Article: Godemiche & Affiliation (Pt. 2)

Hello my lovely readers!

So, in the last segment of this article we looked at affiliate schemes in depth and discovered that they’re actually pretty rad. I also hope I stressed just how finicky I am when it comes to taking on new affiliates. It’s strange, I’m aware of this, but it’s simply how I am.

So why did I take on Godemiche?

Firstly, they took the time to ask me directly if I was interested rather than just sending a standardized email out, and I’m all about the personal touch.

I’ve also met the Godemiche team in person quite a few times and they’re absolutely amazing.

Their engagement with me was not an anomaly either; you can engage with Godemiche yourself right now through Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Snapchat and I promise they will get back to you, because they are social media superstars who invest so much into keeping in touch with their customers.

Heck, they even held a poll among their subscribers recently to name one of their newest creations—a delicious looking double plug for some in-depth booty adventures.

And that’s the main reason I took on Godemiche, really—the products. They’re damned good!

At first Godemiche started with a single dildo (the Adam) and some butt plugs and, although I adored the Adam, it was very firm, very defined, and very girthy, which didn’t necessarily make them the most accessible company.

But Godemiche are ambitious and they quickly struck out to help make sure that they catered to other individual’s needs.

The results are stunning.

(And, by ‘stunning’ I mean the Ambit it pretty much one of my favourite go-to G-Spotting dildos).

Outside of the Ambit, it’s hard to rank the rest of the Godemiche range, and that had more to do with just dildo design.

Godemiche dildos are colourful.

They’re full of character, can come in custom colours, can sparkle, shine, and even glow in the dark. Some come with roses in them and some flowers. Some smell like chocolate, and some have a smiley face condom placed in the bottom.

Ambit from @godemiche.silicone

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I’m still planning a bespoke dildo with a bunch of rolepaying dice inserted in to it and I know that Godemiche would humour my eccentricities because they cater to the colourful nature of their customers in any way they possibly can.

I honestly don’t know any other UK company that offers as varied a range of colours and custom choices. You can even buy an experience where you see the making process of your dildo. It’s personal in the best of ways.

Mr Peaches favours the The Peg, and raves at the effectiveness of its ridges. It’s the toy he recommends most enthusiastically for those who want to try long straight pegging toys, as it’s so small and beginning. We have two of them—one in a standard red colour and one that’s cloudy with love-hearts in it, because why not?

And that’s part of the extreme fun of Godemiche dildos (as I’ve said again and again)—collecting different colour combinations and limited editions. Thanks to Godemiche I literally have the galaxy encapsulated in a dildo and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I did a quick tally in my head and I have more than 10 Godemiche products, many of which are multiple variations on the same dildo, most of which were purchased with my own money.

When I feel so passionately about a company how could I not engage in a professional relationship with them? How could I do anything else but wholeheartedly endorse them?

There’s no way I can’t gush about this brand!

However, I’m an objective individual and so I must say that if you dislike firm silicone then the Godemiche line may only ever be a decorative option for you.

There’s no squishy fun to be had here—it’s all firm fucking and rigid rapture and although I enjoy this about Godemiche I am very aware that it’s not for everyone.

Considering how affordable these products are you technically could still purchase them and use them for display and decorative purposes, but there is a certain lamentation in owning one of these grand items and not exploring their every aspect, but different folks different strokes.

Oh, and this is probably not a legitimate downside but I thought I’d end this informal article on a lighter not: If you purchase a suction cup dildo from Godemiche and use it as a make-shift unicorn horn then expect bruising on your head from the strength of the suction cup.

Mr Peaches has learnt a valuable lesson.

Until the next review!


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