Product Review: The Whiz Freedom

Screaming, I jumped up and down with all the glee of a cockatoo listening to Queen.

Why? Because I’d just won the Whiz Freedom from Sh!

Admittedly, this was aaaages ago, and I need to give myself a slap on the wrist for not having reviewed this sooner (or perhaps just for the heck of it, but I digress).

But, honestly, what vulva-owning individual would not be thrilled to own an implement like the Whiz Freedom? The amount of times we’ve had to ungracefully squat during a forest retreat, or cringe and half-sit/half-squat on dubious-looking toilet seats in public bathrooms. All gone. Now we can claim the liberation of the standing pee. And, yes, I say that completely unironically.

And that’s not to mention the liberation that the Whiz Freedom can offer genderqueer and trans individuals. I’ve never felt quite as Emmanuel Plum as the moment when I did my first standing whiz. It was one of those “Today, I am a man” moments, and I fucking loved it.

The Whiz Freedom

Allow me to reiterate, though; the Whiz Freedom is not just for those who wish to play with their gender. In fact, the fact that we have so strongly coded forms of urination with a particular gender identity speaks volumes of just how ingrained the problematic gender binary can be at times.

Gee whiz, this product is great.

Instead, here is an item that gives vulva-owners of any inclination the ability to urinate without having to worry about going in to the conventional squat mode which has been considered inconvenient for eons.

Squatting to urinate may be typical if you have a vulva, but it’s also rather inconvenient in many regards, so a product that provides an affordable alternative is absolutely indespensible. Whiz Freedom list the various situations in which their product could be useful, and I agree wholeheartedly with them all:


-Sports Activities.

-To avoid huge queues.

-When toilets are unclean.

-By the mobility impaired.

-In medical situations.

And, might I also add, the day after leg day when plonking down on the toilet seat is just not an option at all.

From this selection, it’s clear that Whiz Freedom have really thought of everything and have tried to cater to an incredibly array of needs. The Whiz Freedom is reuseable, made from a lightweight anti-bacterial material, is machine washable, and can be very easily placed against the vulva.

For those who are mobility impaired it can be modified to act with other applicators and modification systems and you don’t even need to remove your trousers in order to use the Whiz Freedom—allowing you to urinate in discretion any time and anywhere.

This is its vulva-section…

With a thorough rinse after use, you can use this product again and again, making its £11 price tag one of the best investments ever if you are a runner, hiker, festival goer, or gender fluid individual.

It is recommended that you use the Whiz Freedom a few times before going out and about with it, but not because it may leak, On the contrary—the Whiz Freedom has been designed to never really leak. But it does have multiple methods of use, and sometimes one’s uncertainty can be the biggest barrier to using this product confidently.

I was a nervous wreck when first using this product. Would I be able to use it right? What if I’m the one snowflake who can’t pee standing up even with a device medically made to purpose? What if I urinated all over myself or the floor? (That’s not my kink) My apprehensions were many.

However, they all faded the first exhilarating time I used the Whiz Freedom and saw just how easy the process was. For me, it does align quite a bit with my masculine identity when I want it to (though it’s not always a gender coded item or act). If I want to feel all Emmanuel I can simply put on my packer, use the Whiz Freedom when needed and get geared up for a blowjob later.

…And this is its spout.

But I’m also fascinated by the reconnection that the Whiz Freedom has given me with my body in general. Much like transitioning from pads/tampons to a menstrual cup, I never really realized just how disconnected I was from my urine until I started using the Whiz Freedom and could suddenly see it with more clarity.

Sitting down to urinate you really do miss a large part of the process. Using the Whiz Freedom you can much more accurately document flow, colour, and frequency in a mindful and health-centric manner. It’s been more of a mental shift than I imagined and I greatly appreciate this body engagement that the Whiz Freedom has provided.

The only real downside myself and others I’ve shown could detect is that it’s rather large and obvious in regards to what it is. If the design could be maintained and the Whiz Freedom and the product be made collapsible then it would be true brilliance.

Final Thoughts

How can one £11 item make so much of a difference to one’s life? I can only imagine with thorough research, dedication, and a lot of expertise.

Whatever the magic formula is that brought the Whiz Freedom in to creation I am happy that it exists and cannot recommend it enough for easy standing urination and a greater understanding of your body.

The Whiz Freedom provides so much, and has so few cons that there really is no reason not to at least try one. Go on—you know you’re curious.

Plus leg day. Seriously. I can’t stress this enough.

Recommend to:

People with a vulva.

Outdoorsy types.

People with mobility issues.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with extreme body issues.

People with gender issues they need to address first.

People who already have a penis (you lucky buggers).