I can’t count the amount of times we found ourselves laughing over various anecdotes or the comical side of our current conversational point.

And, as if brilliant conversation and a fun flogger crafting session weren’t enough, the Afternoon Tease also comes with tea, coffee, and a full selection of food—including options for those with dietary concerns. As many of y’all know, I’m a Vegan (over one year now, whoo!) and Ruby had absolutely no issue catering to my dietary choices. The platter I was provided was delicious, included a variety of food, and came with enough dishes for me that I actually couldn’t eat them all!

Ruby was kind enough to pack the leftovers away for me and they were greatly appreciated later one, but talk about feeling catered for (quite literally). Having seen the current menu for the Afternoon Tease I am fully confident that most people will enjoy what Ruby has to offer:

Bottom Plate (or the biggest of the three if not a traditional tiered offering)

Cucumber (fingers)

Cream Cheese, Salmon, Red Amaranth (Triangles)

Tomato & Basil (crostini)

Middle Plate (medium plate)

Warm Scones (uncut) / Vegan Banana Bread (soft or toasted)

With clotted cream (whipped coconut cream for vegan)

Butter / vegan butter

Artisan preserves

Top Plate (small plate)

House brownies

White chocolate & rose slice

Gluten-free / vegan cake options as needed

Which brings me on to my next point in this review. Charmed as I was by the in-house, 1-on-1 tease that I was treated to, the Knicker Rocker Glory Afternoon Tease has since expanded and is now hosted in a sex-positive London venue—Coffee, Cake, & Kisses.

As well as now taking place in this totally appropriate venue, the Afternoon Tease has also been upgraded with some guest attendees, focused on making sexual discussion more accessible and providing an informative and reassuring source of sex advice for anyone who may need it.

In the case of the upcoming tease this includes Emma and a team of individuals from the Women’s Health Clinic—a nurse-led team of sexual health experts who typically run a clinic that offers full sexual health services catering to the female perspective. These lovely ladies have seen it all and they are happy to talk to anyone attending about anything they wish, giving you what is essentially expert health advice alongside a crafting lesson, a social event, and an afternoon meal.

All of this comes at the ridiculously affordable price of £45 at full price or £40 for those lucky individuals who can count themselves as early birds.

Ruby never overcrowds events, which means that you’ll never feel overwhelmed or neglected, but this does lead to the only big downside of the Afternoon Tease—you’ve got to be pretty decisive in reserving your space. No leaving it til the last moment, else you may find yourself disappointed and missing out on an afternoon to remember.

Final Thoughts

It seems that the Afternoon Tease has changed quite a bit since I attended last year, and this really indicates the professional ambition and dedication that Ruby has towards her customers and tease attendees.

Regardless of the variations, I feel confident in recommending the Knicker Rocker Glory Afternoon Tease and feel like the changes made can only help make the event even better and provide an even more comprehensive service for sex-nerds and kinky-crafters alike.

And, although I’ve not made any plans with Ruby about this yet, I’d certainly be happy to act as a guest individual at one of these events, giving you even more incentive to come and join us for a spot of tea.

Recommend to:

People who like crafting.

People who want likeminded friends.

People who want sexpert advice.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer academic/formal settings.

People who are very socially anxious (though Ruby would make allowances for you).

People who don’t live in the UK (unless you are in the area).