Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 036 (The Ease)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

Life is rarely simple. Plight and hardship seem to be a daily occurrence for modern society and at times things can seem truly hopeless.

Thankfully when it comes to political and ideological turmoil we all stand united to help each other, and to honor those who found themselves in the line of fire. (This is a sex blog, I know, but sometimes it’s impossible to stay neutral).

And, for those more daily hardships (the Monday feeling, the fatigue of chores, etc.) there’s sex.

Finding love in all aspects of life is, as always, so vital right now, and a good sex toy can make all the difference. So when I find a toy that makes achieving pleasure near-effortless I hold it close and let everyone know of its merits.

The Ease is one such toy.

The Ease is not a dynamite. It won’t have you singing like Katy Perry. But it does sit on the G-Spot without hesitation. It does have subtle texture which adds just enough variation to disrupt its sleek ceramic gloss, and it does have a shaft that’s firm and thick enough to never release the persistent pressure that one would hope for in a rigid G-Spotting toy.

The Ease, in a nutshell, is just a good time, no effort required. You slide it in, get your clit vibe and wiggle and jiggle it to your hearts desire and a orgasm is likely to follow.

Such smooth pleasure makes me value the Ease much more than a toy that gives fantastic but unreliable orgasms, or one that is quick to bring me to climax but underwhelming when I get there.

Instead the Ease hits that perfect mid-spot of giving me an orgasm which is strong, effective, long-lasting, and easy to achieve, even if it isn’t the most memorable sex toy in my arsenal.

If I was having a lazy orgasm day I would whip out the Ease without hesitation. It’s ceramic glaze means that it doesn’t even really need much in the way of lubricant in order to be inserted, even for those who find their own lubrication to be in shorter supply (such as myself).

It’s also worth repeating that ceramic is perfect for heating, cooling, or using with different types of lube (silicone or oil) which would otherwise clash with some toys/condoms.

And don’t think that i’m not going to mention the beauty of the Ease, which is a speckled, freckled version of one of my all-time favorite ceramic colourations, blue. And what wonderful depth the blue is given through lighter elements such as a gentler blue and white. It really comes through on the textured areas in order to highlight the artistry in the design.

That being said, some of the texture on the Ease is rather inane and doesn’t do much of anything. This is certainly true for the side indentations and the ridges on its bottom section, but there is an aesthetic element to such features which can’t really be overlooked. To phrase it another way ‘the Ease is a little bit of a show pony, but that’s fine because it’s hot to trot’ (not sure why that analogy went massively equine-esque, but there you go).

Downsides for the Ease are, sadly, obvious and will be a deal breaker for some.

If you dislike firm toys then rule out pretty much all ceramics from your repertoire. These toys will never appease those who like their toys soft and squishy, unless they’re harboring a secret fascination with the rigid that has yet to be explored. Even then, though, I would recommend a slimmer toy than the Ease, or a bespoke smaller version if the design really appeals to you.

This toy’s curve and flat head also makes it pretty inaccessible for rapid thrusting, so if you use thrusting as your main method of achieving climax then the Ease may become much more of a frustration for you.

But beyond these points of personal preference I really can’t fault the Ease, which manages to provide a service that most people would be very happy with. It’s another example of how Ceramic pleasure is learning to refine their methods and find designs that appeal to a broader customer base, and I’m happy to consider myself one of those very happy customers.