Product Review: The EXS Air Thin Condoms

I am a shameless condom whore.

Whenever I get the chance I binge buy different condom brands, trying every variety that I can.

It was one of my recent condom shopping sprees which resulted in the acquisition of the EXS Air Thin Condoms.

My prevailing reason for selecting this brand was price. At £5.99 for 12 and just £26.99 for 144 these condoms offer excellent value for money and I’m a huge fan of accessible safer sex items.

How was I to anticipate that such an innocent buy would create such a negative experience for someone so close to me?

Brew yourself a cuppa because we’re going to get a little personal in this review.

The EXS Air Thin Condoms

The EXS Air Thin Condoms are a standard condom brand designed to be as innocuous as possible.

These condoms have given us bad memories, but necessarily through an objective flaw.

The real giveaway is in the name, ‘Air Thin’; there’s a desire for lightness in condom brands and the ever-coveted undetectable condom.

Having now had sex both with and without a condom I can see the appeal. Condom-free sex does provide you with the skin contact of your partner and no matter how thin the condom this is hard to replicate.

That being said, I wouldn’t say the difference is an enthralling game changer or anything of the sort. For Mr Peaches and I the difference is there but a good condom doesn’t detract, it’s just different.

What do we see as a good condom?

Well, it has to be certified, well-tested, and handle the rigor of sex. These are the essential aspects that make a condom effective, sensation is what defines the overall impression that a condom leaves.

Thinner condoms ultimately allow more of our natural definition to come through and thus allows for additional stimulation. In our opinion a textured condom has nothing on a condom which allows us to feel our own contours and so the thinner the better.

If I had to make an observation on the difference between condom-free sex and sex with a good thin condom it would have to be the added smoothness and glide that a condom’s latex form inevitably provides, and is that really a bad thing?

In my experience, no, though yours might differ.

And the EXS Air Thin Condoms really do deliver on their name. These condoms come in at 0.045mm, which is respectably thin compared to non-thin condoms.

EXS suggest that most ultra thin condoms are 0.065mm thick, but thus isn’t wholly accurate now, as most thin condoms are aiming to be as slender as possible to match (or exceed) their competitors.

Not impressively thin anymore but still effectively thin.

The measurements of the EXS Air Thin Condoms may be nothing special, but the ease with which they slid on was near-unparalleled in our experience.

Mr Peaches was so impressed with just how easily they rolled on that he wouldn’t stop singing their praises, and even I have to admit to an admirable ease of use.

Even our partner, who is a bit out-of-date when it comes to sex involving a penis, found these condoms incredibly ease to apply. BUT she would never use them again.

Condoms are great, but just because a product allows safer sex doesn’t mean that it’s 100% effective. Mistakes happen and good practice needs to be adhered to.

In this instance anti-depressants came in to the mix and muddied the water.

Always read and follow the instructions given with your condoms.

Due to his meds Mr Peaches can take a long time to climax and can vary from erect to flaccid.

As most people will know, condoms really do work best with a firm erection. This allows them to fit more reliably and avoid slipping off.

But for him, you guessed it, it slipped off.

This resulted in sheer terror for our partner and a very emotionally distressing trip to get the morning after pill (an article for another day, I can assure you).

Given this, her decision to never use these condoms again is completely understandable and I wholeheartedly respect her decision.

Mr Peaches was much more forgiving of these condoms. He understood full well that getting flaccid meant vigilance was needed with the condom and there was a lapse in this. But it’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment.

As for me, I feel there were multiple factors worth considering.

Yes, there was a lapse in safer sex vigilance, and the condoms aren’t at fault for this, but it does serve to highlight one of the inherent downsides of super thin condoms.

When a condom gets to the point where you can hardly feel it then it is significantly harder to detect any issues. Tears, splits, and full removal instantly becomes much harder to detect. Not necessarily ideal.

BUT if you are aware of this, and know you have a pre-existing condition which may effect condom efficiency, then all you require is vigilance in order to maintain a safe-sex stance. As always, everyone involved in a sex act is accountable for the safety of all involved and knowledge is key.

Despite this incident, Mr Peaches and I still intend to use these condoms between us. Not only am I on the pill, but I have a coil too. We’re also both free from STIs so any slip offs are not a physical nor emotional hinderance for us.

What’s more we are both aware that the condom wasn’t necessarily at fault and, to us, they feel pretty fucking fantastic. Not the best air thin condoms we’ve tried in terms of sensation, but close.

Add this to the ease of application (so rare in super thin condoms) and we have been left impressed by these condoms.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that our negative experience with these condoms has left and impression. But Mr Peaches has been keen to emphasize his personal accountability and the rarity that he speculates such incidents would occur for others.

Indeed, if the Lovehoney review pages are anything to go by then most people agree that these condoms are very effective at what they set out to achieve.

Just be sure never to be complacent with good safer sex practices because a condom is involved. As with any safer sex option, its mere presence is not a baseline for success.

Recommend to:

People who like thin condoms.

People who like ease of application.

People who appreciate near-invisible sensation.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like thick condoms.

People who struggle to maintain an erection.

People who use sensation as an indicator of condom safety.