Article: Spoilt for Choice (How To Select The Right Sex Toy For You When The Choices Seem Limitless)

If you’re reading this article then chances are you’re in the market for adult sex toys. Kudos to you! Sex toys are a great addition to most people’s lives and can help you connect to yourself and others in entirely different ways.

But the sex toy market can sometimes seem utterly saturated with products leaving you utterly overwhelmed with choice., for example, has sold well over 3 million sex toys in its time trading, and that’s just a single online retailer, and every single retailer has its own selection of goodies ready for you to potentially purchase.

Daunting as this may seem, it is completely possible to become a savvy sex toy shopper. It takes some practice to really get perfect (300 toys later and I still find myself buying some duds), but there are some common tips and tricks that everyone can practice in order to find the right adult product for them.

#1 Always Consider Materials/Ingredients

There are a lot of great materials out there. There’s also a lot of unreliable, unsustainable, and sometimes downright damaging materials.

The big ones would be jelly for sex toys and parabens for lubricants.

If you get a sex toy you want it to be non-porous (so that it can’t gather up fluids and other bodily secretions), phthalate-free (a common plastic softener used in jelly toys and other cheap sex toys), and completely body-safe.

Cheap Jelly, PVC, TPR/E, Latex, and ‘Real Feel’ toys may not always meet these criteria and some could even cause chemical burns or contain other harmful ingredients.

For sex toys you’ll always want to stick to silicone, glass, wood, metal, and ABS plastic where possible. If you’re uncertain of a toy’s ingredients then don’t buy it—it’s not worth the risk.

As for lubricants, parabens have been linked to cancer and changes in estrogen, whereas other ingredients such as propylene glychol, ethyl-based formulas, or glucose may also cause irritation. A lot of people frustratingly feel that lubricants just aren’t for them because of the burning that cheap lubricants can sometimes cause. This is a crying shame because there are some pretty awesome lubes out there.

Just one example of a great lube.

As long as you avoid troublesome ingredients and (if you do feel irritation) pay attention to what ingredients may or may not disagree with you then you should be okay.

#2 Know Yourself

When selecting a sex toy it’s always a good idea to know yourself first and foremost.

Rabbits may be popular, but if you don’t like something inserted when you climax then they’re hardly going to be useful.

Equally if you know that you like a suction sensation then you might find that conventional vibrators aren’t quite right for you.

If you’re aware of what works for you in terms of general masturbation then you will be able to get a clearer idea of what sex toy will work for you. Those who like pinpoint sensations will find that bullets are a good option. Squirters may value a strong G-Spotting curve. No single sex toy can satisfy everyone but there is a sex toy out there for everyone.

#3 Go In With A Goal (But Be Flexible)

Once you know what you want then you’ll be able to go in to product shopping with more of a goal in mind and this is invaluable. Just by having this focal point you’ll already have eliminated whole categories of other undesired toys.

You’ll also generally find that most online sex toys divide their products in to different categories, materials, themes, etc. to help you find what you need. Utilize this when considering your preferences to get where you need to be.

This is a very useful way to move forward but it doesn’t mean you have to be rigid. Once you’ve gotten to a section that you approve of then take some time to browse the complete selection and see what catches your fancy. You may find that a particular toy calls to you.

#4 Consider Brands

As pretentious as it may sound branding does matter and going with a branded company can sometimes offer a certain amount of security.

It can also help you ascertain the overall quality of the toy you’re considering. Some brands have a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable toys; some have a reputation for being overpriced, dishonest, or even misogynistic.

By knowing what brands are trust and which are generally seen as brands to avoid you’re basically protecting yourself (and your money) when it comes to what toy you choose to invest in.

It’s sometimes surprising how quickly brand recognition can make or break your impression of a toy once you get to know them.

But how do you get this kind of knowledge? That’s where our final point comes in…

#5 Read Reviews

Where they’re professionals, such as myself, or other consumers (whose opinions are equally valid), reviews are an absolutely invaluable source of information when it comes to selecting a new toy.

Reviews will tell you which brands can be trusted and which should be avoided; which materials are good and which are dangerous; and what a toy excels at and where it falls short.

Reviews will also let you know if the product description is apt and help you ultimately refine your own knowledge of when a toy is effective.

But, more than this, reading reviews allows you to connect—connect to others and connect to yourself, making your sexual adventures more vibrant and empowering as you find your desires normalized.

Searching for your first sex toy (or even just a new one) can be intimidating but you are never alone and there is a whole community out there to help you.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you go browsing and you may find that you locate the perfect sex toy for you (and the start of what may very well be a growing collection).

Until the next review!


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