Product Review: The Prsym Creations Misery Stick

At times, I really like a gentle touch; a stroke of the cheek, or the softest of kisses. The moments that almost seem a sampling more than a passionate consumption of unbridled desire are ones that I truly cherish.

But sometimes I want to be hurt. Firmly. With minimal forgiveness. Again and again until I’ve reached my limit.

It’s a rush I can’t necessarily explain. Like a tattoo, the pain is a thrill and enduring it is an experience. It focuses my thoughts and unites my mind and body in a moment of ‘Right now this is what matters and I have to sit with this’.

It’s almost meditative—there are certainly studies to corroborate this notion—and at Eroticon I got to indulge in my desire to be hurt, marked, and generally become a pain guinea pig (though, I confess, my threshold for pain isn’t overly impressive).

It was during this time that I was introduced to the Misery Stick. Having just experience the dizzifying euphoria of cupping (more on that in another post) I passed on more sensation, but you can bet that I went to Molly’s Daily Kiss’ site and nabbed one of these bad boys as soon as I could.

Now well acquainted with the Misery Stick I feel confident enough to bring you this review of a device that I was, at first, so cautious about.

The Prsym Creations Misery Stick

It was spoken of with hushed tones and a sense of reverence. Anyone who had felt its sting would have their eyes widen at the mere mention of it as they confirmed ‘Oh, yes—It’s good’.

This is epic.

In an entire conference of kinksters, sex writers, and BDSM pros you know something is worth a purchase when it elicits that kind of reaction. It got to the point where, upon hearing whispers of its existence, some people were hunting it down just to feel its brief, but enduring presence upon their skin.

I kind of regret not having done so myself now, but I was on a quest for some different markings, and I was more than satisfied with what I received. But now I can only imagine what having a professional punisher brandish the Prsym Creations Misery Stick would feel like, and I’m left with a twinge of covetous lust, because this is one mean piece of kit and I can only imagine what it’s like in the hands of a professional.

With 13 inches of total length, the impact area of this stick is impressive but also wonderfully thin and willowy. It’s made from carbon fibre rod and is basically designed to be pulled back and then released so that it can strike down on the skin. The amount you pull it back and the swiftness of release varies the intensity of the pain which is, itself, highly memorable every time.

This stick can dish out some misery but it also has gentler moments and when I asked my partner to ‘Be tame’ on the first pull back I quickly followed it with ‘Not that tame’ due to how gentle a tap it can produce.

Yet give it the pull-back it deserves and you can deliver some swift and biting sensations to anyone you wish and upon any sensible area of the skin.

Our favourite places are the upper arms and thighs. Arms are great for couples (neigh impossible when doing it alone) and thighs are good for both couple and solo encounters.

The sensations produced, in most instances, are often similar (and I would have it no other way). A sharp, swift burn of pain which etches itself upon the surface of one’s skin and persists in to a gently itching scratch. The moment where you watch its welt visibly grow upon the surface of the skin it met with appropriate sensation from the skin and it all comes together in beautiful harmony, like a symphony of sadistic sensation.

It’s swift and very localized sting will not suit all styles, especially those who like their pain blunt, thumpy, and dispersed, by I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get my blood rushing with adrenaline and delight.

As for the marks—depending on how hard you let your stick swipe they will last a decent amount of time. I had mine for most of a day from some very gentle self-stick action and it was a great thing to surprise Mr Peaches with (first in photography and then in person).

Its handle is lovely (but mostly unnecessary).

People can say what they want about marks. I think they’re a glorious primer at times. Humans are very visual creatures, after all.

The handle of the Misery Stick is bound with a simple rope design which can come in a variety of colours. I selected blue because, for me, pain can be calming and blue is a colour of true serenity for me. Though, I must confess, the red looks like it would make a delicious additional to the most typical BDSM set-up.

In this case the handle is almost superfluous to the actual stick itself. It provides some grip and allows you to twiddle it seductively (and use it like you just got accepted to Hogwarts), but for the most part it could function with or without the handle. Regardless, the aesthetic is greatly appreciated.

Downsides? That silken-esque rope used for the handle could get messy easily and be hard to clean if you bring lubricant/oil in to the equation (and, oh my gosh, I can only imagine how much that would sting). At that point hygiene might be a bit of a gripe, but that’s so minimal it barely needs to be mentioned, especially considering the many, many, benefits of this product.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in to stinging pain then go to Molly’s Daily Kiss and grab one of these right now. It’s £20, which may seem steep for a slim product, but its effects far exceed the cost of this initial investment.

I love the Misery Stick for everything it is, everything it can do, and every glint of fear it instills in Mr Peaches when I bring it out. I highly recommend it and couldn’t be happier with this personal purchase.

Recommend to:

People who like sharp pain.

People who like welts.

People who like slender toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike severe pain.

People who prefer thumpy sensations.

People who prefer broad impact products.