Article: Godemiche & Affiliation (Pt. 1)

Hello my lovely readers!

Some articles are more formal than others. I’d like to think of this one as a rather informative one—a little bit of chill-time for you and I, as if we were at a local coffee shop or something. I’ll be having a mint tea, you can conjure your own delectable beverage (I wouldn’t dare assume your preference).

And today I have fantastic news: Godemiche have asked me to join their affiliate program and I have officially accepted.

Why is this a big deal?

I mean, most people have seen an affiliate bar or link displayed somewhere on a blogger’s page. At this point it’s so common place that it’s, conversely, almost invisible.

And that’s kind of the point of this article. I realized that I have never really spoken to you guys about affiliate programmes, why bloggers have them and why they matter.

Don’t worry—I’m not planning to get preachy, nor aiming to sell you anything. I just suddenly thought to myself ‘Why am I assuming everyone knows what affiliate links actually are?’ I sure as shit didn’t when I started out blogging. I did a lot of Google searches to figure out what affiliate schemes were. To this day, I’m still tentative about taking new one’s on.

There’s no reason for this—affiliate schemes are safe and beneficial to writers. But I hold myself in a constantly aloof state when it comes to them. Like someone who clings too diligently to old wives’ tales and refuses to touch toads for fear of warts, etc. (which, is a tragedy, because toads are adorable, but I digress).

Affiliate links are, in some ways, still as much a mystery to me as they are to some of you…Least I hope that’s the case. If I’m alone in this lack of knowledge then whoops but thank you for sticking with me regardless.

So, I thought it would be interesting for y’all (and myself) if I briefly looked at affiliate schemes in a bit more depth and explained the essential stuff that you as a reader and consumer may need to know.

What Is An Affiliate Scheme?

Sometimes referred to as a program, an affiliate scheme is essentially a mutually beneficial relationship in which an individual, company, or site can receive a commission rate on any purchases that are made through them.

This doesn’t come at any extra cost to the person who makes the purchase, nor does it really impact the purchase in any way, except allowing someone else to profit from it.

Considering this some people might ask why companies would even offer this service and the answer is that not all do. In my experience, there are two main conditions that allow a company to have an affiliate scheme:

  1. They’re so large that they can afford to put extra in to their marketing budget to account for the pay-out.
  2. They’re invested in the community and want to work closely with people they trust to help boost their online presence.

In both these cases you can see the benefit of affiliate—we’re advocates for a brand. By talking about their product and trying to introduce others to it we’re basically a quirky little marketing team with our own unique approach to the company. This not only provides extra flavour and perspectives but it also means more links, more coverage, and (the company hopes) more sales.

This also means there are different approaches to affiliate schemes too.

Behold! An affiliate banner.

Some people will literally amass as many relevant schemes as they can and try to rack up sales so that they get more clicks, more benefits (a lot of schemes incentivise increased sales rates), and more sales.

I’m not going to judge anyone for this approach. How people choose to make money is up to them. But I personally draw the line at people who try to sell people anything despite whether they’ve tried it themselves or not and despite its overall quality.

That’s not how I fly and I’d probably find it hard to resist a face cringe when presented with someone who does.

The approach I’m most familiar with (and the one I personally adopt) is that of those who decide to work with affiliates that they trust, selling brands/products that they advocate for, while giving honest appraisals on the company.

In these cases, integrity seems to rule supreme and the bottom line is just that people need to make a living. I certainly do, and why would I not want to do so while also supporting people and companies that I care about? If my wage helps my readers and the brands I love then I see no downside in that.

This is also part of the reason as to why I’m so discerning when it comes to who I personally take on as an affiliate. It’s also why some adult writers have literally dropped affiliates at time when the company’s morals have noticeably shifted and are no longer something they can advocate for. It’s principled marketing, which I adore.

There’s Also Something Else I Like About Affiliate Schemes…

The Reader Holds The Power

I can say whatever I want; I could weave the move sincere tale of rapturous delight, but if you don’t like they toy and you don’t buy it then I don’t get paid.

