Toy Review: The Vixen Creations Woody

Vixen Creations toys always tend to be exceptional. Even if some don’t necessarily catch my fancy, I can always admire what these products have to offer. There is one catch though; Most Vixen Creations toys are helluva expensive.

This is to be expected and completely justifiable. Vixen Creations essentially offer a service and quality of silicone that no other dildo can wholly replicate. Their most popular line is a dual-density one, with an outer layer of silicone so plush and malleable that it essentially rivals ‘realfeel’ toys (which are affordable but degrade quickly and aren’t at all safe in comparison).

If you can ever get your hands on one of these dildos, I highly recommend it.

But for those who still *adore* the shape and look of the Vixen Creations line and don’t mind their Dildos on the firmer side, then the Woody is a much more affordable alternative which is eager to please and just as competent as its squishy counterparts.

The Vixen Creations Woody

Is it bad that a lot of Toy Story quotes went through my mind when thinking about how to write this review? Honestly, I can’t help it—the name ‘Woody’ will forever be associated with the rather jealous but ultimately well-meaning cowboy in my mind.

This dildo has a distinct look.

Still, it perhaps bodes well for the Vixen Creations Woody that quotes like “Reach for the sky!” came to mind much more readily than “There’s a snake in my boot!” because this toy is no deception—it really is, as good as it looks.

The Vixen Creations Woody design is (as far as I can tell) the same design used for the iconic Vixen Mustang—a squidgy version of the Vixen Creations Woody that stole my heart long ago.

Measurement-wise this puts the Vixen Creations Woody in the ‘just right’ zone (which it proudly mentions in its product description). It’s 7 inches in total length and 6.25 inches in realistic insertable length. It has a flared base that would go well with most average-sized O-Rings, and it has a maximum circumference of 4.75 inches.

The flared base of the Vixen Creations Woody makes it safe for anal use and, as suggested above, harness-compatible. Even better, the product features a suction cup, making it ideal for hands-free use and a slightly more comfortable harness experience. Though, to be objective, the firmness of the silicone does make harnessed use a bit too blunt on the vulva for my liking.

And the firmness of this silicone really can’t be understated either. Granted, it’s the best kind of firm silicone—100% premium platinum, hypoallergenic, non-porous, completely body safe silicone, refined over many years (since 1992). This silicone doesn’t feel matte powdery, nor glossy smooth, just rigid and slightly grippy (not grabby, ‘grippy’).

This does sadly mean that it grips dust and hair too.

This silicone is perfect for showcasing the exquisite texture of the Vixen Creations Woody. It’s bulbous head, smooth coronal ridge, followed by fleshy tissue (highly textured) and another arch before the greeting of a veined shaft all harmonize with its rigid form to create a wonderfully rich textural experience.

When I clench around this dildo it is as if I can see its detailing in my mind—such is the clarity through which its sensations are conveyed. Meanwhile its deliberate curve brings its ridges to the G-Spot with complete ease (making it an ideal toy for those trying to locate their own). Further pressure can be readily applied with the Vixen Creations Woody and each arching of its shaft is its own immediate reward.

I orgasm hard with this toy. My muscles grasp against the Vixen Creations Woody’s shaft and ride its exaggerated ridges to a wave of delight that leaves me audible moaning (a rarity, as I am usually a deep gasper or breath-holder instead).

And this wave of pleasure persists long after it has any real right to—reminding me of just what my body is capable of when the right internal and external toy are used in tandem (because clitoral stimulation matters too). At times, I have thought I was done only to be like ‘Oh, no, we’re still clenching on,’ and ‘clench on’ I did.

That texture…

Perhaps it’s a controversial opinion, but my preference for lots of texture and the option of firm pressure makes me like the Vixen Creations Woody more that the ever-popular Mustang.

Queue gasps and comically overdone ‘Well, I never!’

But it’s true—I’m a sucker for this type of product and it feels as if the Vixen Creations Woody is made for me. This is no small feat, either, as I have an extreme adoration for my Mustang.

The selfish ideal is to have both, of course; the softer version of this toy for regular fucking and strap-on use (the Vixen Creations Woody is too firm for strap-on play to my mind) and then the Vixen Creations Woody for when I want to be firmly fucked (which is often), but the toy that speaks most to you will depend on how much you like your dildo to scream ‘I’m here!’ during use. Or, perhaps in this case, ‘Howdy par’dner!’

In terms of downsides, the Vixen Creations Woody does grab dust and hair, and due to its increased texture it will need a thorough scrub to counteract this, but I’ve never found this to be of great issue.

This dildo performs really poorly for fast and long thrusts in my opinion, but if you like thrusts with firmer toys then you may find that this toy actually works to your favour.

Truth be told, there’s very little to say against the Vixen Creations Woody. Vixen Creations are some of the best in the business, and with good reason—this toy is outstanding.

Final Thoughts

I was always skeptical of the firmer Vixen Creations toys.

I prematurely worried that their solid form could never replicate the grandeur that was conveyed by the dual-density of some of their other Dildos.

Oh, how wrong I was.

This toy booted any preconceptions I had firmly in the booty and made my vagina swoon with its ability to relay a hard fuck with minimal effort. I cannot recommend this dildo enough for lovers of firm textured toys, or for Vixen Creations lovers in general.

Trust me—it may not be squishy but it’s its own delight.

Recommend to:

People who like firm silicone.

People who like textured toys.

People who like realistic designs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer dual-density.

People looking for a strap-on dildo.

People who dislike firm/textured toys.

The Vixen Creations Woody was provided to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. Please do check them out, their store is an amazing resource for UK buyers.