Toy Review: The O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist

I really like this toy. Like, a lot.

Fisting is an aspiration of mine, as I’m sure you remember from my previous Hand-dildo review and, whereas the other Hand was a facilitator to fisting, this is just a straight-up, completely clenched fist.

There’s something so appealing about the motion of a fist for sex. It feels like empowerment—defiance against societal norms, especially seeing as fisting is so strongly associated with queer culture.

So, to see a chunk of silicone so proudly grasping into a position of pleasure and pride is exhilarating, so have it so close to my vagina is an intimacy that I cherish.

The O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist

The O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist is a small silicone fist which aims to help those new to girth and the fisting experience to ease themselves in to the process. And, by ‘small’ I mean as dainty as dainty can be.

This fist is a great primer, but not necessarily the main event.

You might imagine that the 6-inch length and maximum 2.5 inch girth would make this fist a formidable toy to take, but in terms of appearance it looks as tiny as the hands that you might see in a Renaissance painting (or regenerating from Deadpool’s wrist, whichever reference takes your fancy).

Silicone is a great material, especially for the anal play that this toy can facilitate. This is enabled by its suction-cup base, which gives it a flare to prevent any mishaps (a must with anal toys), It also means that this toy can be used completely hands-free where desired and angled to meet most people’s needs.

Why is it so good? Silicone is a non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe material. Any porous materials will soak up (gradually, mind you) bodily fluids and other bacteria, which is a disaster in any instance, let alone when the anus is involved.

The silicone used for the O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist is grabby but become nicely smooth with lubricant—smooth enough to be eased in to any opening you wish with time, patience, and a relaxed attitude.

I must confess, I’m not yet adept enough to take the entirety of the O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist, yet I have sampled its folded fingers and I am impressed by just how manageable they feel. The size and shape of the O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist is near-perfect to aid in its insertion and the pleasurable sensation that it can provide.

One of my favourite aspects of this toy is the realism of its design. Every tendon and ripple of the human hand has been lovingly replicated. The tip of the nail on the thumb even raises slightly from the tip of the thumb (making me have to resist the urge to paint the nail, but I digress).

I use this detail to great effect in stimulating my clitoris and labia prior to insertion. Oh, my gosh does that folded index finger feel amazing. It’s wonderful design and shape means that this section is brilliant for the kind or precise nuzzling that some (myself included) may appreciate.

There is a lot of potential for clitoral play with this toy.

I swear, if I’m in the right mood then rubbing against this toy externally in the right way can tip me over the edge. The silicone for this toy is rather firm, which is brilliant for anal insertion and the general act of fisting, but it’s not without an appropriate amount of give to allow it to feel accommodating.

As you can imagine, the prevalent sensation when using this fist is fullness, but not as much as you’d expect. It’s actually surprisingly tapered in terms of sensation, which helps reassure you that you can take this toy with some ease.

Once past this point is when you’re greeted with a wonderful sense of expansion and girth that fills any orifice it enters. It almost feels like a reward, given the objective of using a trainee fist dildo, and it’s the best kind of praise that an inanimate product can give.

This wrist could be a real one for all its details.

Orgasms with this toy aren’t hard to chase. Quite the contrary; they’re often harder to stave off, at least if expansion, girth, and texture tickle your fancy. Depending on how far inserted, your experience at the point of climax will naturally be varied. As I had mine inserted to the knuckle point the sensation of climax for me lingered at my opening as my vaginal passage did its clenching dance. This is something I can certainly approve of.

The downsides for this toy are, I’m afraid, akin to those of its counterpart—meaning although this toy is wonderfully slim, it’s still slim nonetheless. This means that to achieve true fisting greatness you’ll either have to build up from here or start dating Deadpool (but this may be complicated, due to Deadpool’s fictional nature).

But this is to be expected of a beginner’s toy. No one is expecting it to be huge and, dare I say it, life-sized. Instead, it is a primer of the experience mixed with increased girth to help give a glimpse of what fisting can provide. And, thankfully, it’s accessible and realistic enough that it will give most people a good estimation of their fisting limits.

The detail of this toy also means that it will need a more thorough clean. This is very doable, due to the nature of silicone, but it will take more time, consideration, and general attention to detail.

The suction cup on this toy is also rather weak, disappointingly so in some cases. Given some moisture it will stick semi-reliably but you will need to sure it up first before going to town. This is just a wise consideration, all things considered. I do wish the suction was more effective though.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am still very pleased with the O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist and recommend it to anyone venturing in to fisting practice.

Its girth will be a step-up for most people but its shape and overall design considerations makes it a very good starter for anyone who is hoping to purchase one. And, at $25.99, this purchase is unlikely to disappoint.

Recommend to:

People easing in to fisting.

People who like larger girth.

Texture lovers.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who have no interest in fisting.

People who find the petite size of the hand uncanny.

People who cannot take a larger girth.

The O! Get Fisted Silicone Fist was provided by Tracy’s Dog in exchange for an honest review.