Don’t take this as a bad thing. I think it’s fantastic.

It ultimately means that if you like my content and you want to buy a product then you get to do so while also giving very clear positive feedback to me as well as a livelihood. You get to help me when you can (as you can) while doing something that you were probably going to do anyways. It’s lovely.

Supporting writers through affiliates can go as far as you’d like too, and I really appreciate that flexibility. If you like a writer but didn’t like the toy/topic discussed in one review then you still have the option to click through their link anyway, browse until you find a toy you like, and make that purchase instead. If you go through the links in the writer’s post they still gain your support.

If this catches your fancy then you can get yourself an also glow in the dark dildo while also supporting me. How great is that?

The only downside I’ve ever encountered with this is when a company has a sale on and all their affiliates (myself included) are promoting the link. At moments like that it’s like ‘Oh gosh, I only want to make one purchase but I love so many of these people, who do I pick to support?’ It’s never an easy choice. And, might I also add, if you choose to support me during one of these affiliate orgies then I thank you so much. You help me buy more sex toys and keep my hedgehogs eating the good noms (and they deserve the good noms).

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But, hey, hard as it is at least there’s a sale link, and this often happens with affiliates too—they’ll be able to offer you exclusive codes, discounts, and sales, meaning you benefit even more. More wins for affiliate schemes!

And thus my love of affiliate schemes is exposed for what it truly is—an appreciation of the ‘I like what you and I want to support you as-and-when I can’ approach to life. This stance is something I value greatly.

How Do I Get In On This?

So, affiliate schemes are, in my personal opinion, great and if you’re feeling the affiliate scheme love then high five! But knowing how an affiliate scheme works is different to knowing how you, the reader/consumer actually uses an affiliate scheme to support the writers you care about.

Thankfully this bit is pretty simple—usually the clock of a link or banner.

If you’re dealing with a transparent writer then they will usually disclose when there are affiliate links in their post which is your chance to decide if you want to click through and make a purchase.

A lot of writers will also have affiliate banners and/or links in their side bar or on a designated page, so you can literally click through at any point.

Case in point—my site.

If you’re ever thinking ‘I have some spare cash, a philanthropic spirit, and a desire for orgasms. What should I do with all of those feels?’ then you can literally come to my site, see what affiliates I have and click through to any that catch your fancy (and then I will love you eternally).

Just be sure to keep an eye on your cookies and, no, I don’t mean the baked kind (overused joke is overused).

Banish Them Cookies?

Browsing the net is never a neutral act. Cookies—little bits of text stored on your computer—amass when browsing, letting your computer (and the net) know what you like.

This is how your shopping cart can stay full and ready for you again, even when you’ve clicked off a site. It’s also how Facebook ads seem to get increasingly more relevant as time goes on and Google News annoying refers you to spoiler articles to your favourite show (not cool Google). And it’s how affiliate referrals are tracked.

When you click through an affiliate link a cookie informs the affiliate company that you have come through our link. But the first link you click through will trump all others that you click through after that initial click for a specific period of time.

This means that if you went through someone else’s affiliate link and then though ‘This is for me, I’m going to buy it through Emmeline’s site so she gets the sale’ then I won’t get it, that first site will. You may not find this an issue if you don’t often browse through review sites, but if you follow a lot of writers then you’ll need to be vigilant with your cookies and clicks so that you’re supporting the person you intend to.

Clearing cookies varies depending on the browser but it is a relatively easy process. You can even find a WikiHow guide on it.

But What About Godemiche?

Ah, yes. Let me reiterate that I am so happy to have affiliated with Godemiche and, yes, there are affiliate links and banners in this review. But this article is already pretty meaty, so I’ve decided to split it in to two. In my next segment allow me to gush about why I decided to affiliate with Godemiche and go through a breakdown of what I love about the company. I hope you stay for this segment.

But, if not, I’m hoping that this article was informative for you and that you now feel more in the know about why affiliate schemes are so frequently used in the sex blogging community. We love what we’re doing, and the fact that you’ll support us in our endeavors really does me the world to us.

Until the next review,

Emmeline. x