Toy Review: The Lelo Soraya

Lelo recently had a huge robbery occur. A group of thieves decided they really valued safe sex (but not ethical retail practices) as they stole 30,000 Lelo Hex condoms, and 33 Lelo Hugos to boot.

My condolences go out to Lelo in this situation (although at this point the president of Lelo has stated that ‘At this stage, we’ll be happy if the thieves just use the condoms themselves’).

But I also need to use this situation to make a bit of a light-hearted joke, because the Lelo Soraya stole a few things from me too: my breath, my sense of professionalism, and, most notably, my status as a battle-hardened power queen.

I have never been the type of person who has had a vibrator bring them to the brink in a matter of moments but the Lelo Soraya managed to achieve just that. Call it the second biggest sex heist of 2017.

The Lelo Soraya

The Lelo Soraya is a dual-motor sex toy that follows the rabbit-type design but with its own sleek approach. Gone are any twee bunny ears or shabby rows of beads and instead users are met with faux-metal ABS plastic sides, accentuating smooth silicone, and a slim-but-effective clitoral probe.

The Soraya is something else.

The Soraya is 8.7 inches in total length (though not all of it is useable) and its subtly curving shaft has a slightly narrower frame than some vibrators—as it really monopolizes on those indented metal sides.

The ABS plastic of the Soraya hardens the sensation of this dildo, and not even its silicone sections offer a full reprieve from this admittedly very effective firmness.

Some toys benefit from having a firmer shaft and the Lelo Soraya is definitely one of them. The firmness of this toy allows you to angle its shaft in such a way that it adds additional pressure to the G-Spot, which is accentuated by its oddly slim width. It also helps vibrations travel more effectively.

Either way, the smooth, almost buttery tenderness of the Soraya’s silicone is not effected and the entire toy lubes up well and slides in to the body with all the grace of a handwritten letter into a high-quality envelope. Poetry in sensation.

Yet, thankfully, the clitoral prong of the Soraya is nicely flexible, allowing you to navigate around it with a different clitoral toy or bring it closer or further to the body should you wish. This was invaluable to me because, although the Soraya’s clitoral section does pack a punch (better than most strong bullets), it’s not always what I want to stimulate my body with, so it’s great that Lelo seems to have considered this and provided the user with options.

The balance of firmness and flexibility in this toy is brilliant.

I’ve also found that I can flip the Soraya and use it’s shaft to stimulate my clit while I use the external prong to stimulate my partner’s balls during doggy style—which is a technique I highly recommend for getting various benefits from your vibe.

Lelo have put a lot of effort in to making sure the Soraya can induce blended orgasms and, for the most part, they’re successful .The external prong is probably one of the most accommodating I’ve felt on the market and this toy has 8 pleasure settings and a variety of intensities, the maximum of which is impressive and suitably rumbly.

I had my integrity as a blogger robbed when I very first received the Soraya.

I took it out of its box and turned it on to feel its impressive strength and tone of vibration. Impressed I decided to place it on my crotch, through my jeans, to see just how strong it felt and within seconds I was bent over climaxing with immense euphoria. It was, to me, that good.

And I’m not too sure what deeper endorsement a vibrator can get beyond through-thick-jeans-effective in terms of potency. Ever since this first encounter the Soraya has never failed to give me a great orgasm (albeit usually internally and usually in a longer time frame) so I am a firm convert to its ways. This is saying something, too, as I typically despise rabbit vibrators.

And If I could only use this as a rabbit I do have to confess that I doubt I’d be as attached to the Soraya. Its external prong doesn’t feel quite as refined or deep as those in its shaft and, as such, I’m glad I have options when it comes to its usage.

The controls are straightforward on this vibrator.

But I’m not ranking this toy for potential failures. The fact of the matter is that the design of the Soraya works. A 2 hour charge will also produce 4 hours worth of play, which is pretty decent. This toy is also accompanied with a storage pouch, some lubricant, and a warranty. All good things.

I think my biggest frustration with the Soraya would be the point where the ABS plastic and silicone meet, which can be a pain to clean, but that’s about it. Those who dislike rabbits or hard toys may also find that the Soraya doesn’t convert them, as these aspects of the toy, although atypical, are rather ingrained.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very happy with the Lelo Soraya and can see it being one of the very few rabbits that actually earns long-term top-shelf status in my eyes.

It has very few downsides while also adhering to its core goals and making sure that the product is a satisfying (and powerful) ride.

I don’t often recommend rabbits but I do feel like the Lelo Soraya is a vibrator worth making an exception for.

Oh, and if you already love dual-stim vibrators then I can only imagine how effective the Soraya may be for you. I’m almost a tad jealous at the prospect.

Recommend to:

People who like rabbit vibes.

People who like flexible external prongs.

Power queens.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm shafts.

People who dislike rabbit vibes.

People who prefer buzzy vibrations.

The Lelo Soraya was provided by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support my site then please do make purchases using the affiliate links included.