Toy Review: The Tenga Air Tech Twist

Some people are cat people. Other people are dog people.

Some like pasta. Others rice.

And some are Fleshlight lovers whereas others get their fun elsewhere.

Ours is a Tenga household and we are, 100% Tenga people.

It’s not that other brands aren’t good, it’s just that no other brand has been as good for us (specifically, the Tenga 3D Series, which really can’t be beat in Mr Peaches’ eyes).

But finding an encased Tenga toy (or any cased toy, for that matter) that Mr Peaches wholeheartedly endorses has proved a real challenge—as in I’m not even sure if it’s possible at this point.

In our ongoing quest, we added the Tenga Air Tech Twist to our testing experience.

The Tenga Air Twist

The Tenga Air Tech Twist is probably one of the more impressive low-cost options in the Tenga line. And this is a Tenga product with a literal twist.

Tightness is a common criteria among masturbation sleeves. Some individuals love the firmer grasp that a tighter toy can offer and the increase in pressure and texture that it can bring. But tighter sleeves aren’t without their drawbacks, and tighter sleeves have a few.

This toy looks rather inconspicuous for the unaware.

Chief among these downsides is that not everyone can comfortably insert themselves in to (or effectively use) a tighter sleeve, despite liking how it feels. Some also like tightness near the end of their sex session but want a softer experience before, during, and perhaps even after the point of maximum stimulation.

In these situations a conventionally tight sleeve just won’t be able to provide full comfort and a conventionally softer toy won’t be able to give the pressure and closeness needed. It’s a bit of a balance of needs that may never be truly 100% adjusted for some.

But the Tenga Air Tech Twist at least gives people more of a chance.

The Tenga Air Tech Twist has been designed with a spiralling form, not just on the inside of its plush sleeve, but on the outside too. This then integrates with the firm outer case to allow users to vary through 5 different settings of tightness—enabled by a screw top that takes advantage of a spin & suction effect of sorts.

Clicks help guide the user through the different settings that they have spun through, and adjustments can be made at any point during use.


After use, the inner sleeve of the Tenga Air Tech Twist can be removed and the whole thing can be easily cleaned with antibacterial soap/toy cleaner and warm water. I highly recommend being diligent with cleaning and drying the Tenga Air Tech Twist, mainly because its soft material is certainly porous and so is not suitable for sharing outside of fluid bonded relationships, nor will it last as long as a silicone stroker might.

The benefit of this material, however, comes from its sensation, which is very effective during use. It feels wonderfully squishy and responds well to lubricant. If warmed it also manages to retain heat for a while, which some will like.

As it happens Mr Peaches was a big fan of this product too.

This hole won Mr Peaches over (somewhat).

There were no complaints from him about the twist design, which I assume means it was effective and never hindered during use (even with well-lubricated hands). The outer cap only really needs a swift clean after use, which he really liked, and the ability to remove the inner sleeve meant he always felt confident that it was clean and good for use.

There was no unpleasant odor with the Tenga Air Tech Twist (which can sometimes become an issue with other strokers) and Mr Peaches described this toy as ‘one that matches my mood’ with just how varied it could be.

Depending on whether you want a swift climax or a slower and more tender experience you can make the adjustments you need and basically go to town. Mr Peaches also highly recommended twisting it up a few notche near the point of climax to get that strong finish.

I don’t know that texture was ever at the forethought of Mr Peaches’ mind when testing this toy, but his orgasms were consistently strong and satisfying, so he was a pretty happy chap.

Easy to remove, easy to clean.

But, wouldn’t you have guessed, Mr Peaches maintains that he would still prefer to use a Tenga 3D rather than spend time with the Tenga Air Tech Twist.

For him it really is also about that firm outer sleeve. Case-induced tightness is one thing, but Mr Peaches loves to be able to tighten his grip on a sleeve and feel it respond and reward his shaft with the expected sensations. When using a firm sleeve this lack of sensation transference is just consistently jarring to him and feels like it removes a fundamental aspect of what he enjoys from masturbation.

Mr Peaches is also about as low maintenance as it comes, and for him having to clean a sleeve and a case is always going to be more effort than cleaning just a sleeve and he maintains that the effort really isn’t needed when he’s already found a toy that he likes that doesn’t have this additional element.

That’s fair.

In terms of more objective downsides, the Tenga Air Tech Twist’s inner sleeve can retain dust and grime, in addition to getting tacky with continual use. This isn’t a toy that will last forever and it’s prudent to keep a good eye on its surface to decide when it’s time to dispose of it. Changes in colour, odor, or surface durability will all help you with your appraisal.

Mr Peaches also observed that people with very large, girthly, or lengthy shafts may also struggle with the Tenga Air Tech Twist, and this is another reasonable point, but shouldn’t impact too much of the population. In general, Tenga toys are quite giving, and the Tenga Air Tech Twist is no different in this regard.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr Peaches enjoyed the Tenga Air Tech Twist. It wouldn’t be his go-to Tenga toy but it’s probably his second favourite type of Tenga toy, surprisingly one that he considers to be better value for money for what it provides than the Tenga Flip Zero, which is impressive.

If you like hard case toys and want to be able to vary up the pressure of your toy then the Tenga Air Tech Twist is a good investment. It has our approval and we think it serves its purpose very well.

Recommend to:

People who like varying tightness.

People who like Tenga material.

People who prefer tightness to texture.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who aren’t fussed about typing.

People who dislike hard sleeves.

People who dislike porous strokers.

The Tenga Air Tech Twist was provided to me by Motsu Toys in exchange for an honest review.